Tuesday, November 09, 2004

You can learn a lot about a childish one....

Although, you cannot learn much from them. You can learn about them. So....here is some knowledge. I put it here so that people can find it. I did give you some advice for you own good. But it is as fine as wine with me that you do not seem to want to take it.

"Now let this humble being...."

No, do not mislead anyone about your state of being. You do not have the humility of a child. You are just being childish. A child does think as a child, in a childlike way. They are not being "childish." For they are a child. That is just their categorical state of being. But your state of being is as a childish one. This is Michael Jackson's type of perversion, being childish.

Children are closer than other humans to the humus, yet growing up. They have a teachable spirit. They do not know obscenity and the like. They go to the bathroom in public, not because they are being obscene, but because they are children. Yet a youth doing the same is being obscene. He is childish, yet obscene. The youth may feel that this is just the way humans are, just humus, crass, physical, even mindlessly violent too. Violence is just more matter in motion. But that is not true. That is the way some are and others put the lie to that state of being. Such a youth will tend to hate those who put the lie to that state of being. You are still feeling your way along like a Nazi. Mindlessly, blindly violent...burn the books, kill thinking people, for the pride and arrogance of them!

In Nazism, this pattern of thinking came to be all mixed up with being anti-civilization. For you see, some people are intent on being childish so that they can be brutish. What is hidden is the tendency to go further than the perversion of child and adult and to be brutish, which is a perversion of animal and human.

Generation and degeneration:
"A number of contemporary movements,including the animal rights movement (with its idea that man is no higher than animals), also exemplify the confusion. As animal liberationist and founder of PETA Ingrid Newkirksays, “a rat . . is a pig ... is a dog ... is a boy.” There are movements to break down the barriers between generations: Witness the recent change in the definition of pedophilia and the publishing of the double Journal of Homosexuality issue, “Male Intergenerational Love” (an apologia for pedophilia). Thus we see animal confused with human, sacred confused with profane, adult confused with child, male confused with female and life confused with death--all of these traditionally the most profound of distinctions and separations, are now under seige."(Homosexuality and American Public Life, Edited byChrisopher Wolfe,(Dallas: Spence Publishing Company)1999, :104-105)

Is your state of being as a childish one or as a brutish one?

Here, the way that ancient subpagans settled ontology was generally this: They sacrificed their children. It was a way of killing two birds with one stone. Besides, then they could just pound on the drums all day. But then there was this man named Abraham and the pattern was changed. Perhaps you have heard of him.

The Nazis believed in animal rights, the brutish, brutality, the literalized metaphor. Jews believe in animal sacrifice, metaphysics and metaphorical thinking.

They are totally different views about the categories of animal and human, child and adult. Natural Law vs. the Law of Nature and the mere merging, degenerating natural happenstance...

Perhaps you should change your name to brutish one. You cannot have true humility as a human sans a true Sense of the humus, nor a good Sense of the humors. Instead, you will be more obscene. What is true has to be first on your mind. True Love is the love of truth first, then it is also other good things based on a good true Sense of them all. That is why the same gospel writers who wrote about true Love still wrote about perversion. I have noticed that some people abuse love to make diversity, perversity.

The true Sense deals with basic categorical discriminations that define true love, some examples:
"Most of the [Judaic] rules of the law of holiness relate to the basic categories of the natural world and of human experience. Such categories as the living and the dead; mortal and divine; human and animal; air, sea, and land; male and female; past, present and future are common to most peoples. They provide a framework of basic 'natural' categories that render the universe meaningful. What is peculiar to the Jewish people is that these natural categories are also moral categories and anything that is ambiguous or threatens to blur the boundaries of these categories is treated as abominable."
(Sexual Taboos and SocialBoundaries
By Christie Davies
American Journal of Sociology,
Vol. 87, No.5, Mar., 1982 :1032-1063)

Perhaps if you're not too busy being childish you can think about how Wisdom that calls her name out in the square can become Wicca and of the occult/hidden. The Bible notes Wisdom in the feminine, Christ repeats it. There are reasons for this.

Anyhow....This is interesting too, same cite:
"It is difficult to find another people who have survived the experience of galut in the same way as the Jews, in order to see whether other survivors possess similar sexual taboos. Indeed, the historian and classical scholar Michael Grant (1973, p. 18) goes so far as to say: 'This preservation by the exiled Jews of their national and religious habits amended by geographical circumstances but still intact is one ofthe strangest phenomena in history.'"(Ib.)

I like the most mysterious things. Perhaps the explanation is a knowledge of alien time travellers who sometimes are Vistors who can always do something or other, just in time? That is, if they choose to help you. But the intolerance of choosing some and not others! Ah, well....perhaps the explanation would have to do with Good and Evil. And that is something that the MTVeee generation and prissy Christians are profoundly ignorant of.


