Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Freedumbs... there is no freedom anymore. So who cares about the white cat ladies and lesbians voting to allow 50 Shades of Muslim into their countries to do the jobs that kosherized/gender fluid white men have failed to do.

It's all over for the West: 

Basically, we live in a completely lawless society where you are allowed to recruit for terrorist groups, rape and traffic little girls, rape women in wheelchairs, ficki ficki sex-attack riot, race riot – whatever – but if you hurt someone’s feelings on the internet, then the entire weight of the state comes down on you like a piano out a tenth storey window.

This newish term “anarcho-tyranny” is very good. Really embodies this weird new paradigm of total lawlessness plus a complete lack of basic freedoms.
But here’s the thing: this really demonstrates just how afraid they are of viral ideas, and the ability of the internet to force-multiply certain concepts which threaten the system. I mean, presumably a system that condones child sex-trafficking isn’t really concerned about people having their feelings hurt by mean pictures, right?

This is about preventing a revolution.

But the revolution cannot be prevented.

Basically, we’ve already won. We won as soon as we started.

Of course, it’s a long way before it’s over. No doubt about that one. The system is dying, but it’s going to bring down all hell when it does.

But no matter how dark the night gets, brothers, always remember:
Our victory is written in the stars.
This only ends one way.
Daily Stormer 

I used to say that the American Republic is turning into the Weimar Republic in order to try to prevent it.  Now I no longer care.  And it's not just the American Republic, it's all countries founded and built up by white men in order to pass on to posterity.  So if other ethnic groups currently colonizing formerly European countries like America make the argument:  "Why don't you just go back to your homelands, the Jews told us you were colonizers and now you're racists!  Blah, blah, blah... blabbity blah..."

There's diversity there too.  There are Zionist Jews like Barbara Specter there trying to diversify "Nazis" out of existence just like they've always sought more "diversity" in all ethnically homogeneous societies, long before "Nazi"/cartoons existed.  Some are even targeting "Chinazis" and Asian ethnic groups for more diversification, this is what globalists like Soros call an "open society" while they remain hypocritical about the racial colonies in their own country. 

With the advent of Zionism/"racism," they want their own country.  They already had their own "country clubs."  They want to discriminate for their own group, it's only the majority group that is targeted.  They have their own "racist" fraternities on college that generally support Zionism.  And on and on and on. 

This is their usual pattern of abject hypocrisy and criminality against the host/"oppressive majority" ethnic group, long before they portrayed German resistance to their endlessly gender fluid diversification campaigns as "Nazism"/cartoons in order to incite a World War.    

This has been brewing for a long time.  And far beyond Trump trying to break through "political correctness"/Judaism now, it's on like donkey kong.  There are too many of us that intend to fight these Jews.  Because it's them.  They're the oligarchic ethnic group seeking to build an ethnic state for themselves while simultaneously targeting all white ethnic groups worldwide with endless diversity and mass immigration, legal and illegal.  Refugees or economic migrants.  Judeo-Christianity or outright Judaism/Zionism. 

Pretexts vary.  But it's generally already an act of ethnic warfare.  Now they expect us to fight Russia.  But that's not going to happen in my sphere of influence.  And our numbers grow by the day, while their media reports that they're feeling "overwhelmed" with Trump's lame attempt to deal with political correctness/a variant of Judaism from within the culture and context of Judaism (Jewish kids, surrounded by Jewish advisors/lawyers,  Jewish PR, NYC/Jewish bankers saying: "He was worth more to us alive than dead.  Cough... I meant worth more economically... same as white Americans in general."  Etc.).      

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