Monday, August 29, 2016

We are all members of the Alt Right now -- Hillary and the hoax of whi...

A bikking club... is there anything more implicitly White than that?

Ramble... 8/19

The federal government, just like all anti-White governments worldwide, is forcing integration on white ethnic groups due to anti-white (((cultural))) influences targeting whites and only whites. I'm a little surprised that the local police and careerist agents of the federal government (FBI, etc.) that are themselves subject to diversity/diversification in their own careers (While every other group/diversity has ethnic lobbies...) still enforce these anti-White institutions their own group.

But I guess that goes to show that the culture (Hollywood/the media/etc.) is more important than politics, just like the Leftist Jews that created this culture in order to diversify the possibility of "Nazism" out of existence (After getting kicked out of yet another country for supporting internationalism/globalism.) originally thought.

In the end, it seems they were correct. Rule by movies. Rule by academia. Rule by culture and then the politicians and the local police forces follow along, witlessly... although it must be a bit strange (subconsciously) for white policemen worldwide (from Britain to Australia to America) to enforce violent forms of integration and diversification against their own families and kin groups at the behest of anti-White governments.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Black on White Crime Unveiled

I thought so. At least he's trying to pose as being a philosopher, while sneaking in as much ethnic activism as possible wherever he can. (E.g., a moral equivalent between Trump's proposed wall and the walls that the Jewish State builds.) I will still cite his videos because White ethnic groups have abysmally low standards now. Lol. It's worth noting that Roger Stone, Stefan and all the rest rallying to Trump have their own little thing going on in the background.

Ramble, rambe... unfortunately there's a lot of truth to the Jerry Spring/Emma Lazarus/Soros/Jewish view of White ethnic groups as "white trash"/rubes/etc.etc...

This is way TLDR. But I don't care. Just starting writing and didn't feel like stopping...

It's a lot to correct at this point. As Jews took over America by turning it into an Empire of Entertainment broadcast worldwide, WASPs became the gay character on Will and Grace, the supposed "Madmen" of the 1950s and literal Team America: Goyim Golem puppets sent around the world and so forth. How many Jews corrected and became "critics" of their own Tribe? "Critics." "Intellectuals." And all the rest. Basically zero subjected their own group to the withering criticism of their (seemingly a continuation of the Talmudic) culture of critique. With respect to Team America: World Police (for Judaism Inc.?) an intellectual like Noam Chomsky generally blames colonialism/imperialism (???) without criticizing its centuries old financial/Jewish causes. Now Bernie Sanders/blames "bankers" that are portrayed by Hollywood/Jews as being a WASP "Wolf of Wallstreet" instead of who they actually are. That's the Jewish Left. Hell, if White ethnic groups had a "Left" like that then apparently they'd still be colonizing the world instead of being colonized by the rest of the world/"diversity."

Where is the Jewish Right? Michael Savage/Pamella Gellar/Charles Krauth/Bill Kristol/"neoconservatives"/etc., blame Muslims and point out (at least in the case of Savage, the most "radical" of them... lol) that there is a supposedly mysterious urge in the West arising from nothing at all (???) to diversify Whites/Euros out of existence. He never identifies its ethnic root among his own tribesmen and their cultural influence. Yet Michael (Weiner) "Savage" knows about this mysterious urge for ethnic replacement and diversification for some reason. Now we have Brietbart "renegade Jews" and Milo/Roger Stone/etc., trying to correct the Jewish Left (Soros, etc.) by speaking about the pattern of "globalism" that arises from... nothing, apparently. All these will shift away, as they apparently always must. They'll probably just shift away from giving white people ACTUAL POWER (immigration, etc.) later than Jews like Ben Shapiro. Ironically, Shapiro's "Constitutional" ethnic instincts may actually be a little more sound than Milo's. Imagine herds of animals of all different types and groupings, sometimes they trend one way or another seemingly before events happen. Some stragglers. Most stick with the group. Instinct.

