Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mr. Moseley, 5/26

But “they” are not Jews.
And the “controlled narratives” are not controlled by Jews.

When you’re successfully getting people fired that have been working in the corporate media for over thirty years, that’s control.

 Here is another example:

Helen Thomas Comes Under Fire for Remarks on Jews, Israel
CBS News
Jun 7, 2010 – After making controversial remarks about Israel, longtime White House correspondent Helen Thomas has been dropped by her speaking …
Juxtaposition, criticizing Whites will not get you fired in the corporate media in America:
They just refer to him as a liar. I’ve got to believe it’s ethnic with these people. They just got a problem with this guy being President. Is there any other evidence to justify why they keep calling him a bad man?”
— Host Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Hardball, June 5, 2013. –
MATTHEWS: How about Palin? Let’s talk about Palin. Palin has attacked New York, Washington and Los Angeles. She goes after the government, after the media, after Hollywood.
KATHLEEN PARKER, syndicated columnist: Yes.
MATTHEWS: Anything that’s on the coast is evil to her. She’s an Alaskan who, I bet you any money, is going to spend most of her time down in the middle parts of the country, the rural white parts. She’s going to find those cul de sacs of whitedom, and exploit the hell out of them, right?
— Exchange aired on MSNBC’s Hardball, August 5, 2009
It’s not anti-Jew. It’s usually anti-White.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are gearing up to go to war with ISIS.
It has nothing to do with Jews.

There is order coming out of Islamic and Arabic chaos based on the Oded Yinon plan and empires have always used proxy armies of terrorists/savages. Indeed, that’s an aspect of how America itself was born as a nation. Now it seems that next to nothing gets done in the Empire if it isn’t kosher first and foremost, imperial interests are usually second.
Go back and read Washington’s farewell address again…

You might be able to make a case that “they” — companies that profit from war — want to stir up war.

That’s not who actually did it. Neoconservative Zionists did it. They did the Niger forgeries that were so crappy that they had a dead guy’s signature on them.
Maybe in the past there’s a case to be made for this or that. But that’s not what happened recently.
Interesting juxtaposition on even more recent events if you’re interested, the Malaysian airliner that was shot down recently vs. the USS Liberty. What happened? What’s the difference?

I would argue that wars take a long time to generate and incite on the theatrical production of the world stage, so you don’t have to be “Shakespear” to see saber rattling as a form of communication.

Therefore you could pretty much have a nation shooting down planes or trying to sink ships but if it’s not the “right” nation that people are looking for a pretext for war with then it doesn’t matter. There is not necessarily an international incident unless factions want to use an event as a pretext that they’re often looking for long before the event actually takes place.

So let’s say that this imaginary Russian sub that you guys are posting about here now actually wasn’t imaginary and instead it surfaced and blew up “the British” trawler! Yep. It just blew it up! Then what? Then what are you imagining should have been done based on that imaginary event?
You’re “escalating tensions” over real or imagined submarines without investigating the way a plane was actually shot down first. It wasn’t nearly shot down in someone’s imagination.
It WAS shot down.
But you cannot escape the reality that the news media is ANTI-JEW and ANTI-ISRAEL and pro-Muslim.

It’s generally anti-White. Everyone else has lobby groups and PR firms working for them these days, from the Arab Institute to Asians. Apparently Whites have allowed these patterns to emerge in their nations because they’re “rugged individualists” off trying to haul on their bootstraps or something and they also are “Jewed” out with minority propaganda according to many Jews. Whatever the reason, it’s only happening in White nations. There is no push for diversity in Japan, that would happen to ethnically cleanse the Japanese out of existence. Why? Who knows!
Can you cite any evidence at all? What are you talking about, the American media is anti-Jew? I don’t even get it anymore.
But this obviously means something to you based on your Indiana Jones and the Last Jewish Movie type of worldview, I guess. What is it that you mean, exactly? How are you perceiving people in the media to be anti-Jewish if they lose their decades long jobs and careers if they so much as say the word…. Jew?

Someone may control the news media and Hollywood.

Yeah. It’s probably the people that own it and/or create and produce Europhobic movies about antisemitism instead of dealing with the fact that many in their own group, as Jews, wanted to “die”versify Europeans with “minorities” that happen to be Muslims. I’ve seen this myself. No sooner does a Jewish Zionist perceive that White European women might not be supporting their state sufficiently and: “I hope you’re raped by Muslims!” I guess I should have taken a screenshot. But it seems like you’re impervious to new information anyway. We seem to be opposites.

