Thursday, January 13, 2005

(The New York Times; Dec 20, 1912, pg. 6)

LONDON. Dec.19.
Extraordinary interest has been aroused among anthropologists by Dr. A. S. Woodward's paper on the Piltdown skull read at a meeting of the Geological Society yesterday. No other event in the annals of the society has created such a profound sensation among the members.
In some quarters it is even believed that the skull, from certain apelike
characteristics may prove the existence of the "missing link" or the most
important of several missing links in the chain of the evolution man.


It's important to remember that people of the day altered their theology and philosophy around one of the frauds of Darwinism celebrated by journalists and scientists. For the hoity-toity science of that! It appeals to the vanity of moderns to feel that ancients are know nothings, primitives at best. .

So Darwinism was sweeping through even the most brilliant intellectuals of the times (e.g. Nietzsche), then came the Nazis who finally applied it. They were not the only ones. (E.g., the American eugenics movement, Margaret Sanger, etc.) I've pointed them out before as an example of history and will again....and again. I do so because the same pattern of fascist ideas is still around in the American University, the ideas of the German philosophers are still being promoted as Alan Bloom notes. So there are the same ideas there, waiting to be applied.

Our whole cultural life for decades has been more or less under the influence of biological thinking, as it was begun particularly around the middle of the last century, by the teachings of Darwin, Mendel, and Galton and afterwards has been advanced by the studies of Ploetz, Schallmeyer, Correns, de Vries, Tschermak, Baur, Riidin, Fischer,Lenz, and others. Though it took decades before the courage was found, on the basis of the initial findings ofthe natural sciences, to carry on a systematic study of heredity, the progress of the teaching and its application to man could not be delayed any more.

(Hitler's Professors: The Part of Scholarship in
Germany's Crimes Against the Jewish People
By Max Weinreich
(New York:The Yiddish Scientific Institute, 1946) :33)

The term fascist is so blurred and overused by the modern socialists that a historically accurate understanding of it is being done away with. It is little wonder. That suits socialist academics, for a historically accurate understanding of the term goes against the foundation of their ideas. It is a foundation that they share with fascists, i.e. philosophic naturalism. The main mythological narrative of naturalism has to be Darwinism or some narrative very like it. Therefore, socialists and the heretical branch (i.e. more Nietzschean or masculine than effete socialists, at least as public front) of socialism both rely on Darwinism as a foundation. If you undermine that foundation, they have nothing. If they have it, they have almost all they need to begin to try to bring about their utopias of "heaven on earth," which look a lot more like hell on earth.

I am not saying that because the Nazis believed in Darwinism, therefore Darwinists are wrong. I am saying, because Darwinism is based on frauds, deceits and the like, it is wrong.

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