Sunday, November 21, 2004

Two men, philosophizing.....

Once upon a time two men had a conversation about God, as they sometimes do.

One said, "If God exists then why does he not just appear before me and say so? Yeah, it just so happens that God is invisible.

Of course he is! Right...."

The other replied, "I cannot see what you are saying."

"Why not?" the first said.

"What you are saying seems to be invisible. That is why."

"Well, maybe it is. But I'm sure that you can see my point about God. He should just appear, so then I could see for myself."

The second said, "I cannot see your point."

"Let me guess, because it is invisible. Yeah, funny..."

The second man replied, "Yep. ...but hey, maybe you should make it appear before me and then I could see it."

"How do you expect me to do that?"

"Well, write it down."

So the first man wrote it down and said, "There, now you can see my point!"

Then the other man handed him a Bible and replied, "Here, maybe now you can see God's point."

The first man said, "If I read this will you read what I wrote and see my point?"

The other replied, "As soon as you begin to read the text of Nature too, then we can speak of the visible and invisible. Your denial of the invisible is philosophically absurd. It is like a lil' child not understanding object permanence and crying when their parent leaves the room.

Coochy you need your diaper changed?"

"Hey, the intolerance of that. I'm a grown man!"

"It's not my fault you are being a crybaby about this."

"I'm going to read this Bible and prove you wrong, so wrong!"

"Yeah, well go ahead and try because you are not doing so well now. So, do you want to watch the football game tonight?"


"Alright, see you then..."


Anonymous said...

Great story!

On another topic, have you read any of this guys articles?
I think you would enjoy him. He is right on!


mynym said...

"In truth, George Bush's radical efforts to cleanse the world of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, bring democracy to the heart of the Arab world, and isolate Yasser Arafat were the most risky and humane developments in the Middle East in a century — old-fashioned idealism backed with force in a postmodern age of abject cynicism and nihilism.

Quite literally, we are living in the strangest, most perilous, and unbelievable decade in modern memory."

Yes, pretty much, I only have time to read so much but I'll keep him in mind.