Friday, October 21, 2016

Comment on RamZPaul vid.

The whole thing with imagining a future winnowing of the white tribes of the North due to climate change/Winter or Great Doom/nuclear (Winter again) or a Financial Collapse basically just planning for Winter again... is implicitly White. That's crap that white people of the North find outlets for in a modern setting. (E.g., Alex Jonestown's entire audience... a bunch of white goys.)

Over and over again white people say to themselves: "Everyone but the White people with high integrity and small kin groups with an ability to plan ahead and chart the stars are all going to die out. I've got my GPS and I'm prepping right now!" No. They aren't all going to die. FOCUS.

Nothing is going to happen due to some natural cycle now. You may have to get off your duff and make it happen. The first step is to stop wallowing around in your ingrained racial instincts and think for once.

"White supremacy." Lol... whites are clearly inferior in some respects when it comes to dealing with reality as it is in the modern world.

Apparently we need to build some reservations for ourselves now, like we did for Native Americans. Who wants to be the first display in the museum?

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