Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Ramble on Martin Luther 10/5

Without European men like this I might have thought the whole Reformation was just the divide/diversify and conquer strategy typical to Jews.

Everything he says here is currently occurring around us. From usury to everything else. When you see a "Piss Christ" at the art gallery in center city, it's there because Jews want it to be there. When you see "Hollywood" endlessly mocking Christians and spitting on them just like they do in Israel, that's because of Jews. When you see transgenderism and homosexuality pushed so that the White Anglo character plays a gay part on Will and Grace, that's because of Jews. When you see "bankers" and large corporations being bailed out, Jews at work again.

I endlessly point this out just like Martin Luther did because otherwise Christians will wander around witlessly wondering at the world, as if it's some mystery how the "Piss Christ"* made it into the publicly funded art gallery. As if it's some great mystery why the debt/money system of their country isn't going to work. And so forth.

*Try that with a Menorah or a Jewish symbol and see what happens. Is a "Piss Menorah" really going to be displayed in an art gallery in Philly or NYC? This is all very easy to understand. And it's why Judaeo-Christian "conservatives" have lost this country and their own children, leaving their gay/lesbian/gender fluid/whatever children to have their faith and identity spat upon and degraded further while they're reduced to minorities in the lands of their forefathers. The main source of it is right there in "Judeo," insisting with great arrogance against the testimony of Christ himself that converts to Judaism are God's people.

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