Turkey is as close to Israel as Iran. it just on the other side of Syria.

So apparently your argument is that the Jewish owned media in America (And the brain dead White trendies working in it, picture one asking Obama his favorite color.) is not reporting Erdogan’s statements… because they hate Jews? They know about his statements and thought it would be a great story suitable to mainstream narratives like their anti-Iranian “lost in translation” type stuff but then: “No… I won’t report on Turkey because I hate Jews!”
I don’t know what your argument is unless one group of Jews supposedly hates the another group of Jews or something.

You cannot escape the reality that the news media, like Hollywood, is anti-Jew…

What is a Jew?

Because here’s nearly two hours of Jewish Hollywood, apparently observable: Hollywoodism: The Ideology that has Devoured Western Culture

The news media? Compare and contrast any stories about Catholic pedophiles with the story of how rabbis are giving babies herpes and common rabbinic abuses. Where is Bill Maher to make the joke? How quickly would he be fired if he did make that joke? Does the media ever investigate the kosher racket? Would they investigate if Catholics wanted to stamp a tiny little cross on most food and charge people for the privilege of imposing their religion with the help of the FDA?

Numerous juxtapositions between different groups can be multiplied based on observable evidence and it seems to me that’s the only way to define whether the corporate media in America is anti or pro a group. I would argue that it’s anti-White and generally pro-Jew/minority even when minorities are actually the majority and oligarchic Jews are actually almost running the nation. How long can the people that are actually running things or becoming a majority keep on blaming America as being representative of a majority White, Christian nation?

Anyway, where is your actual evidence that the media is “anti-Jew”?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Good comment... it looks like this goy is onto something! Minus the conspriacy theory and magic "spelling" stuff... just because it rhymes doesn't necessarily mean anything. Sheesh

Agree.  Looking at the Big Picture (from a higher Altitude)... I see it fitting into an overall, long-term pattern (Agenda?) of gradually dissolving all strong bonds & ties that people have to their Family, Group, Culture, Nation, Religion or Race.
When all Strong Ties are severed for large groups, NO ONE can organize effectively, to offer genuine or winnable resistance to the Cabal1 of Globalist Banksters, who seem hellbent on ruling the world via their "One-Coin (One Ring) To Rule Them All"2 master strategy.

[1] Cabal is also Ka Baal.  As in the ancient god Baal, who was also worshiped by many Hebrews during their many centuries of Polytheism (pre 500 BC), when they also worshiped ISis, RA, and EL/ELohim.  String these together, and you get... IS RA EL.  Duh!
[2] Must admit, that if I wanted to take over the world, I'd do exactly what the Rothschilds did: Start out with a great wealth, have a large family (6-8 kids), position them to take over the key banking centers, leverage a sizable religious and cultural group (large but not too large, but very homogenous and tight-knit in a "Them vs Us" mentality), take over the leadership of said Group and Culture, and leverage it to then take over a large, imperialist Host (first UK + France + Germany + Austria + Italy, then Russia and USA).  The Invasive Species strategy.  Rinse and repeat, i.e. applied generation after generation via the only vehicles and glue that can do this successfully: Religion (Talmudic Rabbis) and Secret Societies.  When the power, influence and wealth exceeds the boundaries of several of these large Host nations, I'd look to acquire a country of my own, and make it my sovereign home.  Enter Zionism and the Balfour Declaration.  Pure genius.  Brilliant.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Everything in moderation... including writing!

It seems unlikely that Huckabibi will keep us out of wars or perhaps support an unregistered foreign lobby group for White people similar to AIPAC that will naturally keep us out of wars that are not in our interests, as Whites.
Although apparently, “logically,” he could become a fervent and radical ethnic nationalist for White people or some other ethnic group too. Not that I would want that. But logically, that is exactly what he is trying to do for Jewish people as a group:
(Huckabee: Evangelicals more supportive of Israel than Jews …)
This is more foolishness that may lead to more wars unless we keep on stopping them.
Who? A few real ‘Muricans and our current Native American allies too because:

