Thursday, October 20, 2016

Comment on Asian collateral damage to the ethnic warfare being waged by Jews against white "Nazi"/"racist" men.

Better to be racist than raped, dead or leaving your ethnic group to live as a minority among easily incited Africans.

 Incited by corrupt and degenerate politicians like Hillary Clinton/Merkel/etc., by the way... one half expects her to start arming "BLM rebels" and bringing in "Syrian rebels" to arm too...  while disarming the NRA/White goys in order to seek yet more regime change for her Jewish owners (Saban, Soros, etc.) if Trump wins.

All this tolerance rainbow crap servants of the ethnic oligarchy that runs America do is false. The LGBT/Muslim/whoever rainbow coalition ultimately remains silent and servile to the ethnic oligarchy that owns them while allowing the construction of an ethnic state and racial colonies for their owners.

So there are no deep and abiding anti-racist/anti-nationalist rainbow principles and dreams of "content of character" for a "nation of immigrants" governing these witless wonders. All that governs anti-white degenerates like them is (((globalist))) money and power.

Power that is currently being used to diversify "white trash"/"Nazi" ethnic groups out of existence in order to create a final solution to the European/wretched refuse/racist/Nazi problem. Asian Americans and others are collateral damage to their ethnic replacement campaign that targets White men.

Ironically White men can have a sort of "national"/gay community if they cut their penis off or at least become more gender fluid.  Because that makes them safer and supposedly less likely to be "Nazis" according to (((Freud))) and many other (((psychologists.)))

So, off with the penis. Shalom!

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