Thursday, November 04, 2004


".... the Nazi regime intended eventually to destroy Christianity in Germany, if it could, and substitute the old paganism of the early tribal Germanic gods and the new paganism of the Nazi extremists. As Bormann, one of the men closest to Hitler, said publicly in 1941, “National Socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable.” What the Hitler government envisioned for Germany was clearly set out in a thirty-point program for the “National Reich Church” drawn up during the war by Rosenberg, an outspoken pagan, who among his other offices held that of “the Fuehrer’s Delegate for the Entire Intellectual and Philosophical Education and Instruction forthe National Socialist Party.”

A few of its thirty articles convey the essentials:
1. The National Reich Church of Germany categorically claims the exclusive right and the exclusive power to control all churches within the borders of the Reich: it declares these to be national churches of the German Reich.

5. The National Church is determined to exterminate irrevocably the strange and foreign Christian faiths imported into Germany in the ill-omened year 800.

7. The National Church has no scribes, pastors, chaplains or priests, but National Reich orators are to speak in them.

13. The National Church demands immediate cessation of the publishing and dissemination of the Bible in Germany.

14. The National Church declares that to it, and therefore to the German nation, it has been decided that the Fuehrer’s Mein Kampi is the greatest of all documents. It . . . not only contains the greatest but it embodies the purest and truest ethics for the present and future life of our nation.

18. The National Church will clear away from its altars all crucifixes, Bibles and pictures of saints.

19. On the altars there must be nothing but Mein Kampi (to the German nation and therefore to God the most sacred book) and to the left of the altar a sword.

30. On the day of its foundation, the Christian Cross must be removed from all churches, cathedrals and chapels . . . and it mustbe superseded by the only unconquerable symbol, the swastika."
(The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History
of Nazi Germany
William L. Shirer
(Simon and Schuster) 1990 :238-40)

As I recall the swastika was a symbol that came out of the East and.....spiritual monism.


Anonymous said...

If Hitler came back to life and you could meet him would you take the opportunity? Would you convert him? Would you reason with him? Would you kill him? What would you do?


Anonymous said...

By the way, you do write a lot about Nazism. that's all I'm saying, and if you want to say I'm wrong that's ok, but I would recomend that you read your own blog some time. You quote hitler as much as you quote the bible.

mynym said...

I've already said that I'm citing Nazism because it is one of the first declines of a Western Republic which left thousands of pages of records. Not to mention, the name of the blog notes Neitzsche, Good AND Evil. I am telling you what will be dealt with, both.

"that's all I'm saying..."

If that's all you wanted to say then that's all you should have said. Yet, it was a lil' different than that. Instead, as I recall you asked if I am a fascist and sought to imply an irrational obsession too. You were communicating more, in a passive agressive way. Yet you just can't seem to openly make the two claims:

"You are evil! You are irrational."

That's probably because that's a war that you sense you just can't win. Yet you are trying to achieve an "effect" anyway. You cannot accomplish it very well. For you are an amateurish propagandist. You cannot fight a mental war very well. That makes me sad, not glad. I have dealt with far better propagandists. It is more entertaining.

"....and if you want to say I'm wrong that's ok...."

Okay, you are wrong. You are very wrong. You are wrong, wrong, wrong. I'm glad you are okay with me saying that. That's right. So at least you can now be right about one thing.

"....but I would recomend that you read your own blog some time. You quote hitler as much as you quote the bible."

That's because it is about Good and Evil.

How can you communicate, without saying, words bleeding off into the Anti-word? Here, I shall translate what most effete passive agressives are trying to communicate without knowing: "Man, I wish he couldn't place the way I want to think with Nazism like that. Now....what can I say about that to avoid it or silence it. I know! I'll try to communicate that he is secretly a Nazi. That way, I'll scare him off of doing that. He must be ruled by feelings like fear and concern for his image, just like I am."

Actually, that's all a pattern of feeelings which are not clearly thought. It is not as if it is all thought through clearly. Instead, the bundle of sticks tends to bundle together without ever really thinking through things clearly with words. Sometimes retards do have their lil' conspiracies. But generally, they are too retarded to actually pull something complex like that off. Instead, they just go with the "flow" of the toilet bowl, quite naturally.

