Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Milo Yiannopoulos Talks Establishment vs Trump, Bernie, and Cultural Lib...

WTF is wrong with Sweden. Why Sweden is committing Suicide. The Religion...

Nationalism. Good... they need to start now.

Grandpa tried to warn us...

Ron Paul, those were the days. If only he had talked about people's wives and perhaps put on a clown suit to get the attention of the dumbocratic masses in the Multicultural Empire of Entertainment. 

Being united as nations by money and the Babel of American Idol is a thin veneer that "works" as long as there's enough fuel for the show. Enough dollars created out of nothing every time someone signs a debt/money mortgage while paying taxes to the DC cartel that launders the money for bankers. Gas is cheap (in dollars) because the Saudi/Israeli/US/axis powers and their proxy armies of ISIS/chaos wanted to bring down Syria/Iran/Russia for the sake of the Empire of Entertainment. 

 Doesn't seem to be working. So what happens when the show can't go on? It seems like entertainment is merging with reality.   Bring in the reality show star!

Dats raycist...

Belgium attack victim had warned against demonizing Muslims

"Pinczowski's Nov. 16 Facebook post was reposted by her mother, Marjan Pinczowski Fasbender.

The mother wrote that she wanted to share "this message of tolerance from our Dear Daughter Sascha."" 

This is just a variant on the suicide cults based on the pathological altruism and moral vanity typical to the White tribes of the North.  They sometimes add a patina of Christianity to their glaringly white racial tendencies.  They need to be seen as the fairest/whitest of them all.  So your son and daughter get killed, you begin a PR campaign about how fair/white minded you are. This applies to Whites whether they're Christians or not.  Most Europeans are atheists now, yet they behave the same way. 

If Christ isn't a conqueror and God doesn't love his kin/Son enough to hate his death with a righteous wrath and burning of an astronomical number of suns then Christians of European descent that create suicide cults for their kin in the name of "Judeo-Christianity" are to be pitied above all men.  To me as a Christian that doesn't agree with the subversion of family/tribe/kin groups being directed against European Americans and Europeans now, it doesn't get any sicker (to death in the will) than virtue signalling about "tolerance" when your family just got killed and your extended tribe/race kin are headed toward dying out. 

It doesn't matter that God gave his Son if you don't love your own son.  You are not the fairest of them all.  The very language of Nature within which the trinity communicated their love for the world that they created is being subverted in this age.

Monday, March 28, 2016

You Can't Stump the Trump Volume XXII (#CallBrussels)

The Great Shuttening

Alt Right Objections - A Response

Witless Whites...

Modern Europe is a place where a young White couple can head off for a weekend away and, while standing at the airport or train station, the young man can increasingly expect to look into his girlfriend's eyes as an Islamic nail bomb rips her face off. If they manage to arrive at their romantic location there's an even greater chance that he will be smacked around as Iraqis, Turks, Algerians, Moroccans and Somalians gang rape his girl. 

The media probably won't even bother reporting the rape, they will report the bombings but it hardly matters, the dominant response by the European public will be one of apathy. There will be no attempt to drag the political class or liberal media out on the streets and hang them, instead there will be digital ribbons on digital flags, hashtags on Twitter, sometime soon Samsung or Apple will begin offering a whole range of apps tailored toward mourning the victims of a terror attack.

Morgoth's Review

Brussels attacks and the Alt Right

Ted Cruz Sex Scandal

Friday, March 25, 2016

Blaming Jews for stuff that Jews have do. Oy vey.

Ultimately the Jewess that wrote the poem had more sense than witless White women that are comfortable with the genocide of Europeans worldwide, eventually including their own children.  All the while murmuring and cooing to themselves about how loving and tolerant they are.  At least the Jewess loved her own kin.  Didn't view them as racist refuse/white trash.  And didn't portray her dreams for a tribal homeland as a country that was for everyone in the entire world but her own kin and the people that created it.

