Friday, November 19, 2004

Drivel of the day.

Morals mistaken for fear and prejudice
Ben Lisenby, Wilmington

"The voters have spoken. Sure, our economy is teetering. The budget deficit is a malignant tumor. The armed forces are stretched perilously thin in an unwinnable war based on lies. Former allies despise us. Osama bin Laden is thumbing his nose at us. Our ports and chemical plants are as vulnerable as ever, and our health care system is a national tragedy. Our addiction to oil is squeezing household budgets and crushing businesses, while manufacturing jobs are vanishing as the trade deficit soars."

Littany, a littany of "problems," well they just do not get it. Some of these "problems" are not problems in the first place. Second, they keep losing with their littany of problems. The health care system will be helped by getting rid of the trial lawyers. Yet this guy apparently wanted to elect John Edwards, a smarmy trial lawyer par excellence. And so on, down the list of problems, there are some answers to these things. It's not worth doing. This littany of Leftists does not convince and does not seem to win elections. So it is fine, may as well just let Leftist ideas keep going with the flow of the toilet bowl.

"Decades of hard-won gains in environmental protection, civil rights and human rights are being chipped away."

Mommy earth, mommy earth, she is in danger!? Does he actually know anything or is this his own psychological problem, one might ask.

As to rights, what human rights, what civil rights? Can you have a human right without admitting to what is right? Can you have civil rights sans civilization?

"But pay that no mind. In 11 key states, ballot initiatives told us what was really important in this election: We're gonna see to it that homosexuals don't get hitched. Who do they think they are? Citizens?"

They seem to feel that homosexuality is who they are and defines living a true pattern of life, a lifestyle. That is their mistake, their neurosis. If a nation has virtue then they there will be Liberty. If they are decadent then they will have less and less. Those who are decadent are those all around the world who have less liberty. They inevitably begin to police basic aspects of freedom of speech and free excercise of religion. They want to make all your discriminations for you thanks to their own phobias.

Ironically, it is "gays" who have a whole pattern of phobias. Then they project it onto others. They are Victims par excellence, you see.

"Goodbye, America. Hello, Christian Taliban."

Now he's just being a crybaby.

Ironic, was it not the neo-conservatives who took out the Taliban?

"One thing confuses me."

Hmmm, a lot more than one thing confuses this lil' fella.

"For all the talk about religion and moral values in the polls, it seems to me there is nothing godly or moral about fear and prejudice."

Well, since I just posted this on another place I'll use it here.

Who is phobic? Why do some people irrationally keep claiming fear, fear! It is as if they fear, fear. It's a little humorous. And do you not know that you are dangery dangerous if you believe in basic things of the family like mom being mom, dad being dad and perhaps meeting for Thanksgiving to the dread Creator?

It's all so....frightening! I'll bet that the Taliban has Thanksgiving too, you know. The Leftist moral degenerates do not have common sense when they try to fear monger based on their own phobias. Is the fear of a group of fundamentalistas walking down the street, coming back from Bible study or Church generally rational or irrational?

Phobias are only those fears that are irrational. Who is being phobic?

Would you fear a group of men who defined their own being and the truth by their own sexual desires and appetites. If that was their sort of religion. If they tended to blackmail and manipulations. If they had sex where they pleased and that sort of thing, public restrooms. If there was a group that seemed to have a religion of hedonism.

And what happens if someone gets in the way of religious hedonism?

"They carried signs proclaiming tolerance, whichthey used to knock down the signs representing opposing viewpoints. .....We felt that it was unsafe for our family to participate in this rally opposing the inclusion of gay and lesbian materials in B.C. schools."
(The Vancouver Sun June 10, 1997, Tuesday
Editorial Pg. A14
Byline: Peter Fidlay)

The Canadians....conservatives have been losing there. That is certain.

"Parents opposed to a controversial sex kit used in sex education classes in Durham schools will demonstrate in Whitby today. The Life Facts Sexuality kit, approved by the education ministry, has been criticized by the Family Action Council as promoting homosexuality and pornography. 'The documents and pictures are really sexually explicit,' FAC Coordinator Brian Chiasson said. 'There is a picture of a man [Etc., you do not want to know.] ...'"
(The Toronto Sun February 16, 1998, Monday,
NEWS, Pg. 1 Parents Rally to Protest Sex Kit
Byline: Cheryl Waugh)

What happens if religious hedonists get in the way of other hedonists?