The men who wintered at Valley Forge did not suffer those months of intense cold and hunger with the design, or in the hope that Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, the union of the colonies would one day be able to stir up wars between other countries in order to sell them munitions.
….the Americans, the U.S’ers, have started a fine government in 1776. Couldn’t keep it a century and have now plum forgotten it ever existed.
Nothing here about winning the war or not winning it. Wars are not won by sweat shops alone. They are not won by profiteers ONLY. I mean the profiteers win PROFITS, but they do NOT win wars. They start war, but they do not start them in order that any particular nation shall win them.
If there are any New Englanders, if there are any Americans who have BEEN American for three centuries, or two centuries, or one century, any whose forebears constructed the nation, it is time for ’em to get together and think. Ezra Pound
Wait a second, that was over half a century ago and White people still aren’t getting together and thinking.
Back to Huckabibi on foreign policy:

said a proposed nuclear deal with Iran is “terrible” because Iran cannot be trusted. Mr. Huckabee has talked of the possibility of using military force against Iran. NYT

Mr. Huckabee said Mr. Obama exceeded his authority by issuing executive actions shielding millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. But Mr. Huckabee said the immigrant children whose parents brought them into the country illegally should not be deported because “you don’t punish a child for something his parents did.” NYT
He might want to talk to his Zionist friends about that. 😐
Since he doesn’t really have an exceptional universal principle guiding him on the issue of immigration, what’s that really about? Probably optics. We can’t have the pictures of poor children being deported and Huckabibi to blame. Not that I blame him much, as for political hypocrites/actors it’s all about perceptions as reality at this point.
More Huckabee:

Unlike other Republican candidates, Mr. Huckabee is a strong defender of entitlement programs, opposing plans to raise the retirement age for collecting Social Security and criticizing plans to curtail Medicare. Republicans who back such changes, he said, “are embracing a government that lied to its people — that took money from its people under one pretense and then took it away at the time when they started wanting to actually get what they have paid for all these years.”
That’s good.

It’s almost like he’s saying that an aging White majority nation that “won” WWII should be paid in some way before their descendents are reduced to a minority surrounded by a majority of hostile ethnic groups. (I wouldn’t get out the drums and begin dancing if you’re currently a minority or an indigenous African American. All that is going to happen in general based on current trends is that you or your own children will be blended out of existence and/or displaced by the ethnic conflicts typical to nations composed of multicultural minorities.)

But that’s good that Huckabee apparently wants old White politicians to keep their word on things like “social security” for the White and African Americans that supposedly won WWII for global empire builders. Not only that, they may need to provide benefits to all the immigrants seeking refuge from the current coups and wars that empire builders* want now too.
Regardless, they need to keep their word. For whatever it is worth.
Probably not much!

*The basic premise of global empire building according to Obama, let alone neoconservative lunatics… if “we” don’t do it and provide “global leadership” then the Chinese Empire will. Or whoever… i.e. some other group will loot out African by becoming business partners with the usual tribal, African warlords.

But who are WE? Who are Americans fighting for as a nation and what is a nation?

Whites... Whites!!! :-)

Whites:  "We're not a group, so how can we be quiet as a group?  Me, ma, moo..."  :-) 

The end result, apparently a group that should have a lobby group looking out for its interests and helping people like Mr. Webster out does not.  Regardless, the most likely trends for all police in America now:
....police officers around the country will take the hint. As they say in the INS, “no cases, no problems, few cases, few problems, and many cases, many problems.” White officers will stay in their cruisers...

Of course, crime will increase and we will go back to the bad old of days of unsafe cities Broken Windows policing was designed to prevent. Ironically, African-Americans will be the biggest victims of this.

But then, as we see with our nation-breaking (and wage-suppressing) immigration policy, the Left is not interested in taking care of its constituents—only punishing its enemies.   Link
Just in time for summer!

Don't expect what is most likely to occur this summer (more mob violence, etc.) to be widely reported on in the corporate media in America.  It probably won't even be verging on an international human rights crisis that the Ayatollahs feel the need to comment on.



It is interesting how the Democrats (And Democratic Jews leading or "influencing" their usual tribal/goyim minority coalitions...) never talk about how, exactly, immigration will or may affect their diversified portfolios of debt/money slaves.

An aspect of it is cultivated by rich Whites that don't care about their own kin.  Heck, even if Whites are not rich they still don't care about their own kith and kin like these other groups do.  Pathological altruism vs. pathological tribalism?   

But portray a minority/Other group to care about and there many whites go, it's like a flock of Dodos on their way to extinction or something. 