Now Ben Shapiro goes all around the country explicitly or implicitly defending White ethnic groups (And tangentially Jews perceived as being white by other groups. Mr. Constitutional.) from the endless ethnic attacks/influence/ethnocide CREATED BY HIS OWN TRIBESMEN (Nary a word about that. He doesn't know? He can't be bothered to think about it?) trying to diversify "Nazism" or the mere possibility of it out of existence. ("Never again, in our imaginations... so fight this preemptive war against another Hitler to protect our ethnic state!" Etc. More instinct. Most people don't even bother to think about the most important things, Jews/"the media"/"the professor"/"the pundit"/etc. included.) To be fair to Shapiro, I guess now that he has been attacked by actual antisemites on the Right for the way he hid his ethnic instincts in a "war on women" with Megyn "the implicitly White woman" Kelly... it's not totally imaginary anymore. Oh well. The problem is that many Jews/the majority believe in diversifying European ethnic groups out of existence as groups, rather foolishly.... given the attitude of Muslim and African or Afro/Muslim ethnic groups (diversity/"minorities", the majority of the world) toward Jews/"whites".

On the Jewish American Right (not the majority) we're left with Jews or their servile and cucked friends. The most radical, people like Michael Savage and Mark Steyn try to tell witless whites ("rugged individualists"/"Libertarians"/whatever... just a bunch of White people) about the Jewish Left... without really telling them about who is doing it. Why they're doing it. What their motivation for doing it is. And so forth.

If Jews are going to join a correction to other ethnic groups being influenced to serve Jewish interests above all, then they'll have to go pretty far toward White ethnic groups and our own ethnic interests... as far as I'm concerned. Because we've been dragged pretty far toward serving Jewish oligarchs and their interests as a group, from Zionism to covering for Wallstreet while bailing out "globalist" bankers. It's all: "Stand with Israel. Protect us. Get your Uberman/Superman identity from our old cartoons (Jews: "We made Superman? Who knew! Me just random rugged individualist, like witless Whites we live next to!") and defeating yet another Hitler." And what do witless White "individuals" actually get from serving Jews? Perhaps they'll get a Transgendered/Neutered Superman now... apparently that's what you get for playing the part of cartoons drawn by people that view you as possibly being a "Nazi"/another cartoon. You get spayed and neutered, literally. But the gay Jew Milo doesn't even like the results, because then he has to seek out African men.

If Jews of good will toward White ethnic groups want an alignment of interests, fine.

But we can no longer see ourselves through the ethnic lens that your tribesmen established after WWII, whether that's a "Nazi" cartoon or a "Superman" cartoon sent to defeat the German "Nazis"/"white trash"/"wretched refuse" (Emma Lazarus) fit for a "melting pot."(Israel Zhangwill). The average suburban Jew: "Those poems and plays were us? Who knew! I thought that it was always the American dream to melt into the rest of the entire world, as an Afro/Arab /Asian/Euro or somethin'! Wait, that was our dream? Well, now I don't like that dream. Me join Milo.. "

We are rapidly becoming our own people again. Trump or no Trump, Milo or no Milo... supposed leaders or not. If you want to work on shattering your own ethnic lens and the influence or your plays/poems/TV shows/movies/culture projected onto Whites ethnic groups over the years due to the endlessly anti-White instincts of your own tribesmen, then go in peace and do it. Your Tribe has dominated the world for a time based on an Empire of Entertainment that is currently declining. Congratulations. But it generally wasn't done openly, honestly and with integrity. As (((usual.)))

Monday, August 22, 2016

Black man decapitates white man in Houston -- cops say worst crime ever

Random comment about Whites to an African man telling the truth... for once.

No one wants to do what the White tribes of the North did, freeze and starve and die and be reduced to small "rugged individualist" kin groups full of fair/white minded individuals of the highest integrity.  Thus capable of planning/"prepping" ahead for the Great Financial Doom, aka Winter... and now "Climate Change."  They have various ways of packaging their racial tendencies these days.  So choose your own theme.  Or sell it, like Jack Markell and the merchants do. 

Observe witless modern Whites, they're still doing the same things by instinct. Fortunately for the Black tribes of the South that Jews and tribes in the Middle East try to incite against their enemies the "rugged individualists," planners and preppers and "libertarians" (i.e. more white people) have a very high threshold for tribalism and uniting together based on racial characteristics. Characteristics produced by the brutal and cold histories of the Norman/Nordics/North by Northwest tribes.

Whites can't see "gang related" violence and Black tribalism even if it's occurring right in front of them, even if they're providing for ten African children so that African men can continue having sex with multiple women while leaving more "gang related" violence behind them. Children. It is better to be instructed verbally based on language and logic that may hurt your feelings than to be instructed by Nature like the White tribes of the North in the past were. Implicitly White civilizations are lax and decadent and growing degenerate under the influence of "Jews" now but their past was brutal and despite the push for transgenderism/neutering by "Jews", many Whites remain men and women to this day. Take note.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Crazy stuff...

