Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Science Experiment..

Once upon a time some scientists figured out how to live forever by using space-time to shift their minds into robotic bodies. But because of gravity's impact on the mind this was only possible on the moon, so that is where they lived as robots. They figured that given a million years they could make anything happen, just like it happened on earth, for intelligent selection would be much faster than any natural selection. They had some water and found some ice caps. So they brought the materials into a room to get started. They would need some organisms.

They tried and tried but the materials just would not come "alive." It was always something mechanical instead, like the machines they lived in that they could create. They could almost make a virus but they were really just complex molecules. These brilliant scientists could not even make on little animal and begin to make the moon habitable.

Then one said, "Maybe natural selection cannot make organisms if we cannot do so by all our intelligent selections?"

Another replied, "Whoever started saying that natural selection could somehow make organisms, anyway? Great, now we are stuck here in a dead world."

They realized that they actually did not want to live forever and that this Cosmos was most likely not going to exist forever anyway. So eventually they were bored to death and turned their robotic body off. One of them thought before he did, "I wish I had paid more attention to religion so I could know something about what might happen to my spirit."

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