Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Saving comment about the ethnic mentality of El Capitan Brandon Martinez of the non-aligned media... and other witless Whites.

Exactly. There's an anti-Zionist journalist named Brandon Martinez that was triggered and turned away from "white supremacy" due to their misdirected and seemingly easily triggered machismo. El Capitan! Nothing wrong with masculinity but it can be misdirected. It's unfortunate, because "Hispanics" that the Jews allow to have an ethnic identity in order to subvert the Anglos are essentially European/Spanish too.  (Of course, everyone is allowed to be LGBTBLT/whatever because the Jews love that form of diversification and subversion.) 

Just a short time ago even a totally Brown goy like George Zimmerman was framed as a "White Hispanic" by the anti-white, globalist/Jewish media. Apparently they expected him to let an African beat him to death in the name of equality/envy and diversity. If (((progress))) continues then they'd also expect the African to let an Australian Aborigine to beat them to death. Because their incitement of (((equality)))/envy and subversion is endless.  This should be readily apparent to people now that they've invented a Transgender Tribe to save from "bathroom Nazis."  Face it, it's endless.

If we stand back and look at the White people of the North, the Brown people in the middle and the Black people of the South then there's something to be said for WITLESS White individualists of the North with all their endless abstractions and "integrity" and therefore seemingly endless divisions within their political movements being a little more like the Italian mafia or SOMETHING a little more tribal and yes, Southern.

Ultimately the radical individualism of witless White Northerners is the cause of things "going South". So things will continue to go South if they don't get their heads out of their implicitly lily White asses (as individuals) and look around (Become more of a tribal group, even if that entails becoming just a bit more like the dirty Southerners.). Just a little bit. We don't need Swedes rioting every time a Swedish criminal is arrested in the IKEA. But we do need them to have a sense of tribal kinship with each other when other Swedes are getting sliced and diced in the cutlery section. Etc.

SO, STUPID... why can't people look at their ethnic groups logically?

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