Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Far beyond Trumpism, these Judeo-Christian goys will have to go. It is what it is. They're already dead to their people anyway.

Imagine You're a pretty young girl. Blinded by propaganda, you genuinely believe the migrants are people just like you- your heart swells with pity when you see them on TV fleeing from their war torn countries, and without recognizing any differences, you put themselves in your shoes, thinking that could be you. You volunteer at the refugee center- who wouldn't help them? the world is a good place full of good people, and it's only those bigoted right-wingers trying to separate us with a message of hate.
On the night of her murder, she was at a party with her friends. She probably had a drink or two with her friends. At 2:37, she cycled home, as usual. Then a 17 year old migrant tripped her bike and violated her. Think of the ecstasy and gratification he got at those moments inside of her. He probably thought he would get away with it, having pulled a fast one of the nation that took him in. After the deed was done, he drowned her. He watched himself force her under the water until her quivering body stood still.   
In those last moments, i bet she wished her dad would have been there to protect her. Perhaps she frightfully called out for him. Little did she know, it was her father and his EU brethren who had actually killed her. Letting savages into your country and holding only them responsible for their brutality is like dangling a plate of food in front of a dog and getting made it ate your dinner  .
Make no mistake, Dr Ladenburger.  You killed your daughter.

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