Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Youtube comments....

/They hijacked the Western governments and have been using them to do to create a worldwide financial/corporate empire.../

Conspiracy theory!!!! Just kidding. It's true. All I would say is that many of them know not what they do.

Even if they did know, there's a lot of evidence that they'd probably cover for their own ethnic identity any way. Like a Jewish kid in college that gets to attend fraternities for his ethnic group and then engage in ethnic/social networking throughout his life, all the while condemning "white racism" and seeking to diversify white ethnic/social networking out of existence. He actually doesn't quite know what he's doing. (Cough, Mark Zuckerberg.... etc.)

But the thing of it is with these people, they can't be convinced when their "social network" privileges worth billions and the ethnic state that they're constructing for themselves depend on a pretense of ignorance, stupidity and self-deception. They don't know because they don't want to know. They can't see because their eyes are closed. And they benefit from keeping their own eyes closed, as well as censoring anyone that points out that they're maintaining ethnocentrism and an ability to be tribal among themselves while simultaneously pushing for more diversity and less ethnic/social networking among other groups.

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