Friday, November 18, 2016

Observing the Democratic carnage and this dumb comment struck me.

I don’t think this campaign could have been won on this issues. It had more to do with what was going on in our collective lizard brains.

That's all Hillary wound up running on.  The lizard brains of single white women that have a fetish for the Other and integration with the noble savage that they idolize, combined with excusing and inciting savages that don't seem very noble to most people.

Trump did the same lizard brain stuff from the opposite side but he kept on combining his worldview with a relatively clear economic message. 

And it didn't help that Hillary has a long history of being a criminal.     

Anyway, Democrats didn't even really try to win on the issues.  It was all just trolled out of the (((culture))) that they've absorbed by osmosis from their media:  "Racism, xenophobia... Hitler!!!  White supremacists!"  Etc.  Whoops!  Yeah, you basically forgot to do anything else...   for all the talk about how elite and intelligent cosmopolitans and globalist/Zionist Jews are, they're looking dumb and dumber by the day.   I know they're pretty intelligent in some ways.  But they've been trolled into doing a lot of dumb stuff lately based on their phobias.      

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