"I was the only openly gay person at the Yale Graduate School(1968-1972), a candor that was professionally costly. That anyonewith my aggressive and scandalous history could be called 'homophobic,'as has repeatedly been done, shows just how insanely Stalinist gay activism has become." --Camille Paglia

She misplaced the pattern, Communists did not countenance homosexuality that much. The correct pattern she is dealing with is Nazism, not Italian fascism but Nazism.

"Konrad Heiden (1945, p. 235) went further and described homosexuality as being pervasive and indeed institutionalized within the S.A. movement and its predecessors: “The perversion was widespread in the secret murderers’ army of the post-warperiod and its devotees denied that it was a perversion.They were proud, regarded themselves as ‘different from the others,’ meaning better.” This is perhaps not surprising, since so many of the leaders of the S.A. [Sturmarbeitelung, the Nazi Storm Troopers] were open homosexuals..."
(American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 87, No. 5, Mar., 1982
Sexual Taboos and Social Boundaries
Christie Davies :1057-1038)

"The only criterion for membership in the Party was that the applicant be 'Unconditionally obedient and faithfully devoted to me'. When someone asked if that applied to thieves and criminals, Hitler said, 'Their private lives don't concern me.' [.....] Rauschning (276) expresses a similar sentiment:
'Most loathsome of all is the reeking miasma of furtive, unnatural sexuality that fills and fouls the whole atmosphere around him, like an evil emanation. Nother [sic] in this environment is straightforward. Surreptitious relationships, substitutes and symbols, false sentiments and secret lusts - nothing in this man's surroundings is natural and genuine, nothing has the openness of a natural instinct.'

0ne of Hitler's reactions which is carefully hidden from the public is his love for pornography."
(A Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler, His Life and Legend
Walter C. Langer
Office of Strategic Services Washington, D.C.)

And so on, various patterns can be proven historically given the intersection of patterns of mind/psychology and the body politic. No doubt, some may want to challenge various things to maintain their current politics, especially if they are a religious hedonist.

All I will say is that generally nothing gets published in a peer reviewed journal of sociology, history and what have you that is not thoroughly vetted, cited and known. A scholar's professional credibility is on the line there. Use that first and then interpret a secret wartime psychological analysis written by American psychologists in light of other facts, etc.

But if you want to try to question something because of your political philosophy then come here and try. This is a free forum.

I forgot to deal with the irony of all the sniveling about phobias that typically ends the socialist's littany, the lil' list of problems that Leftists like to claim they are the cure for. It's like a little list and a pattern that just keeps repeating. They seem to all feel alike.

I will copy some things over about phobias in the comments section of this post, since I already wrote it for some other place.


mynym said...

"The emerging trend testifies to a positive correlation
between homosexuality and high neuroticism."

(Gerard van den Aardweg, Male Homosexuality and the Neuroticism Factor: An Analysis of Research
79, 79 (1985))

Phobias and anxiety,

A birth cohort study which followed 1,263 children born in Christchurch, New Zealand for twenty-one years.
Results at age twenty-one for 1007 participants were
reviewed and the following information compiled:


Heterosexual Suicidal (ever) (n = 28)

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual (n = 979)

Suicidal Ideation
67.9% 28.0%

Suicide attempts
32.1 7.1

Psychiatric disorders (14-21 years of age)

Major Depression
71.4% 38.2%

Generalized anxiety disorder
28.6 12.5

Conduct disorder
32.1 11.0

Nicotine dependence
64.3 26.7

Other substance abuse
60.7 44.3

Multiple (> / = 2) disorders
78.6 38.2

(David M. Fergusson et al., Is Sexual Orientation
Related to Mental Health Problems and Suicidality in
876, 876 (Oct. 1999)


