Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Blabbity blah...

Shaun Michael Jones Like Michael Moore you would agree on some level because you should want to look after your children, kin group/nation. But there's been some pretty heavy emotional conditioning coming out of Hollywood, so if you've watched movies made by people that hate your ethnic identity as a white man (Unless you go gay cowboy or transgender, etc.) then you may feel like actually protecting your kin group is bad.

In fact, it's worse than being a transgendered minority Satanist or whatever these days. It's worse than anything in Hollywood. It's the actual taboo now, not Satan. It's the white "racist"/"Nazi" Devil that needs to be defeated by a transgender Team Uberman cartoon.

Personally, I prefer a NYC vigilante billionaire Batman to a witless white Superman from the heartland now. Just cartoons, of course... but these things have apparently meaning to white boys that never grow up even after they sent to murder "another Hitler."

I think you would agree if you didn't have a two-dimensional view of the world. If you had more of a perspective or angle of viewing things from a different realm in which people look like cartoons. Look at the other American heroes presented to you in movies, Indiana Jones on his last crusade... shrunken heads and all:

This culture matters because the only identity you have in which to be a white man now is defeating Nazi cartoons or yet "another Hitler"/Saddam/Assad/Putin. That's why you're pursuing bathroom Nazis in order to keep a Transgender Minority safe.

I can't uproot (((America))) culture in one Facebook comment.

But you seem to understand on some level that you do agree with me. So at least there's that. Same thing with the flabby fraud M&M here, end of the day he stands with his ethnic group.

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