Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The little home town paper that just can't...

Norman Lockman of the News Journal today:

"For whatever reasons that occurred, good or bad (Bush says it was 9/11), that's a flip-flop that puts Kerry's fancy dancing in the shade. "

Yeeeah, he changed his mind about nation building because of 9/11. Yes, that's quite an instance of a pandering flip-flop isn't it Norman?

"He has flip-flopped several times on why he took us to pre-emptive war with Saddam Hussein."

Yes, his position has changed in accordance with the truth and facts and not the polls. It has to do with false intelligence. These are mistakes that he can be held accountable for as such. He is still superior to Kerry. Saddam knew that he needed the most bang for his dollars that could also be easily hidden. So hide one little vial of WMD away and be ready to surge produce it right when necessary. Yes, that is still a threat and still important to know. In fact, there is a lot of knowledge hidden away or turned away from and not reported on by the folks at the little News Journal.

Any mistakes based on false intelligence are still not the moral equivalent of changing your words according to whatever group you're speaking to. You see, what Norman and other leftists really want to somehow say is that Bush is lying. They need that moral claim to claim that Bush lies just as much as Kerry does. For lying, is evil....so then, Bush would be evil or at least as evil as Kerry is for lying as much as he does. Yet, a mistake based on false intelligence is not a lie and not evil. However, fully intending to lie as John Kerry does consistently by contradicting his own words for no reason other than pandering again and again, is evil. He is not changing his mind based on facts coming to light. He intends to use words to lie according to whatever the latest polls are or what group he is currently lying to. Then, there are so many contradictions you cannot even count them or keep up. You just say, "Huh?"

The leftist solution to this that Norman seems to be going with is this pattern: "Bush and Kerry both lie the same amount....all are sinners. But wait...Kerry, is actually a little less of a liar than Bush, see!"

It is beyond Norman's grasp that a decision based on false intelligence can have nothing to do with the good of good reasons. They are still good reasons. Saddam was evil, see....Bush, he is still the good guy. America and Britian do tend to have a superior sense of good and evil compared to Saddam and other corrupt nations like France and Germany. Norman, he likes not this sense of good and evil!

Now, you can say Bush is not competent and made mistakes but this does not mean he is evil. Actually, he is a good guy. That is why Kerry supporters have to say that he is incompetent. However, quite often leftists want to to say he is evil and lies just like Kerry does, etc. Yet these are the first to say, good and evil do not actually exist as a spiritual and mental issue of the Mind of God. That's religious or somethin'! No for them it is all science, science! Weee are just matter in motion....but then some lil' claims about good and evil sneak in there again. How did those get there?

They get in there because everyone knows in their soul that the essence of good and the essence of evil do exist. That's what really matters to them, good and evil.

The irony of it all is that is what matters most to Norman too. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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