". . .a homosexual man with severe social phenelzine. During treatment,
however, there was an unexpected change in his
sexual orientation. [I.e., fixation.] [Upon seeking
treatment for social phobia the patient himself]
stated that he was 'gay,' that he was content with
this, and that he did not want his sexual orientation
to be a treatment issue. He had been aware of his
homosexuality since his mid teens and was
sexually active exclusively with homosexual
males. He was not aroused by females, and
had never experienced heterosexual intercourse,
as his erotic fantasies involved males only.
[The patient was placed on 75 milligrams per
day of phenelzine. Four weeks later
he reported being:] more outgoing, talkative
and comfortable in social situations. He
spoke spontaneously in groups without blushing.
[He also] reported a positive, pleasurable
experience of meeting and dating a woman.
During the next two months, he began dating
females exclusively, reportedly enjoying
heterosexual intercourse and having no
sexual interest in males. He expressed
a desire for a wife and family, and his
sexual fantasies became entirely heterosexual.

[The author's conclude:] Social phobia may
be a hidden contributing factor in some instances
of homosexual behavior and that
phenelizine. . .might facilitate heterosexual activity.

In retrospect Mr. A decided that the combination
of his anxiety when approaching and meeting people,
the teasing rejection by heterosexual males
[which he had reported in childhood] and the
comfortable acceptance who pursued and courted
him had helped convince him of his homosexuality.
Passive homosexual behavior allowed him to avoid
the severe anxiety experienced when initiating
[normal] courtship."
J CLIN PSYCHIAT 54: (1) 39-40 JAN 1993)

See also:
J CLIN PSYCHIAT 53: (9) 330-330 SEP 1992)

Also note:
"A case report is presented where homosexuality
apparently 'spontaneously remitted' . . .while
the patient underwent treatment for stuttering.
The change in sexual orientation. . .[was]
possibly. . .induced through generalization
effects from treatment of the relevant phobic
aspects of the stuttering problem to the
associated social aspects of the sexual problem."
(J.F. Porter. "Homosexuality Treated
Advantageously in a Stuttering Therapy
Program: A Case Report Presenting a
Heterophobic Orientation" Australia and
New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 10, no. 2 (1976) :185-89)

There are some weird phobias.

All this would not matter if there was no political group ready to flush freedom down the toilet by having judges make all of our discriminations, etc., formed around "Me Victim."

The first reaction of a Leftist looking for power to go to the State is, "They are Victims!"

And that's why a self defined group has problems that they need the State to step in and control people to protect them. If that notion of victimization were true then the tolerant places like Canada and the Netherlands would demonstrate different numbers, different levels of addiction, etc.

Do they?

Well, this comment was only to deal with phobias and not run on. It is enough to say that Leftists and those of the same type of psychology are phobic.

If you do not believe it then come here and argue that point.

Jason - Band Member said...

The News Journal switched the words in theheadline for that letter I think, making it say the exact opposite of the writer's intended meaning. It should say, "Fear and Prejudice mistaken for Morals." As the title stands now, it dovetails perfectly into your commentary. . . that the writer has mistaken true moral for fear and prejudice. . .kind of funny.

mynym said...

Currently, it seems that American socialists derive their religious fervor from the gay issue.

In general, serious minded Christians do not derive much from the gay issue other than that it is just a symptom of the decline of a civlization. Their religious experience derives from a focus on the Maker, etc.

Yet I have certainly noticed for some time that when an American socialist wants to get sanctimonious they bring in the gay issue. This is their way of actually making a moral judgment. It is a very odd way that generally clings to American socialists.

It is also international, yet not so much as the identity politics of American believers in some "gay" religion. Where you witness and proselytize your identity ad naseam. That's what gay activists are doing. Separation of church and state....but proselytizing and witnessing for religious hedonism in State schools, that's okay.

I do not necessarily agree with Christians who are so desperate to proselytize either. Let the dead bury their dead. Live and let die, those who have will be given more. Those who do not have, let them die. Do not try to give wisdom to those who are pig ignorant. Those who Evil writes on like a book, those are the books that will get burned.

Other books say that is unfair because they did not write themselves? I wonder what Jesus would say? He was such a truly nice guy, after all.

Did anyone create their Selves?