Friday, October 28, 2016

Every comments section is like this now. I can ohly imagine the ethnic instincts of some: "(((Whoopsy!!!)))"

It was more entertaining when people didn't understand its ethnic (((motivations))). Now the endless reality shows are too real... if we wanted reality, we'd go to NYC or wherever to see all the Jews creating these shows, in reality.
Allahu Snackbar
Number of White Christian Europeans enslaved by North Africans between the 16th and 18th century alone as a result of the Barbary slave trade. Over 1.25 million. Number of Black Africans enslaved by other Black Africans and sold to White people in North America. 388,000 Where's our slavery museum? We don't even get our slavery discussed in public school. You know, because it would muck up the narrative. For that matter, why don't you give Hispanics any shit?A majority of the 10.7 million African slaves that survived the middle passage ended up in South America. Yet you only ever seem to blame White people.

Black judge in Philadelphia says white victims deserve black violence, l...

#Hitlary? A Comparison between Hitler & Hillary Clinton

Gender fluid equality...

The only place in modern American culture where you will see a white male portrayed with dignity, honor and pride is in military recruitment ads. In these ads, the black man is shown at best as a white man’s equal, rather than as a smarter, better-looking, more masculine superior, in contrast to many movies, TV shows and most commercials. In the last Iraq War, white privilege and racism meant that in our very diverse country, non-Jewish white males were overrepresented among fatalities, and are heavily over represented in frontline and infantry roles.
While Neo-conservative (((Jennifer Rubin))) and others of her (((ilk))) dedicate their columns to mocking, attacking and threatening white males based on nothing but who you are, the mange-inflicted yentl buckles at the knees when you put on that uniform and die in one of the many wars she pushes for.
Get it through your thick skull you racist, privileged, baby-dicked white boy goyim: the only thing you’re good for is to fight for Israel!
In light of this institutional patriarchy and privilege, #DraftOurDaughters has emerged to raise consciousness. This social media campaign is composed of Hillary Clinton’s coalition of non-whites and women – shut out of military combat roles by worthless racist rednecks – eager to make her dream of a World War with an emerging and more advanced superpower come true.

Daily Stormer

Oh McCuck... degenerate. Natalism = Nationalism.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Decision 2016: A Guide for Hillary & Trump Voters

Pat Buchanan DESTROYS CUCK CNN Anchor On Donald Trump

Ugh.. I never did like Hannity. But whatever, the fighting Irish seem to tend to rally without thinking about what they're doing first. So be it. All hands on deck!

Three years later, Sean Hannity has broken the shackles of Neo-Conservatism to become the lone pundit in all of cable television that supports Donald Trump. Hannity has been named and attacked by Jews of every kind over the last year, and the powers that be are constantly penning Op-Eds and SNL skits suggesting he needs to be fired while they whine out the other side of their mouths about how Trump threatens “freedom of the press.”
Daily Stormer

(((Neoconservatives))) head Left again, good riddance....

Darlings of the faux-dissident Left, like Michael Moore and hardline Jewish supremacist Bill Maher, have dropped all pretense of being renegade opponents of war and vulture-capitalism by taking money (Moore) or putting racial interests (Maher) ahead of any principles and seamlessly submerging themselves as transitory ambassadors and cogs in new Wall Street first, invade-the-world Democrat machine of Hillary [‘s Jew donors].
Somehow Donald Trump, the only candidate opposed to NAFTA and TPP, against reckless foreign interventions and regime-changing, who backs the closing of the carried interest loophole that allows investment banking firms to dodge massive amounts of taxes, who in his Gettysburg contract to the American people promised to bust bloated Zionist cartels like Comcast – is triggering the singularity of everyone from the Communist Party USA and the National Review.
The message is clear: the liberal left is the humanitarian alibi for plutocratic money, while the conservative right employs moral preening and Christianity to manipulate public opinion. The only principle that unites both is the foaming at the mouth globalist hostility towards white working people of their (((patrons))) and (((intellectuals))), which supersedes everything else. This is why when push comes to shove, there is no meaningful difference between the left and the right.

Daily Stormer

Old cancer patients and priests are targets for black violence in St Lo...

What if random internet comments matter, because you never know who is writing them?

What if it is the law of the land that everyone in the government to whom state secrets are entrusted receives a multi-hour tutorial from the FBI on how to protect state secrets? What if the successful completion of that tutorial is a legal prerequisite to the receipt of a national security clearance and thus the receipt of state secrets?
What if that tutorial reminds the people to whom secrets are being reposed that it is their legal obligation to recognize and accept and understand the law before they can receive any state secrets? What if, in order to confirm that understanding, all people who receive the tutorial are required to sign an oath at the end of the tutorial recognizing, accepting and understanding the law and agreeing to be bound by it? What if Clinton signed just such an oath? 
What if Clinton had no intention of complying with the oath she signed at the time she signed it? What if we know that because we know she hired the information technologist to divert her emails the same week she received the FBI tutorial? What if she never told the FBI that she planned to divert all her emails — including those that would contain state secrets — to a private non-secure email server in her home? 
What if it is the law of the land that the failure to secure state secrets is a felony, known as espionage? What if it is the law of the land that espionage can be committed by a person who intends to expose state secrets or by a person who doesn’t care if she exposes state secrets? What if the FBI explained to Clinton on her first day as secretary of state that the grossly negligent exposure of state secrets constitutes espionage?
What if Clinton sent or received more than 2,000 emails that contained state secrets? What if she authored more than 100 of them herself? What if some of the 2,000 emails were so secret that the FBI agents investigating her lack the security clearances to view those emails?
What if Clinton did all this so that she could keep her behavior as secretary of state secret and away from all officials in the State Department outside her inner circle, away from the president and away from the American people? What if she orchestrated and carried out a conspiracy to violate the Espionage Act?


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Will Texas Turn Blue?

Blabbity blah...