A White pastor on the death of Alton Sterling: 
...two white police officers. The shooting death was caught on film by several people, including other officers. This much is clear, the punishment or action of the police officers did not fit the crime. Alton was clearly under their control after he seemed to resist for a short time.  [With another gun in his pocket, like the last time he was arrested.]

You might say, "Had he not resisted he would still be alive today." I say to you, "It matters not and your statement is nonsense." He did resist. He was subdued. And he was shot dead in the street at point blank range.
Go become a policeman in an African region of the country and you can decide the exact moment when a thug who has a gun in their pocket is subdued enough to suit you. 

Let's be clear, most police officers are not racists...
 Let's be clear, not all pastors are clueless.  But it seems like most are.  There's no excuse for ignorance at this point.  Message me or some other European nationalist and ask if you have to.  You can't rely on foreign ethnic groups and necessarily expect them to take a scientific view tracing back to Logos, in accordance with our own customs and traditions.  Customs and traditions upon which the First World bubble of privilege that we all live are based.  Do you want African gangs roaming around, perhaps re-establishing behavior patterns and traditions like cannibalism?  
... I will let Nakia Jones speak on their behalf. My words are not an indictment of all police officers, most police officers, white police officers or any law enforcement in general.
I didn't watch that.  How dare you incite Africans against white people based on flimsy pretexts whenever a criminal resisting arrest gets himself shot, while simultaneously suppressing the ethnic consciousness of European Americans even when they're being targeted due to their ethnic identity.
European men will resist you, don't be surprised if they're similar to pagan "Nazis" that you've driven out of your churches with this seemingly heretical mess of gibberish where one day, they're White cops gunning down Africans in the street because of racism.  The next day, after they're gunned down in the street for being White, they're just individuals again. 
However, there is a racial divide in America. Some would say that it is growing, but I would argue that it has always been there - we just can't ignore it any longer..
The very next day they use radical individualism (heretical?) against Whites that were targeted and killed based on the defamation and lies of Africans:
There are no qualifications of race, status, job, title, political affiliation, country, or nationality in Paul's instruction. Christian, we don't need false dichotomies and proof texts from media outlets, social networks or any other organization. ....  You don't need to pick one side and call it an issue.

But you already did.

Black people kill 85 year old white guy with fire in Birmingham -- an...

Why can't those that have integrated and become "British" take up the white man's burden and go back to create great civilizations in their countries of origins? If they want to be like Whites, that is what Whites did. So it's their burden now. What the hell is this "logic" where indigenous minorities/white ethnic groups can be diversified out of existence while the vast majority of the world sits back in their own ethnically defined countries? There is space between colonization ("Me, ma mooo... indigenous groups seeking self-determination!) and reverse colonization ("Me, ma, moo... Jewish anthropologist don't count White supremacists racists xenophobes as indigenous... only people of color!" Etc.).

There's no logic to it. It was motivated by a centuries old ethnic hatred that actually applies to Muslim ethnic groups too. But in the West, it's only indigenous White ethnic groups that are targeted for diversification and equalization by Jews. That's why White ethnic groups (along with witless Muslims) can invade and bomb Muslim ethnic groups in the name of "national security" at the behest of international/globalist/Zionist Jewish oligarchs, without actually having a nation. So there is no actual "national" security on your own streets, given that you're not allowed to have a nation or tribal identity that's the equal of "the Jews." If you organize as White ethnic groups based on your actual national security, then that's phobia/racism/Islamophobia and most importantly of all, antisemitism.

If Jews organize and lobby for their own interests while building an ethnic state, then that's not discrimination/phobias/racism/bed wetting/men with short penises trying to prove they're men/whatever/Freudian/more Jewish gibberish. Muslim ethnic groups wanted to hop on the phobia train and ethnically based psychological warfare aimed at White ethnic groups and only Whites. But they seem to be screwing it up. Perhaps no oppressive colonizer of indigenous groups plays the part of the "oppressed minority" as good as the original... makes one wonder, why didn't the British come in back in the day and rule through political puppets based on oligarchies while claiming that all local resistance was supremacy/phobias/racist/led by men with short penises/so promote more feminism and tolerance for the Other/etc.

