Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It's like it's a satire. But what else is new...

Wednesday, the 54% of women who voted for an intelligent policy wonk, with years of relevant experience, a spine stronger than steel, and an actual plan...
 A corrupt criminal, a war monger, with years of experience destroying other countries... with seemingly no plan other than continuing to do the same things while marketing herself as a woman.

As it happened, in a shocking twist, the group complaining the loudest about the “trophy generation,” and the delicate nature of millennials who demand “safe spaces,” were the ones who needed the most hand-holding...

Seems odd to refuse to listen to marginalized and victimized voices... (or whatever)...

and when they didn’t get the exact amount of love and adoration they were used to,

 Run an explicitly anti-white candidate seemingly about to arm BLM rebels right here in America and get beat. 

Awww... poor, poor crybullies. 

 This tweet was liked by almost 50,000, and retweeted 34,000 times

You and Twitter don't seem to understand that the internet is a matter of technology.  So when you censor all opposition and then say: "Look, we all agree!"  That doesn't mean that everyone agrees or that there aren't people subverting your bigoted, ignorant and stupid culture.

 From this need to stand in solidarity with women....

That's bullshit, by the way.  You don't stand with white women. 

Yesterday, The Women’s March on Washington event creator, Bob Bland...

Bob Bland.


  ...our vibrant and diverse communities...  we join in diversity to show our presence in numbers too great to ignore.


They're making it worse.

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