Childish said...

he grins.... smiles, even. From ear to ear his smile, menacing, as it can be seen by all around him. The twickle in his eyes are now glowing. He thinks to himself as he strokes his beard, "a whole post, directed eniterly at me. I should feel so honored. i must comment, but alas, my studies call me. Soon though... yes, soon lil buddy." A soft chuckle escapes his lips, and he stands up from the computer and walks into the distance.

mynym said...

Do not forget to change your diaper, too.

Ian - band member said...

Keep the twickle in your eye dude.

mynym said...

At least he's trying to be creative, I guess.

It is getting away from the whole drumstick in the body thing and the literalized metaphor there. Drumsticks and bones may be used to break bones but symbols and words will cause whole armies to come to break you. The pen is mightier than the sword, the Word is a sword of Truth.

There are some slip ups and downs if you try fiction. This is the part where you really start giving your Self away. Which is fine, you know. So go on, in fictions or facts there is no hiding from seeking and finding. Peek-a-boo...and who is there?

As far as making use of my brother or anyone else to try to tell me what to say or not to say, you should be capable of hating your own family for the sake of the Truth. I wonder what Jesus would say?

Anonymous said...

Do you hate your family? What "truth" are you talking about?


mynym said...

"If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters--yes, even his own life--he cannot be my disciple. And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.

Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Will he not first sit down and estimate the cost to see if he has enough money to complete it? For if he lays the foundation and is not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule him, saying, 'This fellow began to build and was not able to finish.'

Or suppose a king is about to go to war against another king. Will he not first sit down and consider whether he is able with ten thousand men to oppose the one coming against him with twenty thousand? If he is not able, he will send a delegation while the other is still a long way off and will ask for terms of peace.

In the same way, any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple.

Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is fit neither for the soil nor for the manure pile; it is thrown out.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear."

I could write you a parable about two brothers in the American Civil War, etc.

It seems that you can hardly think straight.

Childish said...

So, the other day I walk into McDonalds, after of course getting my diaper on, and feeling rather hungry I order a little more than I normally would have. I sat down and start eating a double cheeseburger. Sitting a couple seats down from me is fat man, that’s what I called him. Fat man is as expected grossly obese. I wondered how he could get around, without a crane. His teeth were yellow and he had the distinct smell of rotten fried chicken. There were grease stains on his shirt, I assumed from the chicken. He then proceeds to tell me, with a mouthful mind you, that eating what I was eating was bad for my health. I politely chuckled and nodded to him, thinking he was kidding. A very serious, grave look came across his face and started a long ridiculous lecture on the dangers and risks to hygiene, well being, and general health of the body by gluttonously eating these unwholesome, greasy foods. As he preached at me, I was taken aback, how could this fat man accuse me of something he so obviously committed to a much more severe extent? I think about a ball of lard with legs, that what I am talking about. I mean there may have been a splinter in my eye, but if I had a splint, he the whole fricken northern California red wood forest in his eye. Hence, I just smiled, nodded and thought, that probably one day soon he’ll have a massive acute myocardial infarction and die on some fast food establishment’s floor wearing that grimy, grease stained shirt. Then it occured to me that i needed salt on my fries.

mynym said...

Once upon a time there was a childish person.

He said he was a childish person but did not want anyone to take him at his word on it. "Me childish! But you no tell me, me childish...."

He wore a diaper. But he did not change it. So he stank. He got used to it though. Then someone told him he stank, since he did. Since this reminded him of his own stench it smelled like the fragrance of death to him.

Then he got upset about it and tried to say that someone else stank. But everyone with the nose to smell, smelled the fragrance of death in his lil' diaper.

Those who have a nose to smell, let them sniff.

Childish said...

one time there was a lonely man whose life up until the present had accomplished nothing. It was worthless in his and eyes of many. It had nothing of substance in it: no real friends, the family wasn't that close, no signficiant other, dead end job. He felt so bad, he attacked others in attempts to make himself feel better. He would not do this in person, because he knew it would get him beat down. so he hid, like a vermin. Knowing full well if he peeked his head out, it would get squashed under foot. All he did was write from his hidden place, write write write... sometimes 2 or 3 a day. This is where he felt safe and so thats mostly all he did. In someway or another all his writing would say is, "i smart than you. you no smart. stink you. i smart." So many at first were angery with this pathetic man, but then they pitied him and felt commiseration for him.

mynym said...

"He would not do this in person, because he knew it would get him beat down. so he hid, like a vermin."