That was the pretext for war in Syria, save the children from the WMDs.  That was their pretext for the first Iraq war, incubator babies.  Remember that one?  Probably not.  But the marketing campaigns of rich Whites and Jews show that they know Whites and more specifically, the pathological altruism of White women can be rather easily incited. 

Incubator babies!  "Ma, moo, meee!"

Indeed.  But the same war mongering "folks" also just simultaneously told you that leaving babies to die on the floor is fine anyway.  :-| 

Apparently nothing in the Empire of Entertainment has to make any sense philosophically and universally to the debt/money slaves incorporated in it:
Will you folks back in America NEVER realize that you are fightin’ this war IN ORDER to get into debt? I mean just that, you have been dumped into the war IN ORDER to get into debt. To get in further, to get in up to the chin, the throat. To get into the morass up to your eyebrows and no man living can see WHEN you will get out of it.

Wars are made to make debt. The other reasons are hooey. It don’t in one way matter who got you into it. In another way it matters a lot; because WHEN you discover who got you into it, you may begin to cast round toward, begin to wonder WHY you are in.

Debt is an implement for creatin’ and enforcin’ slavery. Your Rhoosian allies are slaves of an infernal state, life sentence. You have pretty nigh got a life sentence. ....

Lunacies, manias, collective hallucinations are abstract. They are general. They do NOT look at the FACTS in front of their noses.  --Ezra Pound

Monday, May 18, 2015

A drive to diversity and freedumb fries....

Shrug.  Apparently you kosher conservatives have to keep dreaming and fantasizing that Muslims are not representing the "content of their character" by identifying as an ethnic group until they blow you up.  And even if they do, it'll be workplace violence according to their lobbies and people that identify with them racially, along with their ethnic advocacy groups and media outlets. 

All of those lobby groups that are "allowed" in your little kosher minds for Arabs, Jews, Mexicans and basically the entire world except for White people in their own nations.    So you keep "Dream Acting" that ethnicity doesn't matter...  but then, BOOM!  "I think we just found the content of their character!"


Apparently there are some real freedumb fries eaters and rubes, so maybe you should invite more Somalians to a NASCAR "drive for diversity" if there are too many Whites and not enough minorities wherever you as White people EXIST or gather.  

I'm keeping my children out of it and supporting my kin and race where I can.   You can pay for the Zionist hypocrisy that you support yourselves, hypocrites... and then you wonder why we are not part of your brain dead political organizations where every "majority"/minority in the world has a lobby group but us! 

Lol. :-) 

You and other Jews seem to put your hypocritical acts, dreams, fantasies and theatrical productions aside when you're judging entire nations as "another Hitler" and therefore bombing children there while calling them your collateral damage again.  As if that's not what you did to German children too, creating a real "holocaust."

Regardless, they aren't your collateral.  They aren't your debt/money.  It's time to end your wars, your lies and your endless pretexts for endless war. 

So your entire philosophy, you, Rick, Ron Paul, and other isolationists comes down to being Alfred E. Neumann: “WHAT, ME WORRY?”

You don't even have a philosophy, near as I can tell.  You can't even reply to what is written, just like you do with liberals.  You just make something up and reply to that instead.

I'm not "phobic" or worried about WMDs in grandma's underpants to the point that I'll buy an underwear scanner from Chertoff Inc. and other multinational/Jewish business partners in crime. 

I'm worried about Islamic terrorism, to the extent I'm worried, about the apparent "immigrant" in Dover that wants to support ISIS.  After all, there are no WMD's in grandma's underpants despite what Chertoff says at the UofD and their "Death to Israel, Death to America." anthrax attacks traced back to the US military industrial complex and other sayanim working there.  (They eventually pinned it on a dead White guy but it was supposed to be the usual follow up attack to get the PR right.) 