There are relatively simple naturalistic explanations for almost all their actions because they put the Nature before the Creator.

Conservative readers may note that it seems like it would be better to just change their minds. But the problem is that the conditioned minds do not actually make up their own minds. Instead, they actually try not to, just as they've been conditioned to. For making up your mind would be close-minded, narrow minded. The world would come to an end and there would be blood in the streets, blood on all our hands!

So instead they tend to be double-minded because they just cannot make up their minds. Then you can have some fun with it. You can play one part of the half-wits wit off of the lacking half. Then they run in these little circles of self-refutation because they cannot admit to self-evident truths, evident in the Self.

It is really quite amusing.

mynym said...

"Would you convert him? Would you reason with him? Would you kill him? What would you do?"

What time in his life are you talking about? As a young man hanging around in bars, as the failing artist, as one who inhabited "flop-houses" with gays and the like.

There, perhaps I would try show him the correct Version and if he had a conversion....well, that's possible. He was into reading and writing and the mental war of things.

If it was after he had his little "vision" and was becoming more of a master propagandist then perhaps like Karl Kraus, you begin to satirize him. For some time, he had not actually manifested Evil.

If it was after he manifested some Thing more and killed, a bullet in the brain is best.

It was almost like it was fore-ordained, though. I.e., that he would rise up like some Egyptian god to take back "stolen" gold and riches from the Jews, place them in bondage, give them a "shower."

Those "waters" are not streams of living water, instead they are a killing poison. Then the fires which destroy...for that is Evil.

Anonymous said...

Good replies! I am impressed. Not that you care, but I enjoyed reading it and I think you seem to be a very intelligent and thoughtful writer. Keep it up. I'm still waiting for the book.


mynym said...

Well, I do care. Sort of....for I cannot exactly take your word about things. If you made a habit of demonstrating a better pattern of thought, a good philosophy, then I would care more.

If we were dealing with, "Is it true?" Then I would almost certainly care. Anyone can do that, suddenly popping up out of feelings and so on to actually take a stab at things. But as far as things you've said, we've seldom been dealing with, "Is it true?"

It seems like it is a relatively simple focus. Yet, few actually try to seek and find the Way. Instead their questions are more like, "Who says?" "How does it make me feel?" "Won't that hurt someone's feelings?" "What is your credibility?" "Here is my credibility among men..."

Etc., that type of thing which is more the universal language of mankind.

I may start a book. I like my freedom too much, perhaps. Including intellectual freedom...someone did suggest Tales of Excrement, just put all the parables together. The snake that eats its own tail is eating its own excrement, no creativity, no making, the banality of Evil. I'd have to write a few more about excrement for that, I suppose.

I go with the flow more than the structure necessary for some 500 pager. "Well, I plan to tie that plot line up on page 455. Yeeeah." I'd probably want to kill every character off, too. "He's acting like a retard in this conversation. So, I'll have him fall out of a building now!"

I go with the flow....just a lil' differently than some others do, which is mighty tricky! Perhaps what someone should do is write patterns of stories in the Bible, as stories. No pretenses of some "new version" of the Book which looks like it is actually just dumbed down for mental retards. Instead, just tell a good story matching its patterns and let people think about how things must have been on their own. Maybe they'll read the Bible and see things for their own Selves or do some philosophizing about it all.

All most people need is a Bible and a dictionary. Yet, most seem to just go through life without even settling things in their minds, just flitting along. It seems an odd way to live. I suppose they do not realize the importance of their own mind.

It's just one of those things. The sleeping cannot wake their Selves up.

mynym said...

"He's acting like a retard in this conversation. So, I'll have him fall out of a building now!"

About this....well, God is an Author who lets his words do some writing at His side. Whether it is a big part to write or a small one, almost everyone but a Stoic agrees that there is some part.

So then, why take risks? It seems that He does not erase things. Look to the text of Nature, nothing actually ceases to be. It all has some state of existence. Once the Maker makes something with a Big Bang, BOOM...set it off, a true conception, it cannot cease to be.

But a person acting like a retard in one chapter, may just fall out of a building in the next one.

Anonymous said...

Guess what, I can wake myself up when I am sleeping. For real. If I don't like a dream, I just wake myself up.

