Thursday, November 17, 2016

Not sure if I already posted this. If you think that this stream of commentary and "culture of critique" reflected back on the Jews isn't correct then just wait and see what happens.

The ironic thing about the ovens is that they were built to save Jewish lives. Cremate the bodies. Fumigate all their clothes with gas in a "gas chamber" so that they could move to a Jewish State.

Jews started believing in their own stories, their own cartoon "Nazis"... and that generated the xenophobia that they have toward "white men." Now they made this election a referendum(b) on their ridiculous culture based on xenophobia and bigotry against white men.

Ironically, for most white people it wasn't that. But it may turn out to be that, given the endless phobias and the behavior of Jewish bigots. They're not changing.

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