Key word of the day my lowly goyim friends, sayanim: 
....assistance includes facilitating medical care, money, logistics, and even overt intelligence gathering. Estimates put the number of sayanims in the hundreds of thousand.
    While not official Mossad agents and sometimes acting without explicit knowledge, they may work in the capacity of unregistered representatives of the government of Israel in their respective nations.  [Aka:  AIPAC...  :-|  ] 
    Generally-speaking, these non-Israeli Jewish volunteers are asked to engage in legal activities that will not bring them into trouble with the authorities, such as using Wikipedia to spread propaganda. There are exceptions, however, as for example in the case of Jonathan Pollard, the U.S. Naval intelligence employee who engaged in espionage on behalf of Israel's intelligence agencies and whose exposure by the FBI strained relations between the U.S. and Israel.
     Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad katsa turned author, wrote extensively about activities of the sayanim, as has Gordon Thomas. According Ostrovsky and Thomas, the sayanim provide assistance of various kinds to Mossad officers operating in foreign countries. This assistance can include facilitating medical care, money, logistics, and even overt intelligence gathering. They can be Judges, Court Clerks, Expert Witnesses, Child Protective Service Workers, Assistant District Attorneys, Police Officers, or anyone with a great degree of power over people's lives, and will do anything at the behest of Mossad case officers (katsa) for the State of Israel against its enemies or those perceived to be unfavorable politically to Israeli policy. ("By Way of Deception", Victor Ostrovsky). Sayanim are supposedly not directly involved in intelligence operations, and are only paid for their expenses.
  On a side note, Mr. Moseley... they won't hire you so don't try.   Sheesh.  It's too bad.  If I had more time then we could send someone your way and get you to work for them.  I can only imagine, "A conspiracy against my own nation... for real???  Oh, goody!"  And that way we could be sure that they'll bungle things even more than they already have. 

You've argued here before that they're better than the CIA. 

Are you sure about that?

I think George Washington would be intelligent enough to note that a faction or group can have all the intelligence in the world but integrity is the best policy.  Long term. 

Why?   Because... bungling.

Friday, May 08, 2015

The Farce Is With US: Episode White Storm Trooper

(Perhaps a few freedumb fries eating numb skulls that like preemptive wars and drone strikes to keep America as a nation "safe" could consider it a preemptive kick to the face without trial?  Isn't assassinating American citizens without trial... debatable?  This was just a kick in the face!  But there I go again, apparently rambling in order to try to look at reality as a whole blows your minds, etc.)  

With respect to the "broader issues" that this is really about anyway...  come on guys, seriously...  aka the culture why wasn't Webster made into scape goat to calm down black criminals and black mobs before?    Wouldn't that have made more sense than waiting and then doing this, almost as a reward for turning their behavior patterns of mob violence and criminality into "civil rights" protests?   Apparently they should just turn all of their criminal behavior into a civil rights protest or a protest of some sort and call it a day.

What are they protesting for or against, exactly?  If there are less police, then they'll engage in gang violence and kill each other along with any other ethnic group silly enough to be three.  But if there are more police, then it's a police state.  

Personally, I'm beginning to think that we should direct Joe Biden's "unrelenting stream" of immigration to be all Chinese.  Then they can have "jobs saved and created" policing black people and the headlines that could result:

(Chinese Man Shoots Unarmed Black: Trending, International Incident!)
(Gun Shoots Itself, Chinese Policeman Killed:  What Can Americans Do About Gun Violence?)
(Rampant Chinese Racism:  What Can Be Done?)
(Report on Chinese Police Departments and Racism: More Diversity Needed)
(Guns Shooting, More Gun Violence: Is There Enough Gun Control or Not Enough Chinese Police?)

(Chinese Police Too Racist:  Police From Iceland Being Trained)

Apparently this is what happens when brain dead people play pretend about what is occurring right in front of their eyes.  It's highly amusing in some ways.  But it's also destructive and not really doing anyone any good.      

You guys still haven't made any predictions about how a modern "civil rights"/"blacklivesmatter" movement merged with multiculturalism (I.e. an absence of homogenous ethnic nationalism combined with ethnic incitement...  more white genius!) and immigration will turn out in America.  How will it promote the general welfare?  What will the trends be in the future? 


In any event, I reject the idea that Mr. Webster should have to pay for your DUMB reality show and denial of the existence of race when it suits you.  He's probably already paid far more than his fair/white share of it. 

So full circle, I'll be his defense lawyer and Ayotte (ethnic name, garlic seller?) or Mr. Moseley can be the prosecutor. 

Is there a crowd funding campaign for him yet?  I could start it and put in more than any of you...  all three of you.  ;-)

Sounds like a real criminal, almost like a heroin dealer... just kidding:
Margaret Dobek said she has been Webster's next-door neighbor for more than 10 years.

"I was really shocked when I read about it in the paper. When I saw it, I said, 'Is that him next door?' I couldn't believe it."

