Friday, October 29, 2004

Putting a parable on the front page....

Now, you think this is satire. Yet there is a national organization for the acceptance of fat people. I wonder if they would try to police what I say?

The American is becoming little more than material for satire.

So a parable, about some people who wanted some twinkies.

Once upon a time there were some people and they wanted some twinkies. But the problem was that a lot of people seemed to think that eating twinkies was not good. In fact, it seemed a universal fact. So this type of prejudice had to be overcome. Yet even those who wanted to eat twinkies found it all insulting. So sometimes they would say to others, "You secretly want to eat a twinkie, just like me!"

Yes, it was an odd sort of insult. No one ever claimed that twinkie people were rational though. It is odd to say that someone else has the desires that you do as your big insult. Yet those who wanted twinkies did not stop there. Instead, they got together and said, "We are all oriented to eat twinkies!" So then, they became the twinkie community. For the intolerance of it all! This would be their big battle against twinkie prejudice.

So for the most part this community talked about how good, so very good it was to eat twinkies. Sometimes, people wondered if the problem was that they never had some home-cooked cake.

But at any rate, they sure talked about how great eating twinkies was. So the twinkie community began to eat a lot of twinkies together, more and more. So they started getting sick from it. Then the twinkie community used their sickness to say that all children should be taught about eating twinkies. For the tolerance of that! You know, so they would be aware of twinkie people who were sick and the like. So they began teaching children about how good it was to eat twinkies. So more and more children began eating twinkies and joining the twinkie community. Then, more and more people started getting sick.

They tried taxing the twinkie company to pay for healthcare. Yet it all had to come to an end once it became impossible to pay for it all. Also, twinkie people never did seem to be all that happy about being in the twinkie community.

Then a lil' fella named Kerry came along and said, "Free caring of health and free stem cells for all!"

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