We're going to figure this out and hold people responsible for an attempt to ethnically cleanse Europeans back in Europe while melting and diversifying European Americans out of existence too.  So should we blame a witless woman like you and countless others that compose the cosmopolitan sex in the city vote?  Or should we blame the Jewess with her little poems about a Statue put up by cryptos and the Jews producing all the TV shows and endlessly anti-White movies that witless White women watch?   Of course you should check the author of the poem and the producers of the show.

I'm being nice by shifting the blame for what is occuring, the reduction of Europeans and people of European descent to a minority, onto a Jewess (and NYC Jews in general) lecturing us "goyim" about our ancient civilizations.  But if you want the blame then you're welcome to it.  How many other women are like you?  Who else wants the blame for trying to ethnically displace and subvert our kin in all the countries of our ancestors after WWII?  Is it most White women, like you?  Why aren't Japanese women like you?  Why don't they want to diversify Japan out of existence?  Very mysterious.  Perhaps Jewish feminists subverted our customs and traditions, our romances... and the White Knight of the White tribes of the North out of their continual fear and loathing of us.  They're ugly inside and out, Lena Dunham.  Examples abound.

Despite a White witless wonder woman like you, I still blame Jews.  Mainly because it's their fault. 

Sound of Silence ...what does it mean

Anti AIPAC conference update

Trump at AIPAC a quick response

Why the Jewish Elite Hates Donald Trump

AIPAC conference 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lol... a funny little poem from the "wretched refuse" simmering in a "melting pot"....

First they came for the Mexicans, and I said nothing because I was laughing too hard to talk.

Then they came for the Moslems, and I said nothing because I was blasting Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades” so loudly that no one would be able to hear me if I said something.

Finally they came for the Jews, and I said nothing because people can’t talk while they’re chugging champaign straight out of the bottle.

Then they stopped coming, so I played X-Box with my neighbor and then went to the gym. Then later me and my girlfriend and my cousin played Scrabble while listening to jazz music and trying out some different types of cold cuts and cheeses we bought at Whole Foods.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Empire of Entertainment.

Not sure why Jews and kosher groups spanning the Right to the Left are in freak out mode over Trump.  He loves him some Jews.  He loves you.  He stands with you. No one will stand with you and his own family in the Empire of Entertainment as much as he will.  "I will tell you that."  Etc. It's as if they hate and fear the idea of an independent man of European descent.  They prefer their goy golems, controlled by political correctness or their innumerable "advisers"/lawyers/media consultants and "former CIA agent" type reporters interviewing some other "national security adviser" or banker. 

It's as if they're openly and repeatedly telling you:  "We don't control him. Hitler!!!! FREAK OUT!!!"   Etc.  But what if we the people don't want you nutters control him?  If our interests align, that's fine.  But this idea where Jew debates Jew, who interviews another Jew, that disagrees with a Jew, that was awarded an Oscar by some other Jew... and on and on... resulting in a kosher culture where the idea that our interests may not align never sees the light of day has to go. 

It's as if the Global Jewish Empire of Entertainment that naturally subverts others like a force of gravity bending all other ethnnic groups to whatever is perceived as being in its own interests has become decadent.  Can an empire grounded on entertainment itself become decadent?  I thought bread and circuses were used to keep ethnic groups happy in the past.  (Mainly the ethnic spine that built the thing, which then expanded.)  But entertainment wasn't the basis of the entire thing.  Man cannot live on entertainment alone!       

I don't get it. Is this pro-Trump or anti-Trump?

Saturday, March 12, 2016

African, Africans...

African behavior is worse in other countries, namely... Africa.


So you can count yourself lucky that this isn't Africa yet, where white people could have even better "national security."

If Whites are so witless that they can't even form a lobby group equal to the ADL/La Raza/NAACP/CAIR (everyone else in the entire world) for the sake of their children then I guess they better hide behind Hispanic men. Or their favorite, an African man.

