Monday, November 07, 2016

Old Comment...

We were the Old Normal too. Jews/people that get their ethnic identity from a criminal cult of global supremacy have always been prone to xenophobia (The Others/Goyim/Monsters* might figure it out!) and/or a neurotic need to cover for where their ethnic identity comes from. I would imagine that the Thugees of India were similar. If you're born into that, then what are you going to do... tell people why you're wealthy due to the crimes of your ancestors?

Then they might want actual tribal/social justice, even if you were leading/subverting and misdirecting the charge for "social justice" against everyone but your own group.

*Of for those incorporated in the cult that honestly forget where their tribal identity of supremacy through internationalism and globalism came from, the world is full of Antisemitism/Moral Monsters that are always against Jews for some mysterious reason. It's a mystery! Antisemitism, the oldest pathology that (((Freud))) said is caused by short penises.. why!!! So Asians are the most antisemitic? Lol. Seriously. If they all have such high Einstein IQs, then why are they generally so fundamentally stupid as a group? Stoic integrity > neurotic intelligence?

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