Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hope this happens. Seems unlikely.... but ask me last year what was "likely." Lol.

These people just don’t get it.
It’s over.
They lost.
Never again are White Americans going to be emotionally manipulated into a war by some emotional gibberish about “oh the poor little unfortunates.”
That period of history has ended.
We had a referendum. The people do not want endless war.
John McCain has to be removed and he has to be disgraced. Like Obama, his entire legacy must be destroyed. He must be remembered in history books as one of the greatest traitors this country has ever known.
Him flailing around, powerless, crying about imaginary victimized brown people and demanding a World War to protect them is a good kick-off to the humiliation extravaganza which is just beginning.

Daily Stormer 

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