Friday, November 04, 2016

"White Hispanics"... unite!

I guess there was that one goy that pointed a gun at some rioting Africans.  Then he got fined $250,000 or something.  
So yeah, we probably have to work on continuing to use the internet to bring down the (((anti-white))) institutions, culture and media outlets that Jews have created before getting too crazy about anything.

The case of George Zimmerman shows that any white/Spanish or even brown man will be expected to let himself be beaten to death.

If Hillary wins and continues trying to diversify white privilege/"Nazis" out of existence for the anti-white Jewish Zionists and supremacists that own her...  well,  I'm not sure what happens.
One could look at what already happened.  No one really formed militias and rallied to Zimmerman when he was targeted by the most powerful people and media outlet in the country, although he did get some financial help.  Anyway, it all leaves a history.  So "Hispanics" should take note that they're White and if Hillary is a continuation of Obama/"diversity", then the expectation will be that they don't defend their neighborhoods and let some African criminal beat them to death for being a "white Hispanic." 
That's historical fact now.  So check your ethnic identities based on what has actually occurred and how you're targeted by corrupt shabbos goyim like Obama/Hillary... Hispanics are White/Spanish.  
Hope more and more of them realize their actual ethnic interests just like many Brexit folks realized their own ethnic interests as the process of immigration and diversity in (((economic))) unions progressively continues.  (And gets worse and worse, under the Hillary/Merkel model of globalism...) 

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