Friday, November 04, 2016

(((Lena Dunham)))... the usual. I think the Jewish technique of using degeneracy against others just like it was used against them by the rabbis is less effective if people understand Jewish culture.

It never seems to occur to Jews that their attempt to subvert and sling degeneracy at their host race/culture is the cause of "Nazism"... not to mention all the resistance to their supremacist cult of globalism long before "Nazism."

On a side note, Milo does the same thing against Muslims as his ethnic target. I don't care if he does it. But it is a Jewish technique (Charlie Hebdo too, as I recall) to sling filth and degeneracy around at ethnic targets, e.g. bathing in pig's blood (Milo) is little different than a Jewess painting a picture of Trump with her own unclean menstrual blood. And she donated the proceeds getting "Syrian" refugees into Europe or European derived countries, so she multiplied her ethnic activism as a "filthy Jewess" that way.
All very common. Lena Dunham is just another example of the use of degeneracy, similar to Jewish financed groups like Pussy Riot or their older Talmudic Judaic practices of spitting on Christian crosses or Christians.

It's interesting to contrast so-called "white supremacists" with these degenerates. I mean, would even the most hateful "white supremacist" really hate all other ethnic groups to the point of trying to seize on whatever flimsy pretext they had to sling filth at symbols of their ethnic identity?  Did the KKK go around spitting on black people or where they just dressed as ghosts to scare them away engaging in criminality against Whites just like Black people are doing again now?

There might be one case of ethnic hatred leading to slinging degeneracy around against others here or there. But it's not nearly as common unless there's a war.

In contrast the average Kabbalah clansmen of Judaism or Jews like Milo/Sarah Silverman/Lena/etc. seem to do it almost automatically, as if by instinct.  Even in times of relative peace and privilege, their behavior is "atrocious"/similar to the degradation of other ethnic groups that happen in wars.

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