You're still thinking like a Nazi. I keep noting this, for your own good. I suspect that you are not physically stronger, anyway. But why are you here writing if you think that is all that matters?

None too bright....if this does not matter. Then, live as if it does not matter. Just beat down everyone you disagree with, or whatever it is you will do as a "childish"/brutish barbarian.

You tend to view people who disagree with you about something as vermin and state that you would in some sense kill them. There is a pattern to trying to eliminate the possibility of spiritual/mental conflict by burning the books, eliminating writing. And putting a drumstick through them physically or whatever retarded pattern of the day it is. It is Nazism.

The reason I am not concerned about the Nazi pattern is that retards generally are stupid and if the Maker is for you, what else matters? They are generally the weakest, most effete men anyway.

I should write a parable about retards who believe in "exterminate the vermin" actually trying to accomplish it.

The first says, "You have drumstick for vermin?"

"You no have?" the second replies.

"Huh? Me no stupid!" Then, they get into a fight among their retarded selves. Even if the retarded men somehow manages to get something done, there are benefits to intelligence.

As far as lists of accomplishments and so on, I could craft such a list. I suspect that you cannot. That focus is pretty silly of you, at any rate. I am uninterested in what looks right in your eyes until you stop being childish, which merges with the way you are being brutish.

Childish said...

you assumed it would be i to beat you, but i never said it would be me beating you. I haven't been a fight for ages now and don't really want to unless defending something worthy of defense, my pride is not one of them. but you seems very defensive of yours,you cling to your "identity", and defend our righteousness. believe what you may about me but you are wrong in two areas. the second, being your assumption that you are physical stronger than i, you clearly said this. go ahead and make unfounded statement, but if you would like to prove that you are stronger in some macho competition, i would be willing. name the time and place, my lil asssssuming friend.

mynym said...

Let's go through some of your claims, one by one. It seems that most are about me, personally.

One by one:

"...you cling to your "identity"..."

Okay, then what is my identity that I cling to?

"....a lonely man whose life up until the present had accomplished nothing."

What are these accomplishments of "substance" and the like that you keep referring to? What is doing something of "substance"?

"It had nothing of substance in it: no real friends,"

Are you just making stuff up again?

"...the family wasn't that close,"

Again, do you have some gossip that you're basing this on?

"....no signficiant other, dead end job."

Who told you that I have no significant other? If I got a significant other would that help you focus on viewpoints? What is my job and why is it a dead end?

"...being your assumption that you are physical stronger than i, you clearly said this."

No, I did not. It is rather easy to suspect that I am stronger than a person who makes a habit and a state of being out of being "childish." The irony is that you are a creature of projection and Freudian slips.

You do not have anything to say about the mental/spiritual and in each instance you shift over to the physical in one way or another. This shift goes from what is said, to who is saying what is said. It goes from the philosophic to the crass, a claim about short penises, "Come fight me like a man! Me big boy now!" Etc. As amusing as it is being that it is the material of satire, it really has nothing to do with sound viewpoints, sound philosophy.

At any rate, there are some of your claims, one by one. I doubt that you have the competence to actually deal with the claims you have made.

Anonymous said...

A close family doesn't call each other cowards on the world wide web


mynym said...

Extend all your philosophy out and you have tribalism, at its root. You reject the guidance of Christ.

It does not matter if something is true but rather "closeness" is the rule. This is getting repetitive. But, the Herd seems to never tires of repeating it. So it has to be used for amusement.

Stop trying to say that David is a Victim. If David wants to come and snivel about his victimization then he can come and snivel about things on his own.

At least leave him to do his own sniveling about things.

I'm telling you, the other day I did see lil' tear in his eye.

So we hugged and did a little therapizing together about all our problems. We made a lil' littany of problems and then wallowed in them.

Then, there was a lil' tear in my eye too!

And the nicety of that, as you know.

Anonymous said...

I think that you are a victim. A victim of a cold heart.

Because I wouldn't call one of my family members a coward online that makes me a heathen? Well if that's what does it then let me be a heathen. the Jesus that I have heard about didn't come so that we could be jerks to each other. If that is what Christianity is about then stay away from me!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Faggots.

mynym said...

"If that is what Christianity is about then stay away from me!"

You seem to assume that I want to get close. As Jesus said, if they do not listen to my teachings then just shake the dust from your feet.

Let the dead bury their dead.

Do not throw pearls to pigs.

And so on.

I know that you may not be able to accept the fact that Jesus made discriminations, was divisive, said to be capable of hating your family, etc.

The fact that you cannot accept his teaching is actually quite fine with me.


mynym said...

"Hi, Faggots."

That's a false identity.

Anonymous said...

Then YOU're a false identity!