Meanwhile European Americans still sign up for the US military that is said to protect their "national" security. Supposedly they have a "nation," yet they don't have an ethnic identity equal to Jews/Mexicans/Africans/Arabs/Indians in their own country. They are not diversity, everyone else in the entire world is diversity. Many people that count as diversity have their own ethnic homelands, or they're building one for themselves. Because according to the first minority that incites and fancies itself as a light shining above all majorities/"goyim"/others... the mere existence of white people as a majority in the countries of their ancestors is privilege, supremacy and racism.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Screaming Hitler no longer works Zionist are desperate

Screaming Hitler no longer works Zionist are desperate

Hilarious.. the "Nazis" telling people to koesherize it up. Because that's exactly what people usually have to do. Given that they can't say Jew. Enter "code words" like "neoconservative"... Blah, blah... Lol.

Please spread this article around, as the more people who get these details, the more likely it will be that further details will emerge. Also, if you’re one of the hundreds of less extreme writers who reads this site, feel free to rewrite the article and make it less hardcore for the purpose of reaching a more mainstream audience. And yes, Paul Joseph Watson, you can again use my material in one of your videos.

Daily Stormer

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

English goy reading whatever a Jew writes for him on his teleprompter. The irony is that Trump the German/"Nazi" generally loves Jews.

The Christian Zionist War Prayer

African privilege in an anti-White culture of hatred... endless shit like this doesn't turn into an internatinoal news/Jew's story.

Four blacks—one a Zimbabwean—will appear next Monday in court for a brutal farm murder in South Africa in which the bound white victim was thrown alive into a crocodile pit, the Maroela Media news service has reported.
According to the report, Dr. Louis John Botha, 64, a game farmer from the north east Swartwater area, Limpopo, was brutally murdered by four attackers over the last weekend of February.

SA Farmer “Thrown Alive into Crocodile Pit”

This never really took a vast financial and geopolitical analysis of the tribal families hiding in Rube Golberg machines. All it takes is an ability to say "Jew" without wetting your pants about "another Hitler."

Hitler's economic miracle was not really a miracle at all, it was just what naturally happens anytime you outlaw usury. You remove the jewish crime syndicate from power because you destroy its mechanism for debt-enslavement. Usury is NOT a service. Collecting interest on "loans" from money that never existed is wholly parasitical, and it paves the way for a morally-inverted paradigm, where the biggest criminals in the history of the planet simply buy off politicians and entire governments to be servants of who Jesus termed, "the Synagogue of Satan." The outlawing of usury amounts to the liberation of humanity, this is why jews insist that to be obedient goyim, we MUST bow down to their preposterous myth that Hitler was "evil." How is he the "most evil man who ever lived," when practically next door, the jewish bolsheviks slaughtered 100 million Russian Christians? And America, Britain, and France were all aligned with bolshevism in WW II? It is really not hard to understand what happened. The "Allies" were the foot-soldiers of the Judaic Rothschild cabal, why else would capitalists and communists alike all join forces against a single nation, Germany, right after it kicked out the jewish bankster mob?

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

David Duke Responds to CNN - Speaks to Trump & All Americans

Donald Trump and the KKK... :-|

Surprised the media//Jews/Jewish oligarchs and Judeo-Christian Zionists haven't argued that he's the Devil incarnate.  There again, I guess they've already done that too.  I'm not campaigning for a moral degenerate like Trump.  But this is ridiculous.  I guess it already was if you know anything about anything in American politics, i.e. the Empire of Entertainment.  It's unfortunate that hundreds of thousands of people are killed or have their lives and marriages shattered due to the Imperial Empire of Entertainment.  But when you trace it all back, it's because Ron Paul and others couldn't be entertaining enough.  Perhaps he should have put on a little clown suit or like Carson in the last debate: "Someone attack me so that I can join the circus."  Etc. 

The usual criminals and murderers running the Empire(And therefore their witless trendies that think the reality show media in America has something to do with reality.) called Ron Paul the KKK too.

Donald Trump Endorsed By The Ku Klux Klan? Nope.

Hillary Clinton getting taken to the Woodshed

CNN lied about Duke?

Drumpf?...well he's winning bitches