"Stop oppressing us as a minority and trying to kick us out! Oppression!!! First they came for the British. Arrest this local man, racist... hate speech!!!" Lol.

Monday, August 15, 2016

The morality of European survival

Ramble, Tim Wise... it's like he's a caricature.

/ If you mean to cherry pick my words, no he's not a lawyer of any kind./

He's just a Jew doing what the Jewish Left has done for many years. Using his high verbal acuity to incite racial violence against white ethnic groups and only white ethnic groups (Because they're all "Nazis"/rural rubes that might be organized and led by a military man or a veteran of certain wars caused by certain people again. Etc.) . They incite Africans while the collateral damage of Asians and others in the roiling and boiling "melting pot" float by. (Melting pot, another Jewish metaphor... apparently they're good with words but usually terrible in understanding themselves. "Radical." )

Tim apparently thinks that mumbling a few words about Zionists and the absolutely crazy Jewish Right is good enough to prove that he's not just another tribal operator and ethnic activist. His supposed principles are universal and we're all equal. We are not equal. He has an ethnic state with settlements being built for him. That's his real privilege. Is he so "radical" that he forgot?

When do we invade his ethnic state and make sure that they diversify themselves out of existence or at least reduce themselves to an ethnic minority with Syrian refugees? Where's the equality between someone like Tim as a "radical" and "revolutionary light unto the goyim" and people like us?

He's radical? Was that a joke?

/ He simply talks and speaks eloquently, coherently, and informed on racial issues/

Of course.

But he's also full of tribal hatred, fear and loathing of Europeans that may be "Nazis"/racists. (I.e... pretty much all white ethnic groups when tribal vision gets a bit blurry.) That's why Jews usually always invent the same narratives, from Marx to Lenin and on the list could go. Internationalism is the pretext that they use for their own ethnic interests.

Ideologies and the "eloquence" can vary.

/- the area he SPECIALIZES in. /

An area they're going to get screwed over in, if history is any measure. Because he his messianic tribesmen will never stop being anti-white.

High verbal acuity and lawyers and all that is not all there is to life. Endless demands for social/tribal justice... the usual.

Be careful what you ask for. Do unto others. Logs and specks.

Black on Asian crime spree in Philadelphia -- AGAIN

Friday, August 12, 2016

Lol... 8/12

Whites are so witless as individuals that the majority refuse to admit that they have ethnic interests too. Keep dreaming. Keep fantasizing about gay unicorns that define a gay community based on gay pride while there's no white community. Dream that you're "wretched refuse" (Emma Lazarus, Zionist) in a melting pot (Israel Zhangwill, Zionist) being stirred up to boil by people like Cindy Cohen.

Even when the "American Dream" was European and the shift to a global Empire built for foreign oligarchs hadn't taken place, there were still problems with the "dream." Why did the Italian mafia form? Nothing against Italians or anyone. But is the globalist/Zionist "melting pot" dream really a good idea without any consequences or costs paid by indigenous American groups whatsoever, including African Americans?

I don't even ask that you/diversity love whites and support our ethnic groups, like you and Cory Booker (etc.) seem to ask us to love and support you. (If enough Chinese are brought in, then perhaps they can love and support you.) Tolerance is enough. Be men, good grief. (By the way, BLM is safely transgendered and kosher... to the point that one wonders if Black men are going to star on the next reality show. Orange is the New Black: Episode Women are the New Men. Etc. The usual. All for obvious reasons if you're aware of the ethnic group pushing that. This is the conversation about ethnic groups that the CEO of Starbucks actually doesn't want to push. He'll try to have his witless white hipsters talk about ethnicity, though. A blank stare is all you'll get. Witless.)

Most witless white individuals still refuse to admit that other ethnic groups behave as tribal groups even when they're doing that right in front of them now. Most Whites: "Seems like they might have racial and ethnic organizations or somethin'. But that's not white/fair, like me! How can they even do that when we're all just individuals?" Or: "Say... how did all these randomly organized individuals get here in these civil rights organizations and gang related crimes? Well, let's try to sort through them in a fair/white minded way. One of their ethnic activists told me to dream of a day when we would all be fair/white minded for the sake of his own children! Me like that." Etc. This thread: "It's a white privilege to view yourselves as individuals without any ethnic stake in this country."

