Thursday, November 10, 2016

Facebook comment to Swedish American...

Are we talking about Trump voters? Because all this crying and so forth may be unnecessary if you can shift your perspectives away from this feminism/LGBT/abortion stuff. Look at it this way, feminism/LGBT/abortion is like a suicide cult for any ethnic group that believes in it. Birthrates will be low, often below replacement. So then if you combine it with mass immigration like Hillary/Merkel (her favorite politician) have and do, you're talking about the ethnic replacement of entire countries. And that's a little bit sad, wouldn't you agree?

Consider it. Most or at this rate all of Sweden, replaced while Swedes trend to feminism/LGBT/abortion. Germany changed to Germanistan, as all resistance is obviously "Nazism" and "racism." France, the French people, diversified out of existence. How long have white ethnic groups lived in these countries? Britain, despite Brexit and Trumpism, no longer full of British people. European Americans (admittedly, often a morbidly obese McMess) reduced to a minority in the country that their ancestors founded for them. Why do you hate white people, yourselves? Do you hate your own children?

Why is "progress"/feminism/LGBT/abortion in perfect alignment against the natalism/nationalism that gave birth to all these nations and countries? Do you think that feminism combined with mass immigration happened randomly?

You should be happy that Hillary lost, for the sake of your kin groups and children. For that matter, even if you're only concerned about the Other as your own ethnic group declines and is replaced... her alignment with the Saudi axis of terror was very bad for many Muslim ethnic groups like the Syrians too.

Overall, I don't understand what you're upset about. Even if you want Europeans and the European diaspora to commit ethnic suicide (feminism/LGBT/abortion) and only care about the Other, with seemingly little regard for your own children, Hillary was still really bad for many ethnic Others too.

Cheer up. It'll be ok. We've bought more time now.

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