Monday, November 14, 2016

Same old, same old...

The (((SPLC))) has documented more than 250 hateful incidents since Election Night and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The thing that the Trumpeters know about their voters? That they will be delighted with policy and actions that make sure that their narratives and prejudices about black and brown and non-straight people are reinforced and government actions make sure others are hurt.

The average white person is not aligned with the Daily Stormer yet. 

So this is just yet more nonsense of the same sort that lost the election.

Do these people realize how ignorant they are?  That's part of their problem, they're too focused on Jewish cartoons and (((SPLC))) reports and endless reports from (((journalists))).  So they seem to pick up that mentality of xenophobia and hatred of working class white "might be Nazis!!!" people. 

Then they repeat the cartoons and endless defamation, as if the average white person actually just wants to "...make sure others are hurt."   

It's only after white people figure out who has been trying to hurt them preemptively just like they had preemptive wars against "another Hitler"/Saddam/etc. that this cartoon vision of them begins to become real.

And that's not even Trump.  It's just in the background.  Duh.  Seriously... these (((people))) and their proxies haven't figured this out by now?  Little wonder that they can't win an election.  And now they're literally being manipulated by actual Nazis based on their abject ignorance and bigotry.  Because when you're a bigot, you're ignorant.  Naturally. 

Now there are progressively growing numbers of "Nazis" that want what began as a Jewish/cartoon vision of white people to become real.  But it was just a cartoon originally. 

Apparently the (((SPLC))) and people immersed in their phobic culture of preemptive culture war (and real wars too, e.g. Iraq.) are just too stupid, ignorant and bigoted to see white people for who they are on average.  

If you weren't anti-white bigots then you would know that.  Now that more white people have realized they're being targeted, the (((media))) will probably always be one step behind empathizing with them.  Therefore, being fearful bigots, they have no knowledge about those that they hate.  Therefore, they will probably continue to lose... as hatred breeds hatred. 

It's a spiral.  But you started it. 

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