Tuesday, December 13, 2016

More carnage...

...the New York Times reports. 

Fake news.  (((New York Times)))

Former Russia Today anchor Liz Wahl told CNN...

Fake news again.

[Some Evan McMullin stuff...  Lol!]

CIA, fake news again.

How can Trumpsters defend a president-elect ignoring intel briefings designed, in part. to keep our troops safe? Why do they hate America?

Kurt Eichenwald

Trump lives and thrives in a fact-free environment. ” —
Carl Bernstein

 His Google rap sheet is slightly better than the others. 

Looks like (((he))) is probably well aware of what a fact free environment looks like, huh? 

Ex-CIA officer Glenn Carle, quoted by The Guardian

 I'm not even going to bother.  It's just Jew, CIA, Jew, NYT, Jew.  

And after they just finished lying a country into WAR and preemptive murder, they're all complaining about "fake news" when it comes to merest hint of a possibility that they may be held accountable for all their lies.

This was a post by (((Delaware Dem))) for anyone that ever needs to check his electronic footprint or those of his descendants over time, by the way. 

His final solution in a time of economic crisis was "line Republicans up and shoot them."

So that's what will need to be done to him in time of crisis.  Do unto others as you'd have them do to you.

His Google rap sheet on that now says:
I am sorry if you think I should never write anything again because I once stupidly said that we should round up Republicans and shoot them.

 If there were enough people like these "liberals" whose articles read like this NYT/Jew/CIA/Jew/Banker/etc. then they would probably try to do exactly what they say they would like to do.

Anyway, just checking the carnage... because this (((stuff))) is going to change as European nationalism continues to rise.  It's already changing. So these big talkers should shut up.  They're always kicked out of country after country or some form of resistance arises...  yet like the Frankfurt School, they never seem to shut up and live at peace in the next country.  Become plumbers, become farmers... that might help.  Ironically the Zionist project of giving them their own country to build up might be a good idea. 

But they can't do it.  Because they'd rather talk about representing labor on the Left than actually engage in it.  It's progressively being revealed that they cannot represent the working class as Democrats, given that most Jews hate the white people that they're supposedly representing with a vicious, bigoted and xenophobic passion.  Even those that don't hate white people as much or try to speak up for "Trump voters" some (e.g. Jon Stewart speaking up for "first responders"/Irish/etc. recently) are dragged back by their Jewish culture of hatred and fear of the Other/Goyim.      

People might think it ironic that a so-called "antisemite" would be writing about hatred and fear, given Jewish projections.  Aren't we the haters?  Isn't that what is always said? 

But no, they declared war on me. They hated me and my family and kin group.  They sought to diversify us out of existence. They helped to incite wars.  They turned a blind eye to the hate crimes against "Nazis"/white people.  Indeed, they sought to incite hate. 

So we're done.  It's a cultural and political war verging on a real physical war now.  And I'm against them because of what they have done to my kin group (Jewish Right, incited the Iraq war/etc.) and what they're still trying to do to my family. (Jewish Left, seeking to diversify white people out of existence).  One more small ramble... there is ultimately considerable overlap between the ethnic agenda of the Jewish Right and the Jewish Left anyway.  So it's not as if one can favor one over the other, their Zionist "neoconservative" Right (now dissipating) or their anti-white/Democratic Left (most of them).

In the end, they've already demonstrated that it's them/their own ethnic interests vs. you. 

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