Monday, November 28, 2016

Random comment to someone that has "gay pride" but not any "white pride"....

Pushing feminism/LGBT/abortion on white ethnic groups while turning a blind eye to Islam and the global South migrating North is your type of suicide cult.

Trump isn't going to touch a hair on your gay head. He's not going to be as "homophobic" as the Muslims and Africans that you anti-whites count as diversity.

You are being utterly and completely absurd, that's why you're losing. Also, it would be one thing if you goyim golems pushed for feminism/LGBT/abortion against "Nazis" and the population stabilized. But that's not what you do. You push that and then try to diversity "Nazis"/white ethnic groups out of existence. Now white people are gradually and progressively saying that you need to stop that.

So I suggest that those of you into "gay pride" (Because you were born that way.) that simultaneously reject any (((perception))) of "white pride" as the Original Sin of Great Evil that only "Nazis" and the KKK could support begin to think a little more.

There's no time like the present to think about an identity that actually matters. An identity that you were actually born into.

And one more time, as to your absolutely absurd phobias and the (((xenophobic))) view of your own kin groups that you've seemingly absorbed by osmosis from the (((media)))?

Trump isn't going to harm a hair on your gay heads, other than the fact that he'll wind up empowering Republicans due to the abject stupidity of anti-white Democrats. 

So stop the hysteria now, unless you want normal white people to conclude that you European or European American gays are part of the "problem."

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