Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The sacred six million... random comment

Google: "Six Million Jews" Get the truth while it lasts.

Although, one would think that even the most gullible goy would question the mythological Jewish narrative that a sacred six million were made into a Holocaust/sacrifice made by fire that justifies a return to the Holy Land/Zionism. Do you also believe in other forms of human sacrifice based on sacred rabbinical numbers? Come on, guys... you can't be this gullible all the time. Google: "soap and lampshades Youtube" too.

Or perhaps look up the shrunken heads myths of the Holocaust, as one half expects Indian Jones to arrive on his last crusade in some Jewish movie based on Jewish lies about "Nazis"/cartoons.

You can't continue to be so gullible, believing in every Jewish movie script.

The future of our white ethnic groups may depend on it.

First they came for the Germans.

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