Monday, November 07, 2016

These liberals and Jews commenting on the radical individualism of white men. They should be happy that is their racial tendency. Duh.

This election season has been brimming with rhetoric that, if said by anyone other than white men, would be cause for drastic measures.

Who is going to police it?  White men?  Lol...
And let’s consider all this talk of violence from Trump supporters and militias. Who exactly are they going to end up fighting? The police, right?

No, that's wrong.

Seriously, think all this talk through. The only way this “uprising” happens is if these guys end up fighting law enforcement – Unless someone can put forth a different scenario where armed protesters “take their country back” without a showdown with police?

For one thing, white ethnic groups/men and women have every right to be angry about being diversified out of existence in the countries of their ancestors from England and Sweden to America.
It's progressively emerging that this is all "feminism" amounts to, as cat ladies and arrogant white women like this invite 50 Shades of Muslim patriarchy into these countries. It destroys women's rights, education (can't "educate" in 50 different languages) and on and on.  But these anti-white "feminists" continually support invasions and diversification campaigns.

The most likely scenario is that nothing will happen for now, due to the radical individualism that white men are prone to.  A Trump rally is like a football game, it's synthetic tribalism.  Then they'll go home and do nothing.  You get a few popping off here and there like this.  But that's it.  They're not going to organize and take their country back.

  If they were as prone to tribalism as Jews, then you'd be run over with a bulldozer to build racial colonies for themselves and their posterity.     

What happened to the feminist gay rainbow crap?  It was just run over with a bulldozer by the ethnic group actually in charge these days.  And it's not white men.

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