Monday, November 14, 2016

You have to wonder if these anti-white ethnic activists that actually want to be more like the white people they envy/"equality" will ever get the sense of "Whoops!" Probably not.

Little old White lady Mary Matalin – who is not radical or interesting in any way as a pundit – is apparently feeling the Trump power-boost, and Sunday on This Week confronted Negroid tear monger Van Jones for whining like a little girl about white racism in current year.
Cable television POCs and Jews are always talking about how white people are “afraid” of a conversation about race. What they mean by conversation is black people treating white people like white people treat black people in mostly ahistorical (((Hollywood movies))) about the Jim Crow South.
The Trump effect will be an ongoing series of white people fighting back in both little and big ways, after exercising our electoral muscle in electing Trump.

Daily Stormer 

Like the idea of integrating their DNA in a NYC/Jewish type melting pot/purely economic union, their "conversation about race" only goes one anti-white way.  Recessive genes, and the vast diversity that existed in white ethnic groups disappears and is melted away until there's a president standing there saying, "If I had a son then he would look black, like this kid that just tried to beat a Hispanic to death."  What happens when whites progressively figure all this out more and more?  When they go: "What is this Alt Right that these people keep talking about, anyway?"

Anti-whites went too fast with their conversation about race and incitement of even more diversity demanding "equality"/envy.  Too fast in Europe, too fast in America.  But despite many Jews having better instincts many others (e.g., Jones) just keep going down the same path.  From Hillary mentioning the Alt Right and now Jones and many, many others focusing directly on race ("White men!!!") instead of confusing people with Talmudic/Marxist gibberish about class like (((Bernie Sanders))) did.  Even Sanders is getting screwed up too, trolled into being anti-white in all this hysteria about Muslims/LGBT/anyone but white men and exposing himself for who he actually is.   

Apparently these people made the mistake of smoking their own hopium and believing their own lies about racial and ethnic groups to some extent.  Actually, that's probably the fundamental problem for someone like Van Jones.  He doesn't know that the Jews were lying or deceiving themselves about these economic unions that they intended to keep ruling over as an ethnic oligarchy.  Jews:  "Whoops, we wind up as an ethnic elite ruling over diversity... with a racial state built for us by birthright. How did that happen?  Quick, censor all antisemitic conspiracy theories!!!"  (Honestly, the vast majority of them actually don't know how it happened.  They're actually that dumb.  They think that by some happenstance of historical events they wind up with an ethnic identity and a racial state, a birthright, while "diversity" gets NYC cosmopolitanism and purely economic unions generally managed by...  Jews.  Birthright/Racial rights vs. "Dreams... I have a dream!!!"  That's the way Stanley Levison marketed Jewish culture and ethnic instincts to the dumb goyim, with Michael King/"MLK" as his front man.) 

Apparently MLK, Van Jones and others actually believed in it all.  So he doesn't see that "Marxism" amounts to Zionist Jews ruling an entire "melting pot" of globalism based on purely economic unions as everyone else integrates (sometimes romantically but often very violently*) into a Asian/Afro/Euro easily monetized mess.  Some Jews actually believe in the melting pot myth too, given that it's based on their ethnic instincts and not an explicit "Protocals of the Learned Elders of Zion" plan anymore than there is a "Protocols of the Learned Elders of the White City Council" governing neighborhoods that keep on turning up white after white flight. 

Ethnic instinct > explicit conspiracy.   That's why Trumpism will be great.  Because it's the Left that will have to explicitly push their anti-white ideologies against white people now.  And that will lead to more white people turning on them.  And thus we will escape the melting pots owned by bankers/Zionist Jews as their organizations like the SPLC/ADL/etc. shout "white supremacists!!!  Nazis!!!!" all the way to their bankrupt banks and corporations. 

One would think that everyone would be getting a sense of "Whooooops!!!!" by now.  But apparently it's generally the Jews that feel that way and not their (((Marxist))) minority minions, like Van Jones.  He doesn't know when to shut up.  Still talking... lol.

*With respect to the melting pot spa of romance as opposed to the roiling and boiling violence and gang warfare typical to melting pots, note that European ethnic groups in a roiling and boiling melting pot took a long time to figure out how to get along.  Anglos vs. Irish, Italian mafia formed and on and on.  Everyone pretends that it's a good model.  But it's even worse now than it was then.  Those were all European ethnic groups.  

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