Shaun Michael Jones Like Michael Moore you would agree on some level because you should want to look after your children, kin group/nation. But there's been some pretty heavy emotional conditioning coming out of Hollywood, so if you've watched movies made by people that hate your ethnic identity as a white man (Unless you go gay cowboy or transgender, etc.) then you may feel like actually protecting your kin group is bad.

In fact, it's worse than being a transgendered minority Satanist or whatever these days. It's worse than anything in Hollywood. It's the actual taboo now, not Satan. It's the white "racist"/"Nazi" Devil that needs to be defeated by a transgender Team Uberman cartoon.

Personally, I prefer a NYC vigilante billionaire Batman to a witless white Superman from the heartland now. Just cartoons, of course... but these things have apparently meaning to white boys that never grow up even after they sent to murder "another Hitler."

I think you would agree if you didn't have a two-dimensional view of the world. If you had more of a perspective or angle of viewing things from a different realm in which people look like cartoons. Look at the other American heroes presented to you in movies, Indiana Jones on his last crusade... shrunken heads and all:

This culture matters because the only identity you have in which to be a white man now is defeating Nazi cartoons or yet "another Hitler"/Saddam/Assad/Putin. That's why you're pursuing bathroom Nazis in order to keep a Transgender Minority safe.

I can't uproot (((America))) culture in one Facebook comment.

But you seem to understand on some level that you do agree with me. So at least there's that. Same thing with the flabby fraud M&M here, end of the day he stands with his ethnic group.

Comment on some Alex Jonestown crap...

You let in the Jew and the Jew rotted your empire, and you yourselves out-jewed the
Jew. Your allies in your victimized holdings are the bunyah, you stand for NOTHING but

And above metal usury; you have built up bank usury, 60% against 30 and 40%, and by
that you WILL NOT be saved. Corrupting the whole earth, you have lost yourselves to

And the big Jew has rotted EVERY nation he has wormed into. A millstone. Well, an
exceptionally good swimmer MIGHT conceivably be cast into the sea with a stone tied round
his neck. He might perhaps untie it. If he were a Scotchman, he would remember his
jackknife, before being thrown overboard.

You seem to remember NOTHING. It were better you were infected with typhus. As to
federal union, or JEW/nion. There is NO question of race in Streit's proposition. It is as
proposed a union of slaves, under jewry. Offered by liars and abettors of thieves."
Google: "Ezra Pound transcripts"

Some Masons are Judaizers, others less so. All have sworn fealty to Zion in their silly little oaths and they don't know who is at the top of the pyramid of the brotherhood of fools and pet scapegoats like George W. Bush. I think it was Gingrich that said Trump is feared and loathed so by them because he wasn't a member of a secret society. So they don't necessarily know what he will do.

Although, the most likely scenario is "Make America Great Again" to "Stand with Israel" even bigger and better than before, that I can tell you.

So I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. You are generally slaves to the debt/money system, so the Jews can generally still incite a war or revolution when they want one. Gotten a bit sloppy lately though, e.g. using left over "Nazis" in the Ukraine in order to have a Jewish coup there. Remember the ADL framing it as Russia creating lists of Jews, etc.? Probably not.

Try looking up a Ukrainian general saying: "I don't have anything against Jews and Masons... but???" Etc. The usual.

 (Side note, Paul Ryan is a globalist/Mason... and the Whiskey Rebellion was better than the Masonic rebellion that shifted the banker's war debt/money from England to France.  Trump is driving these people mad with fear.  And I like that.  Apparently they're afraid that he's going to grab some pussies! 


Ironic that the liberals and even more lily white libertardarians thought that putting cameras on police would be a good idea. What did they think they would see? What do they think the sticky web of the internet invented by White men is ultimtaely going to create? DUH.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This is a good edit. Little Timmy Wise makes it in.


During the 1960s, a project unfolded through litigation, government pressure and activism by Jews, an ambitious pursuit that sought to mix the races not only in schools, but also in communities. Moving blacks in and around universities of high-repute is one of the most “daring” treads into “sociology,” where it was theorized that intelligence and White character traits would be transferred to blacks through close cohabitation… apparently through osmosis. Every year, local black criminals anticipate back to school season as excitedly as a nervous but eager freshman transplant, but for very different reasons.

More than half a century later, the neighborhoods surrounding the college campuses of schools like Temple in Philadelphia, Hofstra in New York, Rutgers in New Jersey, most of the “top tier” North Carolina and DC schools, are “No-Go Zones” for people of European descent, where gas stations have bullet proof glass and fast food joints have a direct line to the cops. School administrators have overlapping interests with media power-Zionists in lying about this, so a lot of students who end up going to these schools learn the truth the hard way.

That is why parents who have a daughter beaten and raped, or a son assaulted or murdered, ought to open up lawsuits against school officials whenever this kind of stuff happens.

Daily Stormer

Ken O'Keefe Unveils The Truth About Adolf Hitler

Comment on Michael Moore almost beginning to get it.

So even the half-truther and kosher flabby fraud gets it. There again, he only half gets it. Because there is a specific ethnic oligarchy that people are saying "F you!" too. It's the same ethnic network from which Victoria Nuland said, "F the EU!" Implicitly, she meant F Europeans/white people yet again.... although the EU is actually a Jewish project, a purely economic union.

 The whole truth and nothing but the truth of this would reveal a fundamentally ethnic reality, not merely some random "system" of oppression in which the "white trash"/"wretched refuse" (Emma Lazarus, Zionist) melting in a globalist "melting pot" (Israel Zhangwhatever, Zionist) are randomly fit for nothing but a (((Jerry Springer))) show.

It's specifically because they're all viewed as trash. Unclean filth, "goyim" in the old religious language... so it's not like they need a majority white country to live in anywhere on the face of the planet from Germany to America. Let alone a great country. 

In fact, an ethnically homogeneous culture and country is very scary to the Jews.  Unless it's their own state and their own culture.  Then it's usually all fine, including "racism"! 

