Wednesday, November 23, 2016

More carnage.....

“Identity Politics” becomes the mission of our lives. It is a monstrous betrayal for privileged white liberals and progressives, some of whom read and write comments on this blog, to demand we abandon African Americans, women, Latinos, and gays and lesbians...

That's all they focus on.  Because (((they))) actually thought that they were going to be able to form an anti-white coalition with a few degenerates along for the ride and transition that into a permanent ruling majority enslaving whites.  Especially white men and women that are expected to provided policing for African men, plus care for their children, then progressively care for the ten other children they just had by five different women.

What was the final vision here?  This so-called "melting pot" was never going to work.  The Jew what wrote that melting pot theatrical production didn't think that it would work for everyone.  That's why he was a Zionist.   

just because we lost the white working class vote in one fucking election,

 I'm not sure what this guy's ethnic identity is or if he's absorbed a form of ethnic hatred by osmosis from (((the media))).

But he once wrote about lining white people up and shooting them.  And that kind of talk is what gets people like him lined up and shot.
or just because some racist whites say so, or just because one Senator wants the party to focus solely on economics and not rights. To these traitors I say a hearty fuck you,

 Ha, ha... "traitors." 
and get the fuck out. Join your racist Republican white friends and relatives.

Line them up and shoot them, huh?  

Same old, same old...

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