You speak of seeking the way. Well I do that, yes I spend my life doing that, but I seek the way in a different way than you. (You like how I took your style there?) People are always arguing, using "facts" and "logic" and this is good, but their facts and logic can lead people astray too easily, and also the provable and logical facts are in short supply when it comes to the eternal. For instance, can you prove that the world was created? No. Can you Prove the the world evolved? No. Can you prove that God has existed forever? No. Can you prove that God does not exist? No. There is more to life than facts, more to reason than logic.

I seek. I seek to know everything that I can know, and beieve everything that I can not know. I seek a peace which trancends all understanding. Perhaps I can't know everything, But I can judge a tree by its fruit.


Ps. Argue away! Prove me wrong.

mynym said...

"....I seek the way in a different way than you."

I know most of the ways and their differences. It seems to have to do with different people having different gifts and talents. There are some people who have the gift of seeing what other people's types and patterns are.

You can come to the Truth in various ways, by various patterns of life. That is true. In the end, you do have to reach the same destination. Then you can sit there and look back at the various ways you came to that Way, the Truth. There are those who know many of the paths and they can tell you what type of way you are seeking and finding. But only those who have a teachable spirit actually listen if they are told that they are lost, you see. It does not matter how nicey nice you are about things. They either have the teachable spirit or they do not.

"For instance, can you prove that the world was created? No."


"Can you Prove the the world evolved? No."


"Can you prove that God has existed forever? No."


"Can you prove that God does not exist? No."

That is true, for the same pattern of reasons that cause you to speak into a contradiction in terms when trying to communicate Anti-Truth.

Each one of these would take a bit of dissertation. Perhaps I will file them away and answer each in turn sometime. It is easy to ask questions. It is not as easy to answer. Many just take the path of least resistance, which is the easy way. Perhaps one day you will begin to answer questions, instead of creating them.

Making and giving, instead of leaving....You can take it or leave it? How about a more difficult path, you can make it and give it.

"There is more to life than facts, more to reason than logic."

What you want are "fictions," not mere facts. For there are fictions, that are not fictions. There is a mythos that is true. So its pattern of symbols is true.

Like a wedding vow, supposedly some things are just a fiction. Yet, it is designed to be manifested, in fact. This is the beautiful paradox. In marriage, there is a oneness of being the subject/fiction and object/fact in the same time. The two shall become one flesh, sometimes manifested, incarnated in the flesh of a child. The humus of it all! These are the tiny mustard seeds on a tiny planet that will settle a Cosmic issue?

Well, the Maker does not think as we do. Instead, we're supposed to think more like He does. It is not about Him thinking more like we do. Believe it or not, you will be happier this way. Yes, even joyous. You think that you want to think your own way. Yet, you do not, no more than you are your own Creator.

So what of those gardeners who do not incarnate their union? At the same time that the solution comes through incarnation, it does not matter. They are still taking part of a symbol of spiritual union, just as those who have fewer children are just as married as those who have more and more of the tykes.

So your statement about facts, reason and logic sponsored some writing on marriage. Why? What do they have to do with each other? It has to do with conception vs. deception. It is all quite odd, in fact. I do not deny that. That's why we need some fictions to become facts. While we also need the very Law/Fact of all things to break Himself apart. You get yourself together if He loves you and he breaks Himself apart because He loves you.

"I seek to know everything that I can know, and beieve everything that I can not know."

If you cannot know it, then you cannot believe it. Belief is just a strong form of knowledge. It is saying, "I KNOW that and this." Your belief, is irrelevant to the truth. Your desires, your image, all these things are irrelevant. The Truth has been the same, from the beginning. You need to have the knowledge of Good and Evil, without knowing Evil in certain ways--like merging with your being. And other forms...

People think that what they want is pleasure. That's what they KNOW/believe that they want. Yet they do not want this. Odd, isn't it? That's not what they really want. Instead, they want fulfillment and to avoid an unbearable likeness of being.

This is partly why ascetics are sages of the ages. They come to know some secrets about pleasure and pain. There are false and true ascetics as far as this knowledge goes. There is nothing special about the pattern that if you just fit, then you will know the truth. But even the false tend to know that what humans really want, is not just pleasure. That's just what they think they want. If only they could stay on the "high" then it would be good forever. If they could control it.