So even the flabby fraud and kosher half-truther gets it. End of the day, that's what people want to say to the ethnic oligarchy that ruined America. But they're still not quite saying it, given who Trump is surrounded by. Maybe next time, if there is a next time.

The Team Cuck freedumb fry eaters at work... I guess if Delaware Liberal is right about what happens during economic collapse, then we already have the ADL lists.

Ramble 8/25

As far as white people that are less trendy go, I think many of them are implicitly "white supremacists" in the sense that they think white people will be fine. They realize what's happening on some level but they're rugged individualists can take care of themselves. Buy a gun, etc. Their usual reaction. 
They may also try to put a happy face on their ethnic replacement and insist that everything is fine. Perhaps some globalist (((economist))) has told them that GDP and life expectancy is up somewhere else in the world, even though all their jobs have been outsourced. So their marriage has failed, their son just committed suicide after being sent to a (((war))) he never should have been in or their kids just overdosed on cheap heroin brought into the country by immigrants due to globalism.

In reality, European Americans are not fine and they're not individuals. (Thus the current rage of Trumpism, despite the fact that he's totally a product of Jewish/NYC culture just like Hillary.)
 In reality, you're not just an individual in all aspects of life, let alone when a criminal ethnic gang or mafia is headed your way. None of this is going to be fine (Put on your implicitly white hipster happy face, etc.) as the process of anti-white diversification based on mass immigration and progressively vicious "anti-Nazi" (e.g., inglorious basterds, etc.) propaganda being broadcast from Hollywood continues.

First they came for the Germans. And despite everything Jesus said, you helped them. The supposed pacifists* (From the white hipsters to the evangelicals, WHITE seems to be the more important category) were incited to kill and murder Germans by and for Jews. 
So now the international victors of WWII that defeated European nationalism (and the Japanese too) are coming for your descendants.  Indeed, many are generally already degenerate servants to the Jewish/"oppressed minority" ethnic oligarchy represented by people like Miley Ray Cyrus or Madonna.   They frame their internal dispute with equally Jewish Trumpism as a supposed concern with pussies getting grabbed.  That's about as idiotic as it gets.  I see that (((Howard Stern))) has jumped on the bandwagon.  

But that's the thing, none of these (((people))) are interested in the truth.
*White hipster and Boomer anti-war pacifists... yeah, right!  Lol.  I've never seen anyone as pro-war as Hillary Clinton, the representative of degenerate Boomers.  

Mike Dargaryen shoots on Hillary supporters

Virtue signaling trumps Facts

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Jew shivers and the legions of effete cucks wonder at the feeling of what they've been conditioned all their miserable lives for by their Chosen Master Race. There's something going on here. Shiver...

"This was the path to cultural Marxism and the enslavement of Europe by Judaeo-globalist neo-liberalism. This is the basis for the coming war to expel the Jews and their 3rd world imports brought in by transnational Jewish finance to replace and genocide the indigenous people of Europe. How glorious is this battle to come across all Europe, how glorious the final victory of fascism which will return God, nature, the family and morality to Europe and banish the degeneracy and atheism unleashed by the French revolution. How glorious the rivers of blood which will flow into the Thames from the bowels of the traitors in Westminster, how glorious the re-taking of British soil from the colonisers and invaders. How glorious the day when England shall be England once again!"

Random comment...  

" replace and genocide the indigenous people of Europe..."

True, actually.

Personally, I've never seen a single Jew expose or condemn their clansmen for this. 

And this is the issue of our day.  Whether it's framed as Trump vs. Clinton (Implicit, but pretty explicit these days too.) or whoever, this is the issue.  You can decide on tax rates later. 

Although, you can't decide the other issues either if globalist criminals like Clinton/Merkel successfully elects a new electorate in order to continue to diversify, disenfranchise and dispossess white ethnic groups in order to defeat "white supremacy" and "racism" in their own countries. 

Tax rates...  Lol. 

Mainstream Media Squirming For Being Called Out On Their Decades of Lies

Birth of a Nation: Forgotten Origins of the KKK & Slavery Hate Facts

Ramble 10/24...

Her Mexican American daughter seems to be a proxy for... herself. She is the one that's phobic of the Goyim/Monster. Although, if she traumatizes her daughter in the usual manner/initiating her into the ethnic gang that these people have then she might be scared of Trump/"Hitler" making her into soap for no reason too. Trump Kosher Soap Inc. It will be the greatest soap ever, that I can tell you.

It's the "for no reason" part that is key to understanding Jewish fear and loathing of the "Goyim"/Moral Monsters under the bed. They usually don't look in the mirror, to see a reflection of everything they're projecting onto their "Nazis"/cartoons.

Truth be told, I wouldn't care that much about how utterly crazy and absurd Jewish culture and Jewish stories and Jewish lies and defamation of the "goyim" are if they thought that Eskimos were their ethnic enemy. Because then they would be thinking that Eskimos made them into soap for no reasons, probably mixing them in with whale blubber or something. Whatever, their insane and neurotic stories would tend to vary. But here's the problem, these crazy Jews view my son of European descent as a "Nazi" and they're an ethnic oligarchy that owns the media and shapes the culture he is going to grow up in.

So that's a bit of a "problem." Because they're never the oppressor or the Moral Monster under the bed. I wouldn't sweat about it or have xenophobic nightmares like this crazy lady. But they are pretty oppressive as an ethnic group. So perhaps we should lobby for all Palestinians to be accepted as refugees, in the finest and most humanitarian of ways... gay rainbows all the way, too! Lol. ;-)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Third Debate comments and rant Live FB

Comment on RamZPaul vid.

The whole thing with imagining a future winnowing of the white tribes of the North due to climate change/Winter or Great Doom/nuclear (Winter again) or a Financial Collapse basically just planning for Winter again... is implicitly White. That's crap that white people of the North find outlets for in a modern setting. (E.g., Alex Jonestown's entire audience... a bunch of white goys.)

