Wednesday, November 23, 2016


The way I see it they're the people being threatened with character/career assassination and physical violence just like Anglin. As effective as keyboard and meme warriors have been given the privacy of the voting booth, we have zero organizations.

I personally wouldn't play the part of a "Nazi"/Jewish cartoon in any way and give them that. We have a longer history and deeper roots than the German example of resistance to Judaism/criminality, just like the Roman salute isn't "Nazi". We have our history and white people and wider white kin groups and families to look after here and now.

Let the Jews focus on their cartoon histories of us and believe that they've uprooted us from our ancient identities with some little poem about "wretched refuse"/"white trash."

Use their cartoons to trigger and troll them out of the shadows of their Empire of Entertainment and then deal with them.

Because we're more than their cartoons. We have our own identity, regardless of the Jews just as the Christ had his own identity, regardless of the scars left from dealing with Judas, das Jew.

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