Tuesday, December 06, 2016

I think the degenerate baby Boomers that got on board fully with the anti-white Jewish policies of diversification/feminism/LGBT/abortion/etc. may continue to be in for suprises. And they deserve it. Mountains of debt and they tried to abort the future of whatever children that they didn't abort directly. So... surprise!

All throughout history, people with talent could potentially be bribed against the people. However, in modern times, PewDiePie, the most watched broadcaster in the world, probably lives about the same sort of life as any random NEET. He sits around on a computer in a room playing video games and watching cartoons.
Seriously, lifestyle doesn’t change much at all with money these days, and that makes it extremely hard to bribe people.
I mean, you get more women if you’ve got a bunch of money. That’s pretty much the only relevant difference. But PewDiePie is the serious girlfriend type.
So, the game has changed.
You add this to the fact that we literally have no future if we don’t save the white race now, and you have an entire generation with nothing to lose.
It is my belief that PewDiePie is with us. Along with calling-out the anti-White agenda, he has also supported Trump and shown videos of Hitler.

 Daily Stormer

50 million subscribers... and he may continue to take an interest in what the degenerate, anti-white hipster/dipster "civil rights" generation has done to the future of Europeans/European Americans/white Australians/etc...

We will need to continue to create new platforms.

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