Thursday, November 17, 2016

Uh huh.

Muslims and Latinos are protected under our Constitution, you fuckface. Having brown skin is not a litmus test of whether you get constitutional rights.

I don't know if false flags will work in this context.  But "liberals" that turned a blind eye to (((everything))) that's gone on in the past should take note that it would be very easy to outsource a few jobs to the "globalist"/Jewish mafia types and "rally the troops" to do whatever now.   If people could get away with it, as they have in the past, then a "rally around the flag" and an attack those "flag burners" effect would be easy.  Because now the flag suddenly represents an implicitly white majority again.  "Whoops!" 

If the people that have done false flags in the past are into Trumpism and felt like they had full spectrum dominance over the information and could once again rely on (((tribalism))) then it could be done.  Even in this context where some dumb nutter far down the flow chart may tweet out:  "Let's check for a bombing drill right here!  Bomb... drill scenario!  No, real bomb!!"  Etc.  It may be that it can still be done.

And if foreign intelligence services and mafia/mercenary type groups did pull off a false flag causing people to rally to the flag even more than they already are, then what? 

Think of that, you dumb "fuckfaces"?  No, because you don't even know anything about (((anything.)))

Perhaps you should have tried to investigate it all before, instead of playing along with false flag jobs that were outsourced in the past for the sake of politics.   Maybe you should have been willing to be ostracized to get the information out.   Power shifts (As I said it would.) and then you become the so-called "conspiracy theorists"...

I don't know what Trumpism will or will not lead to.  We will see now, thanks to you nominating the Clinton crime family when you had any number of anti-war candidates.  
Muslims and Latinos are protected under our Constitution...
No, they're protected by whatever mentality the implicitly white majority has.  "Our" > the Constitution.

It's an implicit mentality that people may not have if there is no "our" or no "us" to carry on the fair/white minded tribal traditions and customs of our ancestors.

The Constitution is a piece of paper.

Meh... these people that admit to racial/ethnic groups at will for the sake of tribal politics are so dumb.  They openly attempt to diversify the ethnic groups that founded and built the country out of existence.  "You didn't build that!" --Obama  "Fundamental transformation."  Etc. Etc.  Talk about "dog whistles" and implicit prejudice.  But then they want the customs and traditions that white people establish when they're the majority ethnic group to remain.  And they want white people to keep acting like a bunch of white people/"Constitutionalism", as if they are the majority? 

"But... look at this piece of paper that your ancestors wrote!!!"

As long as the ethos of white ethnic groups remains, the Constitution does actually matter... because it represents their customs and traditions.  But when you "fundamentally transform" the country or elect a new electorate based on ID/tribal politics... and endlessly manipulate the Constitution as well as the DNA of the nation, then you may be surprised at what progressively begins to matter and what doesn't matter to people.

Maybe you should have thought of all this before you tried to elect a new electorate while diversifying white people out of existence?

They're still not thinking about it. They're still progressively stirring white racial consciousness.  

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