Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jon Stewart... a real joke.

Typical Jewish ethnic activist. He's really fighting against his own tribal/ethno state. He's really fighting against the ethnic oligarchy in America.

No. All false. All hypocritical.

Trumpism is still an internal Jewish dialogue about their own supremacy as an ethnic group. I.e. how much so-called "white supremacy" (Lol... a gay Jew is a white supremacist, a man with Jewish kids is Hitler, etc.) they need to allow the dumb European "goys" in order to "Make America Great Again" in order to "Stand with Israel" even bigger and better than before.

Implicit Trumpism to the donors, the oligarchy, to Jon Stewart and all the rest of the xenophobic neurotics: "Just relax, I will fix this and make it great for you. After all, if you diversify Germany out of existence then who will make the submarines for Israel? If you diversify white "racist" America out of existence due to your endless xenophobia and bigotry against white people, then who will help you build your racial colonies and your ethnic state?"

Jon Stewart doesn't want an honest dialogue. He's just a slightly more sophisticated dog whistler. All that "Hitler!!!" "KKK!!!!" etc. stuff that his own ethnic group just did, all the stuff that they're still doing?   He hasn't really put two words together about it.  So articulate, but he supposedly can't see his own tribe and an (largely) internal dialogue about their own ethnic interests, above all?

This is just like when he mumbled something about what Jewish nationalists have done to the Palestinians over and over again. "Mumble, mumble...  maybe they shouldn't bomb so much?" and the crowd goes: "Oh my God!! He's such a principled genius!!!" But then he gets shouted down by his own tribe. A tribe that loves diversity and unnatural/multi ethnic states among the "goyim"/tribes while simultaneously building an ethnic, if not a racially defined state for themselves.

Please. What courage this Jew has!

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