Neighbors said Webster has two school-aged children and described him and his wife as polite.

"If I needed help, I know I could depend on him," Dobek said. "When my husband passed away last year, he came over and asked me if there was anything he could do to help."

Dobek recalled him shoveling the snow from her driveway whenever she needed.

"It is a shame what they are doing to him. To me, he is a very good person," said David Hobbs, who lives two houses down from Webster. "I don't understand why it is going forward. It is almost like double jeopardy."  Delaware Online
  You're really cleaning up the streets, one criminal at a time... Delaware Politics. 

Saving something for my own entertainment... when will it end? Lol.

(Seth Rogen: ‘American Sniper’ Is Equivalent to Nazism)
(Seth Rogen: Sorry About That Whole ‘Nazi’ Thing | The Daily …)

He can apologize but they still hate you, as a group. That’s generally Hollywood is the media is the way it is.

Every white man needs to note who is doing what and where nationalists actually interested in protecting their families and nations are at now. On a side note, in this case that is being incorporated in cultural trends… if Lateef was free to roam in majority black neighborhoods and then shot a little girl then here are the possible headlines for anti-Whites and self-hating White careerists in the media:
(More Gun Violence: Where Were the Police? )
(Little Girl Shot by Gun: Where Is the NRA?)
(Guns Shooting Little Girls by Themselves: Is The Tea Party a Racist Terrorist Group?)

Or note real headlines when stuff like that happens:
(NAACP leader wants more police patrols in high crime …)
(Need police now, not later, writes Jersey City NAACP official …)
(NEW: Providence NAACP Issues Call to …
Jan 27, 2014 – Jim Vincent with the Providence NAACP prepares to address crowd outside Garrahy Judicial … We need more police, illegal guns off the street.)
(Detroit working to add 200 more police officers on the streets)

But when the NAACP gets more police and some of them can’t quite control the brutality needed to deal with the savagery of ethnic and racial “gangs,” then it’s a police state where whites are gunning down blacks.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

No Country for Old Whites

Meh.. hopium smoker from Sweden...

/Oh, many white men DO care! The right-wingers don´t care!/

The Republicans don't care... and it makes no differences if the owners of America call their plans to force more people to get incorporated in their global financial ponzi schemes "Romneycare" or "Obamacare."  They do not care about much but the foreign/international private banking cartel that they all work for.   That's probably all that can be said.

You should probably take note since you're becoming more multicultural just like America.  Regardless of the pathologies of some White women that don't care about their own people as a group, it may still be more and more difficult to get people to care the less they are ethnically homogenous. If it looks like foreigners are coming in to take advantage of their attempts to care for each other, the less that anyone but pathological and/or single White women with a need to vent their caring regardless of reality will care.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFE0qAiofMQ

What does Barbara CARE about as she works to create multiculturalism in Sweden? 

Apparently she cares about her own nation that isn't multicultural.  Indeed, they have built concentration camps for Africans there.  Looks like pathological tribalists/Zionists are on a collision course with pathological altruists from nations like your own.  You'll probably learn more about that soon if you're paying attention. 

Consider that neither of you are correct. 

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Dutch (???) guy... random comment

The United States is, just like 50 years ago, number one in a great many indicators. But where 50 years ago, these indicators were positive, like GDP, productivity, health, the indicators in which they nowadays lead, are all negative.

Greatest income and wealth disparity (Russia is not far behind on this one), infant mortality highest in the West, worst health, most obesity, by far most incarcerations etc. etc.

It used to be a given in the Conspiracy scene that the United States was the NWO's main TARGET. Nowadays, the uninitiated in the Alternative Media seem to think the US Empire IS the NWO.

Nonsense, of course. The Money Lenders are just about done gutting the dollar and when the Fed will be forced to resume QE, when the next round in the crunch comes, the dollar will tank and this has been the plan for decades now.

And with the dollar depreciating 50 or 75%, US GDP per capita figures will transpire to be not much better than those of Brazil or China. The same goes, to a lesser extent, for their vassals in Europe.

Meanwhile, Putin is not at all particularly worried about Russian Sovereignty. No, he wants Globalism, but with a decent seat for Russia at the table. Russia is loyal member of all Globalist institutions and building quite a few of their own.

Sure, Russia is doing a little better than under Yeltsin, that much is clear. But the peasants are so easily contented.....just give them a few more wodkas and an enemy against which they can unite, and they claim 'progress' and 'restoration'.

