Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Comment on Michael Moore almost beginning to get it.

So even the half-truther and kosher flabby fraud gets it. There again, he only half gets it. Because there is a specific ethnic oligarchy that people are saying "F you!" too. It's the same ethnic network from which Victoria Nuland said, "F the EU!" Implicitly, she meant F Europeans/white people yet again.... although the EU is actually a Jewish project, a purely economic union.

 The whole truth and nothing but the truth of this would reveal a fundamentally ethnic reality, not merely some random "system" of oppression in which the "white trash"/"wretched refuse" (Emma Lazarus, Zionist) melting in a globalist "melting pot" (Israel Zhangwhatever, Zionist) are randomly fit for nothing but a (((Jerry Springer))) show.

It's specifically because they're all viewed as trash. Unclean filth, "goyim" in the old religious language... so it's not like they need a majority white country to live in anywhere on the face of the planet from Germany to America. Let alone a great country. 

In fact, an ethnically homogeneous culture and country is very scary to the Jews.  Unless it's their own state and their own culture.  Then it's usually all fine, including "racism"! 

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