Friday, November 18, 2016

Generally just Jewish influence... some of it actually isn't that bad. You get to play the part of a 1950s white Uberman/Superman from the red state heartland incited against and drawn to murder "Nazis," etc. But now that Superman is expected to transgender/neuter himself, it is getting bad. Actually, it was always pretty bad. It's just that the roots go deep into "American" culture.

It's just Jewish influence. The ethnic oligarchy that is monetizing us all while building racial colonies for themselves over there in the Jewish State. Their view of whites = Nazis/cartoons. Their view of Germans that resisted their supremacist, globalist cult was the same thing. They're the source of the hypocritical trends that you see. The ADL met with Twitter, etc. It's also cultural because they've engaged in ethnic networking to take over Hollywood and the corporate media in America. So everything you see about white people comes through their ethnic lens and theatrical productions, where white ethnic groups are basically "Nazis"/cartoons or may be "Nazis." Nazis themselves are projected as more of an Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade to Save Jewish Shrunken Heads from the Nazis cartoon movie than reality.

This is totally pervasive, all throughout "American" culture. Even the Superman/Uberman from the "red state" heartland that gets his cartoon identity from defeating Nazis/cartoons is due to their ethnic lens. Team America Superman Police: Defeating Another Hitler. And on and on. This is the explanation for your anti-white culture. The only identity that white men have is servility to Jews and defeating white nationalism/"Nazism." But since Jews don't view other ethnic groups the same way, their TV shows and cartoon view of reality are not as prevalent. Although, like white men... Muslim ethnic groups have been turned into cartoons at times too.

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