You should take your own advice about "the media" and all of its tribal "narratives." Use your brain and don't let people like Cindy Cohen or "the media"/"the NYT"/"the political pundit"/"the CEO" do it for you. (The identity modeled for you and your children will be a transgendered/neutered TV character just like the WASP character on Will and Grace, which leads to Jack Markell trying to defeat bathroom Nazis supposedly killing a Transgender Tribe in the bathrooms and so on.) Narratives created by Cohen incite African Americans against what they perceive as their white/"Nazi"/"racists" enemy (Or proto-Nazi enemy, given that white people can go craaaazy racist for no reason at all from their ethnic perspective.) but you do the time. (It all gets a bit blurry in a tribal mind beginning to demand tribal, social justice, doesn't it?) They incite based on their tribal anti-white hatred, fear and loathing of the "Nazi"/"racists" randomly gunning Jews, I mean minorities/Africans down in their neurotic imaginations. Just gunning them down. For no reason at all. But Africans that are incited to shoot a Chinese policeman or another African policeman, leaving his little African boy fatherless, get killed by a drone or do the time.

So you use your brain and stop letting things go a bit blurry when the (((usual anti-white suspects))) frame the white police/"Nazis" as not thinking that your lives matter and set the narrative that way. No one has to love you or feel that your lives matter more than their own families. (Note that white women with their xenophilia and pathological views about "noble savages" don't really love you, including those on their thread with their gibberish.) Black men collectively are supposed to be the person providing for and loving your own/children, instead of having ten babies and then expecting other ethnic groups to care for African lives that you collectively don't care enough about. No one is going to do that but you. Asians aren't going to come in and adopt all the African children you've collectively left behind as whites are diversified out of existence. And as much as "Hollywood" pushes European women adopting Africans and so on, no one will ever love and empathize and identify with your children and kin as much as an African patriarch could.

But what does BLM preach? Transgendered, matriarchal Jewish gibberish.. like what this "unitarian univeralist" will preach. That's why it'll never go anywhere for your ethnic group. Unless you want to be their next transgender/safely neutered reality show star.


/Christopher Watts, use sources other than Fox News please./

Fox News is merely implicitly white with a heavy Jewish influence (Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Bernard Goldberg, etc.) just like most of the white people on this thread. They put up a front with the fighting Irish like Bill O'Reilly and Shawn Hannity (spokesmen for the Irish, I mean the police...) but it's all limp resistance to the ethnic lens of people like Cindy Cohen. Check the original article here, who is pushing yet another anti-white/anti-European/"anti-Nazi" movement?


/The media puts the message out that they want to keep us divided./

Everyone is already divided. That's why we are diverse groups of people. The media is full of globalists pushing a message of unity and loooove for all on white ethnic groups and only white people, just like Cindy Cohen pushes a message of unitarian universalism. Do they demand that BLM be more diverse? Should it be run by more Asians, just to be sure that BLM is diverse? Should Arab organizations be run by European Americans, to be sure that they're diverse enough? Should Arab countries accept mass immigration from Germany, to ensure diversity and tolerance there? No. Because these people are anti-white and their ethnic lens/"the media"/"the univeralist pastor"/whatever is generally the subconscious equivalent of being anti-Nazi. You are generally seeing through their lens. The owner of the media outlet. The producer. The director of the movie. Arnon Milchan of 12 Years a Slave, what's he doing in his spare time? Weapons dealing for Zionists. No surprise that his movies are anti-white/anti-"Nazi," with zero balance. You see through this lens of "the media," you're incited by it... and then you do the time. Not Arnon and all the rest. It's the media. But it's not just any media. It's not Chinese producing. It's not Arabs.

/When BLM started it was gaining support across the racial board./

Shrug. That went well. They shouldn't have believed "the media" and begun thinking that white/"Nazi" cops are gunning down Africans for the fun of it everywhere. The bitter irony is that due to "the media" /people like Cindy Cohen (Unitarian Univeralist, Lol.), African American and Chinese cops are caught in the crossfire too. But it's whites that are the target of the people that incited this rapidly growing mess in the "melting pot" (Israel Zhangwill.. no melting pot for himself?). From (((Soros))) to (((Cindy Cohen.))) They do the anti-White/"anti-Nazi/racist" incitement, you do the time.

Also, their movements are neutered/transgendered to the point that black men who listen to it will wind up playing the part of an African transgender in prison. As seen on TV, just like the WASP character on Will and Grace for obvious reasons. Or now, Netflix. Check out what the official BLM matter organization says.