Over and over again white people say to themselves: "Everyone but the White people with high integrity and small kin groups with an ability to plan ahead and chart the stars are all going to die out. I've got my GPS and I'm prepping right now!" No. They aren't all going to die. FOCUS.

Nothing is going to happen due to some natural cycle now. You may have to get off your duff and make it happen. The first step is to stop wallowing around in your ingrained racial instincts and think for once.

"White supremacy." Lol... whites are clearly inferior in some respects when it comes to dealing with reality as it is in the modern world.

Apparently we need to build some reservations for ourselves now, like we did for Native Americans. Who wants to be the first display in the museum?

What Will Happen If Trump Does Not Concede?

Alt Right...

So here we are, with the press sycophants of the Judeo-Saxon elite demanding that the nationalist accept a globalist victory before the ballots are even counted. It’s the right thing to do. Peaceful surrender to existential threats is the right thing to do. It’s the American thing to do. It’s what our republic stands for. It’s what makes our democracy safe and secure. Will you accept the continued plantation of America with non-Europeans, both legally and illegally, if that is what wins by plebiscite?

I’ll bite, no.

We do not accept your program of grand replacement.

We will never accept it.

We will never consent to it.

We will reverse it.

Your semantics will not work on us. No acceptance. No concession. A Clinton victory has zero ideological authority over what we believe in. We will not yield the moral high ground to a band of mercenaries and traitors. We will not abandon our commitment to national rebirth. And we will not be baiting into initiating disaster. Your eagerness to paint rust belt peasants and tech savvy shitposters as the violent unstable ones betrays your own doom desire.

Atlantic Centurion

Freedumb in the elections....

...things are turning on their heads. People in America in the last four decades have never really paid much attention to our political system,  usually the candidates running have few or no discernible differences and might as well be in the same party. Because the sources of power in American politics are private billionaires and Jewish plutocratic donors, it has always been plausible to say America has free elections; “Nobody is legally stopping you from running,” is a favorite disingenuous phrase of the cuckservatives.

This time around, there is somebody to vote for that, like Yanukovych, Jews don’t trust or like. In chocolate cities across the country, from Philadelphia to Cleveland, committing voter fraud will be laughably easy, and all it would take is for one of the many NGOs aligned with Hillary Clinton to set it up as is hinted at in the last few Project Veritas sting videos: register every black either through NAACP campaigns or Soros run groups, then on election day get a group of blacks to go vote in different precincts in their name. Is Shaniqua with the big fake nails serving as a “federal observer” going to ask you to do anything but sign?

The polls this election have a remarkable spread. In the same time period, respected trackers such as La Times/USC, Rasmussen and IBD/TIPP have Trump either tied or in the lead, while CBS News, Bloomberg and NBC News/SM have Clinton up by double digitsfar beyond the margin of error. Either somebody is bullshitting somebody, or one group of these radically different polls taken in the same rough time period has a radically flawed or obsolete methodology. There’s also a third possibility, one promoted by Alex Jones and Roger Stone (who are admittedly not generally trustworthy, but could be right here), that certain media entities are purposely rigging opinion polls in tandem with the phony scandals they keep churning out in order to provide cover for an election steal. It sure doesn’t help that the two most high profile people “interpreting the polls,” the Jews Nate Cohn and Nate Silver, are obvious anti-Trump partisans.

Daily Stormer

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Andrew Auernheimer - Black Hat Hacking: Survival of the West, Syria & #G...

Interesting theory...

Bill and Hillary Clinton are not in charge of jack or shit. The Clinton Foundation is a front, and they are the figureheads to get the workings of the US regime to cut the deals for the cartel as Mrs. Clinton was managing the State Department for this cartel, which is what installed Obama into the White House and has been redrawing all the dope, sex, weapons and oil boundaries around the world.
...James Comey is one of the assets, as is Loretta Lynch etc...

It explains a  bit why this mafia took a few shots in Delaware at the Biden mansion to tell the Delaware syndicate to back off and not run for President challenging this cartel group backing Hillary Clinton. It is why that cryptic message from Biden's staff assistance to John Podesta makes sense in his not liking bringing on the demise of Joe Biden, but happy to jump ship and be rewarded by the Clinton campaign.

This group who Chelsea Clinton married into as their princess, is beyond the Arkansas mafia which had dead bodies showing up around the Clintons. This is the group which bodies in Washington DC appeared and it was all covered up.

Madam Resident

REDUX: FBI guy Comey blind to black violence on police

Rotten to the core... side note, seems racist to have a white FBI director. He should be an Australian Aborigine, it's now 2016. Where's the progress?

Actual rebels would be arrested or targetted by organizations representing powerful crime families like the ADL and the SPLC does... DUH! Lol.

Cursing, tattoos, obscene public sex acts and acting all gangsta against enemies of powerful Wall Street Jews just isn’t resonating anymore. Masking hyper-conformity as a manifestation of uniqueness and chic rebellion is one of the more subtle ways Jews have traditionally incited and mobilized young people into doing their bidding, but the new counter-culture we (the alt-right, for lack of a better term) are building is far more effective: it’s genuine grassroots rebellion.

Daily Stormer 

Checking my white privilege, Cuz I don’t give a fuck
My n-words share my wife, I’m a Gangsta Cuck
You report about “black crime”, but that’s not polite
Yo, come to Detroit and say it, pussy ass alt-right!
I got balls like grapefruits cuz I speak my mind
Though I made my millions, sellin’ my behind
Donald Trump says he grabs asses and that offends me
I’m a tough muthafucka, you’re not allowed to politically disagree
If you wanna make a statement, within bounds set by Goldstein
Sign up, stand up, vote: Hillary 2016


Oops, already commented on African criminality against Asians... and yes, I blame the Jews for pushing endless diversity on everyone in order to establish an ethnic oligarchy in their usual manner. Jews, Jews, Jews! Lol. They hate that.

