Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Delaware Liberal and Jewish ethnic activism...

I didn't even read this article.  

A quick scan and it looks like it's full of Jewish ethnic activism.  They want more acts of war against Russia, perhaps another Jewish coup like they did in the Ukraine and so forth.

There's usually zero discussion of "Zionism" and the fact that people like Jack Markell have an ethnic state being built for them with racial colonies for his whole extended kin group while they seek endless diversity and more Syrian refugees in America.  To the extent that they do discuss reality, they'll probably frame it all as being the fault of witless white Judeo-Christians that support AIPAC.  As if their own cowardice and corruption has nothing to do with the fact that whites are witless.

Their "reporting" usually amounts to citing a bunch of Jews, along with the witless White goyim golems/LGBT/feminist minority tribes created in their image. 

Not even worth reading, I just gist it for (((chatter))) trickling down from the top.  

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