Thursday, November 03, 2016


MDB, at the end, it does not matter which side... both are literally obsessed with Russia
to the point that even Russia might start to feel unconfortable with all this attention
what does Russia really, really want? Respect
it's not the same as all this hate and denigration nor the same as all this love and admiration
now, seriously, is there any way for anybody to get America's respect? I do not have a ready answer for this
what do Americans respect, really? If you know, please tell, I don't think I am alone withthis question
I think you will find that must Russians want the same as most Americans - a fair crack at the whip.
The fucktard neocons running the asylum rather than being locked up in it? They have a different end-game.
"a fair crack at the whip" ??? sounds authoritarian to my ears
neocons want two things: moar military spending and moar woar
there is only one way to really hinder them: less military spending
now show me the Americans or Russians that want that. are there any left?
if you spend a lot for woar, you get embarassingly lots of reasons to get rid of ageing ammunition. if you have big fleets, you have to deploy them or they rust, both ships and crews
how much? the question nobody asks. like: how much is for defense, how much is for interventions?
two candidates, both promising moar military spending. ergo... it's what most want to hear
Hinder them with less spending? LOL, are you serious? They need to be jailed or executed.
Especially since they control the printing

Which ethnic groups living in America are you talking about?
what do Americans respect, really?
My opinion is that America has gone full schizo. There is no single answer to your question because there are now many "Americas". None of them know about the others and there is absolutely NO communication between them. "Diversity" is just another word for sheer insanity.
Like the ending line in the old, old movie "Gassss..", "There is no answer, Just Keep on searching."
Here's an answer, they respect Jews.  Or they better. Because then the next episode of the melting pot (metaphor from Israel Zhangwill, Zionist) of white trash wretched refuse (Emma Lazarus, Zionist) uprooted from their European roots will have them playing the part of Team Uberman: Defeating Bathroom Nazis by Neutering Themselves.  And, another Hitler/Saddam/Ghadaffi/Assad/Putin... whoever Jews point at next!
There's a small problem here.  Africans and Muslims don't respect Jews and aren't as willing to serve as their goyim golem.  Plus many of them are still men, unlike Europeans and the European diaspora in general/"Americans"/Australians/whoever.  Can the melting pot of Zion and the purely economic unions that they establish among the "goyim" while building an ethinc state for themselves go global? 
No.  No more than Israel is the "only democracy in the Mideast."  Because if you elect a new electorate in a democracy, then it isn't a democracy.  It's a Dumbocrazy, an easily incited demographic and racial role call.  One that the (((Democrats))) think that they can win, inevitably.  But they're wrong.  If history is any measure, then all the talk of executing them for treason (Even in a supposedly globalist world where there can be no "treason" because there are only degenerate rainbow countries.) will eventually come true.  Once again.  "Never again, never again!"  Well, (((you))) could always stop behaving in the same God damned ways or try to stop taking hypocrisy to criminal levels.  But you don't.

Anyway, 911 can serve as the perfect pretext for doing what always needs to be done anyway.    

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