Asian collateral damage of the war by corrupt politicians to try to elect a non-white/diversified electorate in Philly so that they have a more easily incited electorate based on tribal politics.  All they have to do: "He hates Asians!"  Etc.  And you win the election.  They're gradually expanding this out from the cities and into the rural areas that white ethnic groups usually move to in order to live with their kin group.  That's white flight and a Great Sin according to these people.  Lol. 

Imagine this, drop off Tibetan pygmies in Amish country and then the next election cycle: "He hates pygmies!!!"  Win the election, then bring in more and more diversity.  Never mind the fact that the pygmies just hunted and sacrificed the cows that the Amish were trying to raise and all the ethnic conflict that results from diversity.  The Democratic/Jewish technique of using ethnic conflict to win elections may need to end soon, folks.  We're running out of cities to abandon.   Trump or no Trump, I think the Pentagoon goys and some others may have even finally begun to notice what the Jews have done and are doing to America. 

Imagine Sarah Silverman/Lena Dunham/Amy Schumer/the Democratic party:  "Why can't these Amish get along with pygmies??  Geez, racist Amish!  Let's drop off 10,000 Syrian refugees here too. That will teach these white racist Nazis, I mean rubes not to be so racist.  Fight Amish Nazism with progress, forward comrades.. stronger together!  It's all about Jews like me, I mean oppressed pygmy groups like me. Well, I'm off to the racial colonies that we're using your taxes to build for my own kin group.  But make sure you Team World police all the pygmies and Syrians we just used to win the last election... looks like they're not getting along!"  Etc.

It's not all about rainbow love and the Amish/Chinese/pygmies/Africans/Hispanics/Whites all being stronger together, goys.  It's all crazy.  It's a world gone mad.  I sound like a madman describing it! It doesn't make any sense.  Etc.  No, it makes perfect sense if one notes the ethnic identity of Sarah Silverman/Al Franken/Lena Dunham/Saul Alinksy/George Soros/and the executives and owners of CNN/ABC/NBC/etc.  They're trying to diversify the possibility of "Nazism" out of existence without looking at why a Marxist Jew named Konrad Heiden invented the term as a slur for rural white ethnic groups resisting Judaism/Communism in the past.  "Nazi" = white rube or bumpkin, like Sarah Palin.  I will not even mention what a "feminist"/Jewish comedian said about her. 

I don't even like Sarah Palin.  But she triggered them very hard, that's why it seems like "the media" in America goes crazy sometimes.  I ramble on about this stuff because otherwise you'll think the world is crazy.  It's not.  It's just Jewish culture.  It actually makes sense if one notes that they think that white ethnic groups/"rubes" like Sarah Palin may make them into soap and lampshades again, in their feverish imaginations.  The same feverish imaginations that caused their ethnic group to lie about and endlessly defame "Nazis"/Germans in the first place.  From the white hipster that thinks that German Christians sang hymns louder in order to drown out the screams of Jews to the Judeo-Christian that keeps on comparing abortion to the "Holocaust"...  some goys seem to be terminally gullible on this.

If you care about abortion, stop lying or being witless and tell the truth.

If you care about the destruction of European Christian culture and ethnic groups, stop lying or being witless and tell the truth.

If you care about Asians subject to African violence that's being incited by Hollywood, stop lying or being willfully ignorant and tell the truth.

The reason for the vast majority of all this is that people are refusing to be logical and truthful.          

Comment on Asian collateral damage to the ethnic warfare being waged by Jews against white "Nazi"/"racist" men.

Better to be racist than raped, dead or leaving your ethnic group to live as a minority among easily incited Africans.

 Incited by corrupt and degenerate politicians like Hillary Clinton/Merkel/etc., by the way... one half expects her to start arming "BLM rebels" and bringing in "Syrian rebels" to arm too...  while disarming the NRA/White goys in order to seek yet more regime change for her Jewish owners (Saban, Soros, etc.) if Trump wins.

All this tolerance rainbow crap servants of the ethnic oligarchy that runs America do is false. The LGBT/Muslim/whoever rainbow coalition ultimately remains silent and servile to the ethnic oligarchy that owns them while allowing the construction of an ethnic state and racial colonies for their owners.

So there are no deep and abiding anti-racist/anti-nationalist rainbow principles and dreams of "content of character" for a "nation of immigrants" governing these witless wonders. All that governs anti-white degenerates like them is (((globalist))) money and power.

Power that is currently being used to diversify "white trash"/"Nazi" ethnic groups out of existence in order to create a final solution to the European/wretched refuse/racist/Nazi problem. Asian Americans and others are collateral damage to their ethnic replacement campaign that targets White men.

Ironically White men can have a sort of "national"/gay community if they cut their penis off or at least become more gender fluid.  Because that makes them safer and supposedly less likely to be "Nazis" according to (((Freud))) and many other (((psychologists.)))

So, off with the penis. Shalom!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Greg Johnson Interviews Weev

What is the 'Jewish Question'? Greg Johnson explains (alt right, JQ)

Too much diversity at the CIA? With crap like this, it doesn't look like they're stronger together.

A bizarre plot is unfolding, attempting to ensnare Julian Assange in a “grooming” scandal shortly after the Ecuadorian embassy cut his internet access. The charge? He allegedly began an internet relationship with a 22-year-old woman through an online dating site. After getting to know Assange, it is claimed that said woman had her eight year old sister log on for her and performed sexual acts on camera. The case is being looked into by police… in the Bahamas.

The timing is perfect, the story is retarded.

Daily Stormer


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ramble 10/18

It's amazing how quickly this nation/country has changed due to Jews.  

They were kicked out of regions in Russia, then they killed the Czar and his whole family and established Communism/Judaism there.  Finally kicked out again by Stalin.  Accepted as refugees by Germany in the meantime, agitated there for Communism/Judaism in their usual manner again.  Finally kicked out of Germany during WWII and many came to America, now they're agitating "oppressed minority" groups (Some invented from almost nothing, e.g. their servile LGBT tribes.) here while supporting mass immigration to diversify the host population further. 

