Friday, October 15, 2004

The Unforgivable Sin?

A few words...since I am thinking about it I my as well write it down. This is nice to have a written record.

Now, the One is essentially saying do not sin against Wisdom and her actions. He forgives all sins against him because he is like that. That is what he does. He saves those He will save. For He gives.....

Enter, the pattern of the whore of Babylon who builds towers of false babelings and the like. I have noticed that the words are shifted all around by her. And so on. True Wisdom seems to be her downfall. Yet, she seems to have servants who babel quite a bit about it. Also, they tend to call Wisdom blasphemous and the like. So you see what I am thinking as far as the babeling ones with a sort of unteachable spirit in them who will not accept the Truth and the Word and then also even sin against Wisdom too! I am reminded of Natural Law and conservatives, noble pagans and so on. For they do not sin this way the subpagan does by worshipping their own feelings, visions and idols.

It is something worth thinking about for all people. For Wisdom, she is true Love and she calls her name out in the square with proverbs, riddles and signs to be read. Then, there are those who seem to willfully just sin against her. Maybe they serve someone else.

I am still thinking. I had not seen the association with Wisdom before because of pride, perhaps. Also, this talk of unforgivable sins by the One has scared me! Yet, you have to go deeper, deeper anyway because if you let Fear win, then he has won. That's why all you have to fear is Fear itself. So, I continue...


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