Saturday, October 30, 2004

Information, formation and deformation....

Information is first, you see. The symbols and signs are a wonder and yet so many will begin to bow down before Wonders of the world rather than worshipping the Beautiful Mind.

"93. Everything is information
For many scientists, the codes and blueprints latent in the workings of the world are best described as information. All the information on a particle, for instance, is represented by the wavefunction that describes its behavior. The quantum physicist John Archibald Wheeler has said that his lifetime in physics was divided into three periods: “everything is particles;” “every thing is fields;” and, now, “everything is information.” Gerald Schroeder observes that Wheeler “sees the world as the ‘it’ (the tangible item) that came from a ‘bit’ (eight of which comprise a byte of information) .“ Information precedes its manifestation in matter."
(The Wonder of the World: A Journey from Modern Scienceto the Mind of God
by Roy Abraham Varghese :422)

So you have two options. Admit to the In-formation of your very own being. Your own Conscience, consciousness and so on. Or say that all is just matter in motion.

For no man can serve two masters....

Here is what happens if you say that all is just matter in motion, your own de-formation. For you already lack Sense and this way you are sure to lack more and more until you manifest death. You are already dead in the head.

Here is what happens if you admit to the self-evident truths evident in the Self, your re-formation. This is the Reformation. It is like Martin Luther beginning the Reformation of his church just by posting something on their bulletin board. Yet, he did not stop there. Of course he kept writing and writing. You will be very alive in the head. There is nothing else like it, as far as I can tell. You can have less, far less than others and still sense it all very well. It is well with your soul. For what would it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own mind?

You see that the tyrant always needs more, more. This is the insanity and not Sense, non-sense. He comes to know deformation and not reformation.

It all figures. So what about your figure? Some gardener's figures do look fine! Yet they just have to ask, "How's my figure?" Can you figure out why?

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