So who knows what the future holds now.  After this silly carnival of Trumpism...  a final attempt to "Make America Great Again" in order to "Stand with Jews" even bigger and better and taller than before! 
Problem is, they get their ethnic identity from a criminal cult of supremacy.  So the more Orthodox they become, the more they will be going back to the source of Communism and secular variants of Judaism like the critical theories "political correctness" invented by the Frankfurt School after they got themselves kicked out of Germany.  And so forth. 

People are all concerned about mere "Trumpism" for now.  They should be asking themselves what happens farther down the road due to Jewish behavior.  Because that's the source of it, not Trump.  They're still going to be here doing the stuff that got them kicked out of every other country they've ever lived in, Trump or no Trump.  First he came for the illegal Mexicans.  And then that's all he did.  Servile shabbos goyim:  "But, but... we've seen this movie before!  This is it!!  This is what I've  been groomed my whole life for, with every other movie I've watched.  I want to be a righteous unclean goyim piece of filth to serve what is good for the Jews first.  Me first!  Pick me first!  I'll kill Hitler, I mean Trump for you!"  Etc.etc.

Apparently witless Judeo-Christian baby boomers thought Jesus actually meant:  "Hey guys, I was just kidding about the whole den of vipers thing.  After all, that's a stereotypical view of snakes motivated by a phobia!  (((Freud))) would probably say it's because I have a short penis and an authoritarian personality, not because elite Jews are actually like a den of vipers as a group.  Say, how about you teach me about how good Judaism is and what good fruits it will bear as you built a Jewish State.... and stand with "Israel," as you say.  How about you instruct me on the traditions of the Jews, I must have had it all wrong!"   Etc.  

Hillary - Worse than Nixon's Watergate

Trump Car Destroyed in Black Neighborhood - Video is FAKE - Joey Salads ...

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Udel. That's surprising.


This is the way we're going to decide war and peace now. Pussies.

Presented with little it appears Russian Foreign Minister Segey Lavrov nails it...
Lavrov has trolled Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during a CNN interview, telling host Christiane Amanpour that the US presidential campaign was full of “pussies”.
“There are so many pussies around your presidential campaign on both sides that I prefer not to comment,” Lavrov answered when Amanpour asked him about Trump’s “Pussy Riot moment.”
Lavrov pre-empted his answer by saying “I don’t know if I would sound indecent” before the comment left Amanpour laughing hysterically...

Zero Hedge

Easily the funniest / most poignant thing I've seen today
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Anyone who would grab Shillary by the pussy, is more of a man than I am. I'd be afraid it was trying to grab me.
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Grab it and it might rip your arm off.

National Socialist Germany vs Democratic Germany

The sacred six million... random comment

Google: "Six Million Jews" Get the truth while it lasts.

Although, one would think that even the most gullible goy would question the mythological Jewish narrative that a sacred six million were made into a Holocaust/sacrifice made by fire that justifies a return to the Holy Land/Zionism. Do you also believe in other forms of human sacrifice based on sacred rabbinical numbers? Come on, guys... you can't be this gullible all the time. Google: "soap and lampshades Youtube" too.

Or perhaps look up the shrunken heads myths of the Holocaust, as one half expects Indian Jones to arrive on his last crusade in some Jewish movie based on Jewish lies about "Nazis"/cartoons.

You can't continue to be so gullible, believing in every Jewish movie script.

The future of our white ethnic groups may depend on it.

First they came for the Germans.

You Can't Stump the Trump Volume Volume XXIX (Total War)

Some lame all lives matter stuff. But whatever...

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Destroy Syria, disperse Syrian "goyim" among the melting pots of wretched refuse...

Freedumbs... there is no freedom anymore. So who cares about the white cat ladies and lesbians voting to allow 50 Shades of Muslim into their countries to do the jobs that kosherized/gender fluid white men have failed to do.

It's all over for the West: 

Basically, we live in a completely lawless society where you are allowed to recruit for terrorist groups, rape and traffic little girls, rape women in wheelchairs, ficki ficki sex-attack riot, race riot – whatever – but if you hurt someone’s feelings on the internet, then the entire weight of the state comes down on you like a piano out a tenth storey window.

This newish term “anarcho-tyranny” is very good. Really embodies this weird new paradigm of total lawlessness plus a complete lack of basic freedoms.
But here’s the thing: this really demonstrates just how afraid they are of viral ideas, and the ability of the internet to force-multiply certain concepts which threaten the system. I mean, presumably a system that condones child sex-trafficking isn’t really concerned about people having their feelings hurt by mean pictures, right?

This is about preventing a revolution.

But the revolution cannot be prevented.

Basically, we’ve already won. We won as soon as we started.

Of course, it’s a long way before it’s over. No doubt about that one. The system is dying, but it’s going to bring down all hell when it does.

But no matter how dark the night gets, brothers, always remember:
Our victory is written in the stars.
This only ends one way.
Daily Stormer 

I used to say that the American Republic is turning into the Weimar Republic in order to try to prevent it.  Now I no longer care.  And it's not just the American Republic, it's all countries founded and built up by white men in order to pass on to posterity.  So if other ethnic groups currently colonizing formerly European countries like America make the argument:  "Why don't you just go back to your homelands, the Jews told us you were colonizers and now you're racists!  Blah, blah, blah... blabbity blah..."

There's diversity there too.  There are Zionist Jews like Barbara Specter there trying to diversify "Nazis" out of existence just like they've always sought more "diversity" in all ethnically homogeneous societies, long before "Nazi"/cartoons existed.  Some are even targeting "Chinazis" and Asian ethnic groups for more diversification, this is what globalists like Soros call an "open society" while they remain hypocritical about the racial colonies in their own country. 

With the advent of Zionism/"racism," they want their own country.  They already had their own "country clubs."  They want to discriminate for their own group, it's only the majority group that is targeted.  They have their own "racist" fraternities on college that generally support Zionism.  And on and on and on. 

