Saturday, November 20, 2004

Mathematics are the schematics and confuse those who desire to be wise in their own eyes.

....seeing that the poetic or mythical accounts of eclipses are false. They are not, as men believed prior to the advent of science, a sign from the gods. Eclipses are beyond the power of the gods. They belong to nature. One need not fear the gods. The theoretical experience is one of liberation, not only negatively—freeing the thinker from fear of the gods—but also positively, simultaneously a discovery of the best way of life.
What had previously been checked in man’s soul comes into full play. Freedom from the myths and their insistence that piety is best permits man to see that knowing is best, the end for which everything else is done, the only end that without self-contradiction can be said to be final.

(The Closing of the American Mind, By Alan Bloom :271)

The jumping off point for this sort of philosophy is wrong. The philosopher becomes lost in the explanatory power of mathematics to make predictions, to prophesy. Then they want to kneel down before the language rather than try to seek and find the nature of its Writer. So that is what they begin to do, trying to put the language in Nature and then beginning to worship her as in the French Revolution and their temples to the supposed Mother of Reason.

Yet the foundation is not there. Eclipses are designed, the only question is how the signs read. The pseudo-intellectuals are the ones who get lost in the reading and forget to try to seek and find the Writer of questions. Some of evidence that eclipses have been designed with a purpose, to begin with you have to have a planet that is a good observatory of the heavens. It also has to be in a certain portion of its own galaxy. It has to have a certain kind of star, just like the Sun. The Sun and the Earth-Moon system have to have a certain type of size and various intricate relationships, just so, with nothing too much and nothing found wanting. The Earth-Moon system should be referred to as such because the ratios of the relationship are complementary, just so. And so on.
To experience a total solar eclipse is much more than simply to see it. The event summons all the senses. The dramatic drop in temperature was just as much a part of it as the blocked Sun and the “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd. Just after the total phase ended, many burst into spontaneous applause, as if rewarding a choreographer for a well-executed ballet.

This was only the fourth total solar eclipse visible from India in the twentieth century. Still, I was surprised at the Indians’ interest in this eclipse. National television covered the event, with crews set up at three or four locations spread across the eclipse path. One of them shared our site. Prior to departing India, I received a videotaped copy of the TV coverage from a colleague. A number of scholars were interviewed on the scientific aspects of solar eclipses; others discussed Indian eclipse mythology and superstitions. The TV producers, it seemed, were trying to show the world that India had finally discarded religious superstition and entered the era of scientific enlightenment. But the widespread superstitious practices in evidence during this eclipse, such as people—especially pregnant women—remaining indoors, suggest they were not quite successful.

(The Privileged Planet: How Our Place in the Cosmos is Designed for Discovery
By Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay W. Richards :3)

Perhaps some women have an intuition about some symbols, the period must come to an end. The marker for a cycle of periods will not last forever, as it is written. Its orbit goes off, bit by bit. It is just a bit.

To those who have sense, more will be given. Those who lack, even what they have will be taken from them, after they pay back their debt of Karma. If only they had one who could make some Karma for them to pay their debt.

Those who have sense, let them make sense. Now that would be nice.

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