People simply don't understand what kind of life would be possible for all 7 Billion of us, should we just end Usury and are easily sent packing with the crumbs the uber wealthy scoffingly throw at them. --Anthony Migchels

Ma, moo, me... moo, moo....

Maritta, article today:  http://whitegenocideproject.com/white-genocide-swedish-minority-by-2050/

"Feminism."  "Gay rights." Abortion. 

All that "Ma, moo me..." crap supposedly represents feminine caring and the authentic Wisdom that Christianity reflects? 

Not likely.   That's bullying.  That's murder.  That's not reflecting the image of God in Wisdom, symbolically speaking that's reflecting the Whore of Babylon.  

Monday, May 04, 2015

Ramblings.. Episode Hopium

 /They aren´t.
An American CEO gets paid 300 times what the average worker does. That is stealing and ungodly!/

That's generally due to the Federal Reserve and rootless international, cosmopolitan bankers and Jews.  They're constantly inflating the stock market, booming and busting it while seeking to create wars.  As the process continues to go on, they will eventually monetize the entire world and Ovadia Yosef's prophecy about the Jews being the Master Race will seemingly come true. 

Regardless, it is not due to working class Whites having natural property rights.

/And the corporate welfare is humongous in the States!!
I would be in great trouble if I lived in the US. Having many sicknesses, that demand expensive medication, I would be living on the street, without food./

You'd be in even worse shape in Liberia with the cannibal warlords.

So..... what are you Swedes doing? 

/ Or alternatively, dead. Because half of your politicians (guess which half) chooses to cut every benefit there is for the poor!! /

We're wandering all around now.  That's fine.  But JP Morgan's food stamp business here seems to be doing fairly well, actually.  The other day I saw a documentary about a surfer bum in California living on food stamps and he was grilling lobster on the beach.  And a major problem for the poor in America, especially African Americans, is obesity.  So it would seem that many benefits are not being cut that much.

Although one could look at it this way, if the White men that are being targeted by other ethnic groups (La Raza, Jewish Federation, Arab Institute, NAACP, etc.) ever stop inventing enough technology and creating enough wealth to feed the morbidly obese poor people more and more... well, at least the poor have enough fat saved up for the lean years that are most likely ahead.   Zero has been done about usury and the Liberty Bell cannot be rung, etc.

Anyway... what are you talking about specifically in reality?  Half of what you're saying here seems to be psychological stuff about caring that happens to suit who you are racially.   

Perhaps you're saying that Republicans serve bankers by spending debt/money into existence out of nothing on wars?  Yeah.  Did someone here deny that?  Is everyone here a Republican because that's the de facto political party for White men to supposedly have representation in America, provided they're totally servile to Zion?  I don't know.  Regardless, the current entertainer in chief serves international bankers too by trying to spend debt/money into existence out of nothing based on "caring"/"war one women"/Left pillar type marketing. 

That's where "too big to fail" Jamie Diamond got his new cuff links with the presidential seal of approval on them, not the Republicans.

But here's the too big to fail question... do you and Obama and the "sex in the city" vote actually care or is this just more entertainment and marketing based on pathological altruism? 

If you care then it seems to me that you'd care enough to seek the truth about what's happening around you instead of just going with gay "Ma, ma, moo, me, me..." stuff.  (And then perhaps hiding in your identity as a "patronized" or "victimized" woman when how you are behaving is pointed out.)   It's not enough to simply "care" and cry and empathize. 

One has to care and love God and others enough to submit to logic and truth in all things first.  

A New Stockholm To Be Built Within 6 Years

Friday, May 01, 2015

Mr. Moosely... "Ma moo me, moo moo...." Goyim!

.... inability to learn or engage in any dialogue.


Look out! The Jews are coming to get you!

What this amounts to:
Most members of our own race... like well-trained dogs [goyim]... snarl and bite when their Jewish masters utter certain key-words, such as “fascist,”“racist,” and the like, which take the place of the “sic ‘em” to which dogs respond. They are, furthermore, so emotionally addicted to narcotic fantasies that many of them are both unwilling and unable to endure the distress of looking at the real world about them and thinking rationally about it. They understandably prefer to close tightly the eyes of their minds and live in the dream-world of pleasurable fairy tales, such as they heard in the childhood to which they subconsciously long to regress. As Kipling neatly characterized them, “If they desire a thing, they declare it is true. If they desire it not, though that were death itself, they cry aloud, ‘It has never been!”