This is their usual pattern of abject hypocrisy and criminality against the host/"oppressive majority" ethnic group, long before they portrayed German resistance to their endlessly gender fluid diversification campaigns as "Nazism"/cartoons in order to incite a World War.    

This has been brewing for a long time.  And far beyond Trump trying to break through "political correctness"/Judaism now, it's on like donkey kong.  There are too many of us that intend to fight these Jews.  Because it's them.  They're the oligarchic ethnic group seeking to build an ethnic state for themselves while simultaneously targeting all white ethnic groups worldwide with endless diversity and mass immigration, legal and illegal.  Refugees or economic migrants.  Judeo-Christianity or outright Judaism/Zionism. 

Pretexts vary.  But it's generally already an act of ethnic warfare.  Now they expect us to fight Russia.  But that's not going to happen in my sphere of influence.  And our numbers grow by the day, while their media reports that they're feeling "overwhelmed" with Trump's lame attempt to deal with political correctness/a variant of Judaism from within the culture and context of Judaism (Jewish kids, surrounded by Jewish advisors/lawyers,  Jewish PR, NYC/Jewish bankers saying: "He was worth more to us alive than dead.  Cough... I meant worth more economically... same as white Americans in general."  Etc.).      

Monday, October 10, 2016

Good Comment...

Many are noticing the increasingly aggressive rhetoric against Russia pushed by the likes of Clinton and amplified by the media. Many are asking why such a sudden and aggressive posture against Russia? Firstly, it’s not “sudden”, the tensions have been growing between the US government along with the EU against Russia for some time. But it’s coming to a head because Russia is not complying; worse, she has the audacity to resist the puppeteers behind the Western governments that seek to make her heel to their globalist demands. Before you start waving that flag and pouring wine into gutters while munching on greasy "freedom fries", you might want to read the following, and investigate yourself.
In a very quick nutshell, here’s why there’s a deliberate attempt to begin grooming the populations of the West for the coming war against Russia. Also, don’t take my word for it, I encourage you to read the following and to research it all yourself.
Putin's Russia is holding fast against the internationalists and globalists. Russia is not owned by the bankers and the IMF because it is not in significant debt...that places Russia beyond their control. Putin is also speaking of replacing the petrodollar with a basket of currencies, to include the Russian Rouble so as to isolate the energy market from the dollar’s increasing weakness and instability.
Putin kicked out and jailed the profiteers and Jewish oligarchs that reigned supreme after the fall of the USSR in the 90s. (Interestingly, for those who think the internationalist Jew is a myth and conspiracy theory, what happened in Russia clearly illustrates that it isn't and many of these oligarchs kicked out by Putin are now in Tel Aviv).
Unlike here in the US, where everything is subordinate to the profit motive in a system that’s rigged by international corporations and international bankers, Putin makes sure the economic sector and its corporate members serve the political and through it the Russian people. In the US, those that run the economy and advocate for a “free market” help only themselves and the only “freedom” the people have is to be exploited. The destruction of the middle-class is complete, and increasingly people have to work longer harder for less (why we still talk about a middle-class in this country is an offense to reality, again: go research the distribution of wealth in the US today). Toil and consume has become the “golden-rule” of life in Western societies beyond which you don’t exist or have value as an individual (so much for your much touted “individualism” America…but that’s another subject for another discussion at another time.)
Russia rejects cultural-Marxism. For example, there are no gay marriages or normalization of aberrant behavior in Russia; on the contrary. Also, Russia makes it very clear that while she is a multi-ethnic state, the minorities will not be given privileges over the white majority. No turnkey- ready careers and access to money, education, housing, living allowance, food, ability to loot without consequence when “upset” etc. because you’re black in Russia. Then again, they are lucky not to have blacks in Russia. They know not their good fortune in that regard.
Furthermore, unlike here in the US, white genocide is not welcomed in Russia. Putin speaks of white demographic decline as a problem and seeks to resolve it by encouraging births amongst whites through the subsiding of 2+ babies/ household, along with a living wage for women who want to be homemakers in white families, etc. All of which is heresy here in the US.
There are more reasons why the US government is angling for a war with Russia, such as Russia’s support of Assad; which is getting in the way of the plan for a Greater Israel. This is an old Zionist plan, (Google it “Greater Israel”), ongoing since Israel’s creation on Palestinian land, which was kicked up a notch when the US invaded Iraq. If you’re still wondering why we went to war with Iraq, this is why: as part of a plan to secure a safer and stronger position for Israel in the Middle-East. Iraq, Iran and Syria stand in the way of that. Iraq is now a weak vacuum, which was one down. That leaves Iran and Syria. The Zionists believe both would be easy to destabilize without Russian support. Now that Russia has sided with Syria, the Zionist goal is that much harder to reach. Syria was destabilized thanks to US/Israeli covert means...they never thought Russia would come physically assist and support Assad with troupes. The false flag incident , which was the alleged use by Assad’s regime of chemical weapons against his people (something that’s been debunked by UN inspectors on site since…again: do the research), was supposed to fire up the West and lead to an overt intervention against his regime by the US and NATO. But Obama’s pro-Muslim mindset and inability to make decisions actually served a righteous purpose this time. There was also an attempt to create fear about Iran and her nuclear program a couple of years ago to justify an intervention against her. I remember Netanyahu and his bullshit graphs and projections which echoed those of Colin Powell regarding Iraq in that very same UN arena a decade ago. That didn’t take. People are weary about war in the Middle East. But they’re trying, the Zionists are nothing but tenacious.
The US government is already leading 2 wars by proxy against Russia; one in Syria, the other in the way: another country destabilized by US/EU/NATO covert means so as to bring it into the sphere of the globalists. (Research Donbass and all related materials).
These are just a few reasons why the US and NATO will go to war with Russia. There are more I’m sure. But in essence, Russia is really getting in the way of the globalists and their plans… The last time that happened it was National Socialist Germany that stood in the way of the internationalists; and for very similar reasons, the least of which was not Germany’s autonomous and very successful economic recovery between ‘33 and ’35, the Reichsmark having been uncoupled from gold and consequently had rendered the German economy independent and beyond the reach of the internationalist bankers and financiers (also go research all of that yourselves). Remember what happened to her.
If anything, it illustrates that these oligarchs and internationalists will go to any length to achieve their means. You and I mean nothing to them; just little pawns on a giant chess board. World war, millions of dead…they don’t care. On the contrary, some advocate a smaller human population that would be more homogenous and controllable; with the added benefit that it reduces the strain on the environment along with all other complications caused by large populations…. Go research that as well.
In the end war is coming because they’ve done it before and they’ll do it again…In fact they are just about to; and you are being groomed to believe it will be a righteous war, undoubtedly in the name of freedom and democracy. Think about it before you start waving that flag.

