Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Youtube comments...

/Judaism doesn't preach any of those things that you've said./

Many of those things are openly preached in Israel. Google: "Ovadia Yosef, goyim" That's no marginal figure. Google: "Ovadia Yosef, funeral"

Secular/Christianized Jews may forget where the ethnic identity that they willfully continue to socially construct came from but Orthodox factions constructing "Jews" (based on child abuse and trauma like a gang/tribe initiation, by the way) to this day haven't forgotten it all. And it's the Orthodox that are having more children. So the "progressively" Judaic future is going to go backward... back to the criminal ethnic cult of supremacy that birthed "Jews", a cult that secular or "atheist" Jews cover for and defend. Perhaps due to their gang/tribe initiations and the way they're traumatized by Holocaust stories about how the Goyim/Monsters made Jews into soap and lampshades.

 Look at yourself, you're considering marrying into that sort of mess and you're already covering for it based on ignorance. You didn't bother to see if anything is true. If rabbis actually do suck the blood off the penis of a child in one of their forms of gang/tribe initiation through trauma. You just automatically think that's an "antisemitic" blood libel, similar to the idea that Jews are seeking global supremacy. (Another "antisemitic" conspiracy theory). But Google: "Rabbis, herpes." How did those babies get herpes, a "blood libel"?

 The best solution would be for people that have been abused as children by a criminal cult and socially constructed as "Jews" to reject and abolish that identity. They should not continue to defend it. You're actually going to incorporate yourself and possibly your descendants in that?

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