It is a tragic and potentially disastrous fact that any candid and reasonably comprehensive analysis of our present plight not only exposes its author to surreptitious or open reprisals, but also alienates many members of our befuddled and perhaps doomed race, making them snarl and want to bite the man who would make them face an unpleasant reality. Many more are so timorous that even a hint of disrespect for Jews sends them running for cover, like frightened cats, lest the Jews punish them for having listened to impious words.

Many members of our race, to be sure, secretly resent their covert overlords and sometimes venture, when alone with trusted friends, to make jests or give other hints that, deep in their hearts, they do not venerate the Jews. And if we observe our compatriots, we eventually come to know of many, often persons of very considerable wealth, who would gladly read forbidden publications, but do not dare subscribe to them, not even through post office boxes and under assumed names, lest the Jews discover their secret disaffection and punish them for their thoughts. A tiny minority of our people, it is true, most commonly the comparatively poor, who think themselves protected by their obscurity, more or less openly resent the Jewish dominion and, by a nice irony, call themselves “anti-Semitic,” thus thoughtlessly using the nonsense word that strident propaganda has implanted in their minds. Some have sufficiently escaped the contemporary thought-control to dare to use the word Aryan, which is the only convenient and approximately accurate designation of our race, although the Jews forbid us to utter it. But even these bold spirits are usually ill-informed and prone to strong emotions, sometimes seething with a frustrated hatred of the international race.
Although they are few in number, the Aryans who feel real hatred disturb the complacency of some Jews, even in this country, where their increasingly open control seems absolute.
--Anonymous or Revilo Oliver, if one prefers

Are Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban like imaginary Eskimos, Mr. Mooseley?

They understandably prefer to close tightly the eyes of their minds and live in the dream-world....

Unfortunately, it seems we White people are stupid in some ways as a group.  The internet may be giving us a form of synthetic intelligence if the algorithms that were designed to market us more products basically force feed us information on the Master Race using us instead.   

But that's about it.  Over all, pretty dumb.  In some ways, in the "perceptions are reality world" of culture and tribal groups...  we may be an inferior race!

When we consider this prodigious achievement [Jewish dominion over the dumb goyim], this astounding triumph over seemingly insuperable weakness, we must recognize that it was made possible only by that race’s cohesion, a biological virtue that I wish our race could emulate, even though the Jews forbid us to do so. The Jews have won through their intense racial consciousness and effective solidarity. It is true that there have been violent dissensions among them when their leaders struggle for power, and that in those civil contentions the various factions have often enlisted goyim against each other, but their most violently antagonistic factions have always been united in an underlying hatred of those goyim. When, for example, Jesus ben Simon was slugging it out with his brother, Onias, for the high priesthood in Jerusalem, the capital of their ubiquitous race, both tried to make use of the gullible Seleucids, but there can be no doubt that each regarded the stupid goyim as mere tools, to be broken and discarded when they had served their purpose. [This was written a while ago but interesting to note this foresight:] There is still today a certain tension between the avowed Zionists and a minority of Jews who prefer to exploit the subject races tranquilly, and who fear that too blatant assertions of Jewish superiority may make the goyim react, but it is a dispute over means, not ends, and it is noteworthy that the minority is rapidly dwindling as the craven submission of Aryans to even such flagrant outrages as the bombing and strafing of the U. S. S. Liberty gives assurance that the beasts of burden can always be harnessed to work for their masters, no matter how much they may be beaten and kicked. 
[This has only gotten worse as Zionist factions realized that they could send dumb American goyim to wars based on virtually any ludicrous pretext.]
This virtually perfect cohesion, by the way, must in large measure account for the intellectual superiority of which the Jews boast and which, I fear, we must concede....

.... [I] personally only know Jews who, apart from their undoubted cleverness in making money out of the natives, seem stupid, or who ingratiate themselves with the Aryans among whom they have chosen to reside by blandly professing participation in our culture (and I do not mean that all such professions are necessarily hypocritical). But, for all practical purposes, the race is today, as Josephus boasted it was in his time, a unit, and it is somehow very ably directed in its predatory operations against other races. How much of this highly intelligent strategy is instinctive and how much is planned by a supreme command, I shall not try to determine; the available evidence is conflicting and not conclusive.