/People were uniting behind it and then suddenly the media has these convenient 15 second clips of nutjobs with a bull horn shouting out a message of "ANTI-WHITE"./

No. "The media"/"the political pundits"/"the NYT"/"ABC/NBC/CNN" are losing their anti-white (and anti-black) influence as more and more white people realize that their tribal identity/community isn't merely a gay WASP TV character portrayed on Will and Grace. There's a gay community but no white community in this anti-white/"anti-Nazi" culture. Notice that?

The thing about the anti-white/anti-nazi/anti-racist mentality pushed by a group of people based on their own ethnic interests and their own ethnic lens... they incite based on their centuries old hatred of Europeans but then other ethnic groups get caught in the crossfire. It's a Chinese policeman that gets killed. It's a Pakistani store clerk that has his shop burned down.

It's not intentional. It's not a "conspiracy" by a mysterious "media" or whatever (perhaps, lizard people?) to divide us. It's just the state of current ethnic ecology and people failing miserably to think openly and honestly about their own tribal/ethnic/gang related identities. You can observe it right in this thread, where witless whites are wandering around thinking that they're individuals that just happen to live in neighborhoods built by their kin. Typical. But individualism isn't much of a privilege, given that every other group has discriminatory racial/ethnic organizations lobbying the US Government to become more anti-white. There's just a very small silver lining to the implicit Northern European tendency to individualism. (Unlike Southern Europeans/Italians that more readily formed gangs/mafias.) We "white people" generally don't have to take responsibility for rampaging Swedes committing mob violence and forming racial gangs or mafias. First, because there aren't any rampaging Swedes. They're too busy with trying to diversify their own group out of existence, with zero IKEA of what they're doing. (Individually.) Second, because we don't have any racial and tribal organizations and tribal/"social justice" people like Cindy Cohen would use their influence to frame any white civil rights organizations as the moral equivalent of "Nazism" (a cartoon) anyway.

Monday, August 08, 2016

It's fun to see words that trace back to the Word and logic and traces back to the Logos grapple with difficult issues. Just thinking to myself... it doesn't really matter. They will monetize the entire world eventually. They've already been told everything they need to know by Jesus. They and their "goyim" minions didn't listen to Him, so they won't listen to me. So I'm just talking to myself.

t's these Cultural Marxists, primarily Jewish people.../

And if they so much as stub their toe on some sort of minor criticism from all the ethnic groups they defame and use as caricatures on their endless TV shows/media/comedy shows//"NYT"/whatever then they cry, cry, cry.  All criticism is anti-Semitic, motivated by ethnic hatred.  But all their own criticism of Whites isn't anti-White, motivated by their hatred of "Nazis".  So all criticism of them leads directly and immediately back to the six million lampshades that were burned in a Holocaust, a sacrifice made by fire that justifies their Zionism/tribalism/banksterism and the oligarchic nepotism that other people keep trying to escape.  First they came for the lampshades.

From Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders to Noam Chomsky on the Left and Trump on the Right all surrounded by Jews... the resolution of tribalism/nationalism seems to be an internal Jewish conversation.  The vast majority of Jews come out on the side of anti-nationalist globalists, yet "Zionists" for themselves.  This hypocrisy, the endless logs and specks that Jesus pointed out, may be the death of the US.  Because they are basically running the US government into the ground now, despite the (almost criminal) genius of the petrodollar system. 

Are you guys/"the NYT"/aka a bunch of Jews with your minority minion friends (So long as they don't criticize your tribe, you're friends.) ready for compilation videos about Jewish racism?  Because they're coming.  They're already being made by people like Max Blumenthal so that he can make a name for himself in this anti-white culture.  So clearly, Israel needs open borders and diversification with Africans.  Don't send them all to German "goyim."  You like this culture of virtue signalling from within your gated communities, discriminatory "Jewish" organizations and your ethnically homogeneous country...  but for real?  Then sell everything you have and move to Africa.  Or Detroit.  Abolish your banking system and stop benefiting when Jews contribute to Jewish charities.  Better than Jews like Noam Chomsky and Bernie Sanders, point out that banksterism is from your own tribe in accordance with your customs and traditions.  Sell everything.  Betray your own Tribe for the sake of the Other/"goyim" that you supposedly empathize with so very, very much....