No, actually that is wrong. But I know that many will secretly be thinking, "If I could just have pleasure. Yes!"

"I seek a peace which trancends all understanding."

Actually, you probably do not. Like other humans, you were always designed to overcome something. Your being speaks to being a lil' recycling plant. Yet what excrement that is! If only we were not part humus.

Humans want heroes, those who overcome. They think they want perfection. Then....they think, "Man, perfection is boring. I do not want to sit around in perfect being playing a harp all day!"

They were made for diversity, having Evil sitting around in vials. Fighting and using things to overcome other things. Yet, deviance and perversity are never diversity. It has to do with Good and Evil being kept distinct, yet Evil being used for Good. Already, Evil is being forced to accomplish and do good things for you. Work out your faith with Fear and trembling. That is, get out a lil' whip and have Fear do some work for you. That's why I want Leftists around. It is convenient to have them there trying to tear apart everything you say. Then you get stronger and stronger in the mental war. Almost all the things you are wrong about get burned away in the war because one gardener is trying to prove another wrong based on Conscience. They apply justice and the Good to each other quite fiercely, even if they cannot sit in judgment on their Selves one bit.

For you really can't judge your Self. You always think that you are right. If you say, "I am wrong!" Then you think you have reached the state of being right about being wrong. The only way, is to try to get outside your Self.

"Perhaps I can't know everything, But I can judge a tree by its fruit."

That is what I said too, yes. For those who are ignorant, especially. For most people do not have the gift of knowing the many patterns and so just judge the destination. This is what Chesterton noted about "half reasoning," instead just cling to some common Sense. Either know how to reason fully and logically or just go with tradition. Leftists are typically somewhere precisly inbetween with the absolute worst of all worlds, "open-minded." They cannot reason fully and make up their mind. They cannot in humility accept tradition. So they are in limbo land as mental retards. They truly have the worst of all worlds.

People do have different gifts, bear different patterns of witness, even gospel writers bear different patterns of emphasis. Yet, they can see the same Spirit, even in their diversity. Given that, they can make up their minds on things.

Those who have the gift of reasoning and yet do not use it become inverted perversions of the version they should have been.

I suspect that many people do not understand these words. That is fine. All you really need is a dictionary. If you really cannot understand, then try to have some common Sense about things. I do not want to cause anyone to stumble into "half reasoning" and then be responsible for a half-wit. For half-wits are nothing more than nit wits.

Anonymous said...

"What you want are "fictions," not mere facts."

Don't tell me what I want. You don't even know me.

You know, I read this whole post, and you made a lot of good points, and a few bad ones. Keep trying.

"They were made for diversity, having Evil sitting around in vials."

Do you think so? I've been wondering about the purpose of life. Now I know. Thanks for enlightening me. I'll try to get a few viles of evil and sit around them.


Leege said...

First, thanks for actually taking the time out to write something on my blog. So far, not too many visitors. I have to say, I reviewed all of the material that you cited in your post and I really don't see anything that necessarily contradicted the article I cited. Maybe I'm wrong or didn't catch something, but I was one of those guys who scored a 36 on his reading comp ACT, so I'd like to think I'm a good reader. Have to admit you're a pretty good writer, too. If there's any advice I might humbly venture, is that you might try and not use four words when one would do. Another thing I'll have to admit, however, is that you're definitely a more ambitious blogger than I've ever come close to being.

mynym said...

Some of the innacuracies,

"8.) Religion and Government are Intertwined"

That whole section was far off, as were some others.

For instance, it ends with "creationism being suported at the Grand Canyon state park." Etc.

The Nazis were evolutionists through and through.

(Hitler's Professors: The Part of Scholarship in Germany's Crimes Against the Jewish People
By Max Weinreich
(New York:The Yiddish Scientific Institute, 1946) :33)
I intended to build this blog up as a research base to make things easier on me. A lot of people seem interested in it, yet I am not that ambitious about it per se. I am ambitious with respect to knowledge, before and after blogging. It turns out that blogging is a good tool, so I am glad it is here.

Although it seems we disagree, I think you should keep writing.