Trump Wins Debate

Zionist Vice President Joe Biden: Whites will be a Minority in US by 201...

I can't even.

I’m having so much trouble processing last night.

 "I can't even, it's 2016."  Etc.

This is the attitude of Puritanical white women, whether Judeo-Christian or Judeo-feminist cat ladies and lesbians.  They're all generally part of the same ethnic group: "white people."

Fascists need to be looking to what happens after Trump if the Jews succeed in protecting themselves from Trump the "dictator"/"Hitler" (with Jewish kids.) 

People will look back and say that fascism was his fault but it's not his fault.

It's generally Jews and women (a coalition of progressively oppressive majorities) serving as their "anti-Nazi" minions trying to prevent white men from fighting for their kin groups that are at fault.  They will call this blaming the victim, endlessly.  But they and the bankers that Hillary serves are oppressive.  They are the oppressors, as they cry about "minorities" being oppressed.  Oppressed by who?  White men.  That's their target. 

Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton and this local witless wonder that's triggered by Trump are all the same.  They're all targeting white men.  "Feminism"?   Please.  Feminism is just a pretext to be anti-white, against white men.   So they will let the country be invaded by patriarchal Muslims, 50 Shades of Muslim to do the jobs that white men are not doing for women like this.  Under the tutelage of Jewish influence they have been doing this for years, as white men get progressively angry year after year after with all the "progress" that's being made against their identity/"Nazis"/"racists".  (Transgenderism, is that peak Jew yet?  Pursuing imaginary bathroom Nazis in order to save a Transgender Tribe created in the "oppressed" image of the Jew, is that peak Jew?  They are the oppressors.  They are the multimillionaires. They are the 1%.) 

Trump merely represents the "white man" ethnic target that they've been prepped and groomed all their miserable and useless lives to attack, yet they avoid mentioning the racial colonization currently supported by people like Jack Markell, Joe Biden and the "progressives."

 They're merely destroying all of Europe and diversifying European Americans out of existence with their endless attacks on "racism"/white people.   

First they came for the Germans.  They are the oppressors.  They have the power for now.  "Nazis" are just a Jewish cartoon... until they become real.    

Comment to some dumb liberal...

You can go back to trying to save Pussy Riot from Putin.  Make sure you and Hillary grab those Pussies in order to save all your transgender freedumbs.

Because there are a lot of white men in the military that aren't going to attack Russia for you "war on women" mass murderers.  The Clinton crime family that represents a globalist oligarchy openly trying to diversify white/"Nazi"/"racist" men out of existence is running out of white men wiling to die for them.

Trump Hillary 2nd Debate part 1 ANC Report

Comment on John Oliver's crap...

Oliver has a cuck face, for obvious reasons. There is no right answer for white men in the Jewish Empire of Entertainment, other than cucking the place up like Oliver does while avoiding the trillion dollar elephant in the room and all its lies and wars.

These people and their employees in entertainment don't care about women or grabbing pussies or whatever. They care about globalist power and wars and money. They should send their whore Hillary to Russian in order to grab Pussy Riot and assassinate Snowden without trail. John Oliver and the shills writing his show could try to run the PR campaign for it.

Ben and Jerry's = Zionists.

CNN CAUGHT RED HANDED Coaching "Undecided" Voter Panel

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Two black people kill two white cops -- Hillary offers more excuses an...

Gives one some idea of why they're so desperate to get the guns. Many seem to sense it by instinct, if nothing else.

Bill Clinton Calls ObamaCare "Crazy"

Fall in Line

Comment on ethnic ecology and Jews...

In the Walt Bismark parody I linked, someone left the following comment:

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Ramble on Martin Luther 10/5

Without European men like this I might have thought the whole Reformation was just the divide/diversify and conquer strategy typical to Jews.

Everything he says here is currently occurring around us. From usury to everything else. When you see a "Piss Christ" at the art gallery in center city, it's there because Jews want it to be there. When you see "Hollywood" endlessly mocking Christians and spitting on them just like they do in Israel, that's because of Jews. When you see transgenderism and homosexuality pushed so that the White Anglo character plays a gay part on Will and Grace, that's because of Jews. When you see "bankers" and large corporations being bailed out, Jews at work again.

I endlessly point this out just like Martin Luther did because otherwise Christians will wander around witlessly wondering at the world, as if it's some mystery how the "Piss Christ"* made it into the publicly funded art gallery. As if it's some great mystery why the debt/money system of their country isn't going to work. And so forth.

*Try that with a Menorah or a Jewish symbol and see what happens. Is a "Piss Menorah" really going to be displayed in an art gallery in Philly or NYC? This is all very easy to understand. And it's why Judaeo-Christian "conservatives" have lost this country and their own children, leaving their gay/lesbian/gender fluid/whatever children to have their faith and identity spat upon and degraded further while they're reduced to minorities in the lands of their forefathers. The main source of it is right there in "Judeo," insisting with great arrogance against the testimony of Christ himself that converts to Judaism are God's people.

Black violence against deaf people in Desert Hot Springs

UN says black people should get reparations for getting caught committin...

Viking fans cower at epidemic of black mob violence in downtown Minneapolis