Sunday, November 28, 2004

In the beginning was the Image?

Wait, in the beginning was the Word and not an Image....and here is where those who want sight like on MTVeeee begin to get lost. The MTVeeee degeneration begins to want sight more and more, not insight. Here is a little satire I wrote a while back for a Herd of the MTVeee generation who seemed to want sight but not insight. This is how the weak shepherd of the story, gets weak. There are some minds that hide between the lines, away from signs. It is fun to read between the lines and create some signs by design. Then some minds will draw all kinds of lines and designs, for they have their design too, then things get drawn out.

The parable of the strong and weak shepherds,

Once upon a time there was a weak shepherd. He spoke to the Good Shepherd and said, "Give me some good feelings or an Image which will make me feel good?" The Good Shepherd did not answer though, which was the answer no.

The shepherd who would become strong prayed, "Just show me the truth of things, so that I might come to know! That is all that matters to me." The Good shepherd did answer.

Every time the weak shepherd came to a chasm he tried to just jump over it, since that seemed fast and easy. He often broke his leg. The other came to a chasm and slowly built a bridge over and put up a sign, so that little lambs might follow the path. Every time the weak shepherd came to a boulder in the way he tried to just climb over it. As he fell down and hurt himself he thought, "Man, this seems useless." But he kept trying anyway. This weakened him further. The other came to the boulder and sought out a path around it, then put up a sign for little lambs to follow the path. One day these two shepherds happened to meet. The weak shepherd still had a little flock. The strong shepherd thought, "Hmmm, I never have much cared for weak shepherds." Then he saw a little lamb he loved that seemed to have joined the flock and he thought, "Hmmm..."

So he stood in the middle of the Primrose Path which the weak shepherd led his flock down. The weak shepherd was just walking along, minding his own business. He came up to the other and said, "Would you mind? Get out of my way." The other said, "I do mind. Do you mind?" He studied the weak shepherd for a bit, seeing all his bruises and his weaknesses. Then, thwack, thwack, he started hitting the other shepherd. The other said, "Hey! Would you, uh, eh, OUCH! I....would you just cut that out!" The nice shepherd did not know how to fight for he had never learned. All he had learned from books on good herd keeping was for the sake of looking wise in the eyes of little lambs. Then THWACK, the stronger hit him on the leg once. One nice little lamb bleated something meaning, "That's just not nice!" The nice shepherd sat down on a rock and said, "Since you hurt me, I'd rather die than agree about the path!" The stronger just laughed and said, "Well, I am going to continue to live, laugh and walk it! Don't you know how truly nice it is! I will continue to point out the true path to the little lambs even if you say not to." There was also a woolly little lamb who wanted to see things from both sides and he would go from one to another, observing. He saw some shepherd shears on the belt of the strong shepherd and ran back to the other.

The stronger shepherd spied an opportunity and he said to one little lamb, "You know, Mary had a little lamb and she is farther up this straight and narrow path with all the signs posted on it." So that little lamb went up the path.

Then the stronger shepherd walked away.

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