Sunday, November 28, 2004

A sage of an age....

The good ones generally all say the same sort of things.

A Chinese sage of the distant past was once asked by his disciples what he would do first if he were given power to set right the affairs of the country. He answered: "I should certainly see to it that language is used correctly." The disciples looked perplexed. "Surely," they said, "this is a trivial matter Why should you deem it so important?" And the Master replied: "If language is not used correctly, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what ought to be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will be corrupted; if morals and art are corrupted, justice will go astray; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion."


Ian - band member said...

hm... corrupt art. I think i may have heard of this before.

mynym said...

Yep, when I do not have time for something new sometimes I just gather old things to this blog. Writing for a dialogue is easier than a blank slate.

But anyway, corrupt morals first, art just manifests it out.

Here are some corrupt morals, those that would place American soldiers, some that I know, on a par with terrorists. It just is not true. And what are American soldiers supposed to think of one man's terrorist being another's freedom fighter? Are they suposed to set down and cry about how they're killing all these "freedom fighters" who are just fighting for their families?

Here is some news, Islamists generally are not fighting for their families but are fighting for Allah and jihad. That's why they're different, all around the world.

You do not seem to think that much about what you say, yet you just say it anyway. It's like you are pounding your head against something built on a sure foundation. You seem to expect the rock to chipping at it with your head? So that now if you ask, I'll suddenly step off the foundation and say that corruption is not corruption?

The same things in your words and so your thoughts are still there, as it is written based on what is true. You cannot speak love into the truth, you know.

I'll have to read your blog sometime. Since before the election I really just have not had the time for it.

Maybe you should read about spoiled amenity and the revenge of Conscience.

Ian - band member said...

Hey man. What makes a terrorist? Is an American athiest who goes to Iraq because they were bored and always wanted to try killing somebody, or maybe getting them naked and dragging them around on a dog leash any better than an islamist who fights for his religeon?

ps. about our blog, I would prefer if you don't comment there. You are welcome to read it if you have time, but we really aren't that interested in having huge philosophical debates. That's not the purpose of our web log.

mynym said...

"Hey man. What makes a terrorist?"

One who uses the methods and modes of terrorism for an Evil cause.

"Is an American athiest who goes to Iraq because they were bored and always wanted to try killing somebody, or maybe getting them naked and dragging them around on a dog leash any better than an islamist who fights for his religeon?"

There are greater and lesser Evils and so on. It would take too long to describe the different patterns of evil you are talking about there. Is one better than the other, probably not. They have both been actively prosecuted by American soldiers because both are evil and American soldiers are good.

"You are welcome to read it if you have time, but we really aren't that interested in having huge philosophical debates. That's not the purpose of our web log."

Yes, between this blog and other things I would not have the time. I would read out of curiousity about the New Man. So set your mind at ease there. I was not going to do any writing there. You should know that you began various huge philosophical debates by things you discussed. War, Life and Death, Beauty....and the list goes on, for something not meant for philosophy a lot of philosophizing was going on. As I recall, I only instigated it once, on War.

So, if someone else comes to your blog and things begin to get embarassing because you say something stupid but for some reason you just cannot actually change your mind about anything then my suggestion is to allow them free speech. I had to pretty much carve it out and most people these days are not like me. I did think sometimes, what if someone who actually was an ugly internet geek with a short penis tried to comment on issues of truth and such personal attacks hit home? They would probably just go silent out of insecurity. And really, that's ashame because you'll find that the meek, the geek, often has understanding. The physical characteristics and so on, they have little to do with the truth.

Don't worry, your blog is safe. It's your understanding that is not safe from all the Big Meanies.

(Speaking of the Big Meanies....I have some Big Meanie pals....and whatever happened to teaming up before the election? Hmmm....If you're out there in this technological wilderness keeping up with me, send me an email. Maybe I'll send you one. Hey, maybe I have a blog you should visit! Maybe some guys need their butts kicked by a girl because they think that being a guy, is being a Big Meanie.)

Ian - band member said...

Hey. Thanks for the quick reply. I kept thinking, "if this guy is really some insecure physically and emotionally challenged internet geek with guns than I might be dead meat." So I'm glad you're not. For what it's worth, I'm sorry about all the nasty things that were said.

I just thought you should know, childish is not my little brother.

mynym said...

"I'm sorry about all the nasty things that were said."

It really is not a problem. In the end, it was convenient to have the examples to make some interesting points about. I did not exactly like some things at times. I forgive whatever wrongs there were but do not forget the distinction between wrong and right. I hope that people do the same for me.

About this,

Last Sunday, my pastor said that you are supposed to get forgiveness if you offend someone. And if they say they are offended, then that defines your offense as offensive. I think that is utterly stupid for many reasons. One is the feminization of Christianity. There is the implacable and subtle demand of the sensuous for more sensitivity, more.

I hope this "I am offended." defining the offensive is not in the Bible somewhere. I did not see it if it was. I'm not going to start asking forgiveness just because someone says, "I'm offended!" In a nation of Victims you have just validated it all by pretending that their victimization is correct for the sake of forgiving them. First people have no transcendent standards, then victimization become the path to power and so of course more people are Victims because they desire power.

So you are offended, victimized? I'm offended that you're offended. Tammy Bruce notes that you can basically be arrested if someone says, "I'm offended." in some European nations and Canada. She sees that is wrong and she's a lesbian. Sheesh.

As to the internet geek part that I also was not offended by, that one is true anyway. I did not say it was not true. Instead, I defended writers in history and geeks in general. That is how you get your quick and sometimes lengthy replies.

Convenient, having a forum type thing email you.