Friday, October 28, 2016

Gender fluid equality...

The only place in modern American culture where you will see a white male portrayed with dignity, honor and pride is in military recruitment ads. In these ads, the black man is shown at best as a white man’s equal, rather than as a smarter, better-looking, more masculine superior, in contrast to many movies, TV shows and most commercials. In the last Iraq War, white privilege and racism meant that in our very diverse country, non-Jewish white males were overrepresented among fatalities, and are heavily over represented in frontline and infantry roles.
While Neo-conservative (((Jennifer Rubin))) and others of her (((ilk))) dedicate their columns to mocking, attacking and threatening white males based on nothing but who you are, the mange-inflicted yentl buckles at the knees when you put on that uniform and die in one of the many wars she pushes for.
Get it through your thick skull you racist, privileged, baby-dicked white boy goyim: the only thing you’re good for is to fight for Israel!
In light of this institutional patriarchy and privilege, #DraftOurDaughters has emerged to raise consciousness. This social media campaign is composed of Hillary Clinton’s coalition of non-whites and women – shut out of military combat roles by worthless racist rednecks – eager to make her dream of a World War with an emerging and more advanced superpower come true.

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